How to Cook Parboiled Rice in Rice Cooker

How to Cook Parboiled Rice in Rice Cooker?

Parboiled rice is a type of rice that has been parboiled before it is cooked. Since par boiling removes some of the starches and nutrients from the rice, parboiled rice cooks faster than regular white or brown rice.

This article will discuss how to cook parboiled rice in a rice cooker and what tips one should follow when cooking so that the rice tastes better.

What is parboiled rice

Parboiling is one type of cooking process that can be done to rice before it is cooked further for consumption.

Unlike other types of rice, parboiled takes less time to cook. This rice only needs 20 minutes to cook in a rice cooker and less time is required if one uses a microwave or stovetop cooking method for parboiled rice.

What is parboiled rice

Parboiling also makes parboiled rice fluffy, separate grains of the parboiled rice stay intact even after it has been cooked further.

Ways of cooking parboiled rice

Cooking parboiled rice is very simple and does not require many steps unlike cooking other types of rice such as brown or white ones, which requires more time for the actual process of cooking them.

Ways of cooking parboiled rice

There are several ways parboiled rice can be cooked in a rice cooker.

a) Parboiling the parboiled rice– This is done by putting parboiled, dry rice into the pot of the rice cooker and adding water to it after that.

b) Cooking pre-soaked parboiled rice– This process is similar to parboiling rice, except that the process of parboiling should be done to parboiled rice before it is put in a pot for cooking.

c) Using pre-soaked parboiled dry rice– This step can only be followed if one has used this type of parboiled dry rice previously and knows how much water needs to be added to parboiled dry rice when cooking it in a rice cooker.

d) Using parboiled, pre-soaked, and drained rice– This is the best method of making parboiled rice because this step ensures that most nutrients are retained even after being cooked further for consumption.

e) Cooking soaked parboiled rice– This is the simplest method of cooking parboiled rice. This step involves soaking the rice in water for a certain amount of time before putting it into the pot with some more water to cook it further.

Recipe for cooking parboiled rice in a rice cooker

Here we are going to explain the way I like my parboiled rice the best. Let’s get started with the steps.

Recipe for cooking parboiled rice in a rice cooker

Step one

Firstly wash the rice- You have to wash the rice. This rice will be used for cooking parboiled rice so it is important to wash the rice before putting it in a pot.

Step two

After washing, add water- We use about one and a half cups of water per one cup of uncooked or soaked dry rice that will be cooked further. Add more if you like your parboiled rice to be more watery and softer.

Step three

Add salt (optional)- If you like adding a bit of flavor to your parboiled rice, add one tablespoon of cooking oil and some salt as well before putting the lid back on top.

Cooking parboiled rice in a rice cooker

Step four

Put water in- Fill the pot with enough amount of cold or hot water till the water reaches the line where you would like to cook your parboiled rice.

Step five

Cooking- put on the lid and turn on the cooker. Cooking time will depend on how much water was added in step three, however, it usually takes about 20 minutes for one cup of uncooked or soaked dry rice to be cooked.

Step six

Wait for the cooker to cool down- Turn off the rice cooker and wait until it is safe enough to open without getting burnt or scalded. Step seven Open up your pot when you are ready to eat!

There, now we have finished cooking parboiled rice in a rice cooker.

Tips for cooking parboiled rice

Tips for cooking parboiled rice

Some of the tips for cooking parboiled rice are mentioned below-

a) Do not overdo the rice– Although it is okay to cook parboiled rice for longer than 20 minutes, especially if the water was added in step three, it is best to not overcook parboiled rice as this can cause the nutrients and nutritive value of the grains to go down.

b) Use cold water– It is best to use cold or room temperature water while cooking parboiled rice because this will make the grains softer.

c) Do not stir after cooking– It is best to leave the parboiled rice undisturbed once it has been cooked.

Cooking parboiled rice

d) Do not use the pot for anything else– One should only cook parboiled rice in a pot that is meant to be used specifically for cooking it. This will ensure that no other flavors are introduced into the grains.

e) Use water after making sure it has boiled– It is best to wait until the water has boiled before adding it to the rice.

f) Use a low heat source– It is best to use low heat while cooking parboiled rice because if you add other ingredients such as salt and oil, they will come out more strongly in your pot of cooked parboiled rice.

g) Drain excess water after cooking– It is best to drain the excess water from parboiled rice after cooking it.

h) Let sit for five minutes– After draining, let the pot of cooked parboiled rice sit for about five or ten minutes before serving. This will make sure that all nutrients are retained in your grains while giving them time to get fluffier and softer- Now that the parboiled rice is ready, serve it with some veggies or meat and enjoy!

j) Eat immediately– It is best to eat your parboiled rice as soon as you can after cooking it because if not eaten within a certain amount of time, this type of cooked rice will harder.

i) Serve with vegetables– To make it healthier, serve your parboiled rice with some veggies on the side.

Tips for cooking parboiled rice

k) Avoid cooking meat and fish together– If you like serving parboiled rice alongside meats and fish, avoid cooking them together as this will cause the two to come out tasting bland.

l) Add lemon juice after cooking– Adding a bit of lemon juice to parboiled rice after cooking will give the grains a fresh and tangy taste.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions that we normally get from rice enthusiasts.

Q: Where can one buy parboiled rice?

Parboiled rice is usually available at any grocery store.

One can also purchase it on online stores such as Amazon or eBay, which sells different types of food products including parboiled rice. It is important to note that not all the brands of this type of dry rice are parboiled, so make sure you buy the right type of rice when buying it online.

Where can one buy parboiled rice

Q: How do I store cooked parboiled rice?

Cooked parboiled rice can be stored in a fridge and eaten for about three to four days after cooking. You store them both on rice cooker or stovetops.

It is important to note that the cooked parboiled rice should not be reheated more than once or twice because it might get soggy or mushy on doing so, which will affect its taste. Parboiled rice can also be stored in the freezer for months.

Q: Can you cook parboiled rice in the oven

A: Yes, of course. Parboiled rice can be cooked in an oven too!

All you have to do is put the parboiled rice in a pot, add water to it, and put the lid back on top. Then cook it in the oven instead of using a rice cooker for about 15-20 minutes.

Q: How do I know when the parboiled rice is cooked?

Cooked parboiled rice should be soft and fluffy, which is not the case with regular dry rice. There are many ways to tell when it is cooked thoroughly but one of the most common ways is to taste the rice. One can also check if it has been cooked by pressing a fork or spoon on top of it, which should leave a dent.

Q: Is parboiled rice good for making fried rice?

Yes, parboiled rice is good for making fried rice. Fried rice is often eaten in Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea. It’s typically made with cooked white or brown (un-malted) rice plus some extra ingredients like eggs, meats, or seafood. Get an Aroma rice cooker for the best results.


At the end of the article, I want to root for the health benefits of parboiled rice. Parboiled rice is rich in fiber, iron, and calcium which makes it very healthy.

Parboiled rice also has some health benefits that regular dry rice or white rice does not have, which is why I recommend you eat parboiled instead of other types.

So, if you have access to it, add it to your menu.

Thank you for reading!

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