Best Copper Sinks

Best Copper Sinks

Copper has a very enchanting history with cookware, wirings, and plumbing equipment. Given that it`s nearly impossible to ignore the importance of copper metal. However, when you think of replacing your old weary bathroom sinks, the first thing that comes to mind is to get something long-lasting and durable.

That said, copper is such a metal that has unique properties. Hence, it evolves with the passage of time, and the shine never fades out. To make your life easier, copper has very low maintenance. You don`t have to buy different cleaning chemicals or the shine to make it last longer. 

It is just one swipe away and has versatile usage. Moreover, it has microbial properties when it comes to traditional décor. To make your kitchen stand out with an appealing traditional look, copper is so far the best option you`ve got in your possession. 

If you are looking for the best copper sinks for your farmhouse kitchen, this guide will help you hunt. We`ve compiled a list of the 10 best copper sinks that you will surely love, as each one of them has an appealing outlook. So, without further ado, let`s get started!

Best Copper Farmhouse Sink for 2021

1. Simply Copper 15″ Bucket Vessel Sink

Simply Copper 15" Bucket Vessel Sink

A traditional copper kitchen sink hammered with the 18 Gauge pure solid copper to stand out for long; here comes the Simply Copper Bucket vessel for your kitchen essentials. It ensures that your kitchen will have a vintage vibe with the old rusty look.

Try not to judge it by appearance, as it does have a useful purpose. Usually, other copper metal wares are manufactured with a thin copper sheet that won`t last long. But with its sturdiness, you can have a bulk load of work without even fearing damaging the sink. 

Copper kitchen sink comes with the stealth of a top mounting vessel. Make sure to purchase a drainpipe along with it as it doesn`t have one. Moreover, you can apply some dishwashers, and with the scrubbing pad, it will shine as new. 

This copper sink is of low maintenance as it can be easily cleaned. All the while, it is way more easier to install. You can put it on the cabinet as well, as it has a bucket shape. The bottom is not flat, so make sure to cut a little hole in the top shelf so you can fix it easily. 

You can search for a vintage faucet as well to place it above the sink. Hence, a one-of-a-kind copper sink ensures full drainage without any blockage. Moreover, it is an antimicrobial handmade copper kitchen sink for all your needs. 

It is easier to install, and that being said, you can mount it at the top of the kitchen cabinet or the shelf, wherever you want. Moreover, it fits in about any place due to its compact design. It is a portable little bucket vessel that you are going to love once you`ve used it. 


  • Lightweight copper sink
  • Top-mount vessel
  • Ease of installation
  • Dish-wash safe
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Vintage look
  • Handmade 18 Gauge built-in copper


  • The bottom is hollow, so you can`t place it on the flat surface.

2. Monarch Abode 17092 Hand Hammered Baxter Kitchen Sink

Monarch Abode 17092 Hand Hammered Baxter Kitchen Sink

We are familiar with the stealthy nature of copper. The antique Copper metal items are long-lasting and hardware material that you can surely use to wash the bulk load of dishes. If you have a minimalistic house, this hand-hammered Baxter copper sink is what you need to upgrade your kitchen. You must have encountered many copper pots and pans, but this one is the top-notch copper sink that has a natural patina as the high quality apron front sink. 

That said, it has a sturdy design with copper metal. Therefore, to add a vintage look and traditional style to your kitchen décor, this is the best option for you. Moreover, to install a sink on the flat surface, you need a rectangular r square-shaped sink. For this purpose, Monarch has presented its top-notch and one-of-a-kind copper sink for you. 

With the best artisanship, it is hand-hammered with the 16 gauge pure copper. It is hard to find such ornamental pieces in this era. However, some products are appealing to the eye as well as a strength that lasts longer than any other ware in the market. Moreover, it has a flat bottom that can easily fit in on the plain surface. It has a proper drainage system with no pooling of water. 

Just make sure to wipe it gently and try not to use any abrasive chemicals for cleaning purposes. The metal will react immediately, and copper will start fading out. Moreover, try not to leave water for too long. The deposits of the excess of nutrients will form a layer upon the surface, and it will lose the shine. 

That being said, it has a minimalistic size to pitch in just about anywhere. The hand-hammered design has an eye-catchy appealing nature, and with the guests coming over. It will surely impress each one of them with its tangy traditional look. 


  • Easy to install
  • Authentic rusty traditional copper sink
  • Smooth drainage
  • Perfect for a small kitchen
  • No cracking or denting scars
  • Easy to maintain


  • The surface isn`t flat but wavy that needs a lot of adjustment.

3. Round Copper Vessel 15″ BUCKET Sink

Round Copper Vessel 15" BUCKET Sink

Most of the sinks don`t have a faucet or a drainpipe. It has a dark-aged patina color that varies differently in light. The casting shows a unique blend of traditional and vintage colors. The sink has a deep depth of 15″ round shape.

Sometimes you freak out because of the blockage and the poor drainage system. However, there`s wire-rimmed drainage with this copper farmhouse sink that gives you a heads up to have a worry-free experience. Also, there`s a built-in faucet that comes with the packaging. So you won`t have to worry about getting a contrast faucet to fix it in the deck plate of this copper sink.

With the ease of installation, the deck mount is made with sophisticated details that will allow the faucet to fit in properly. Moreover, the faucet is 13″ long, and the height of the spout is about 9 inches long. There`s a pull-up spout in the faucet. This ergonomically designed sink and the faucet amaze others with their rusty neat vintage vibe.

Have a nice splash of the stream that washes away your worries along with the dirt. The faucet has a sprayer that prevents the loss of water. All the while, the sink has a nice finishing that makes it stand out for so long.

The casting of copper upon the sinks makes them water-resistant as well as corrosion-free. But make sure not to use any kind of chemical for the cleaning as it will wash away their copper coatings and will leave a think sheet behind. 


  • Built-in faucet and the drainpipe
  • Blockage free
  • Rusty vintage sinks
  • Dish wash safe
  • Low-maintenance sink
  • Easy to install
  • Shiny surface
  • Water-proof copper coating


  • The round and hollow bottom makes it difficult to mount it on a flat surface.

4. Monarch Abode 17093 Hand Hammered Sink

Monarch Abode 17093 Hand Hammered Sink

The long lasting kitchenware; Monarch Abode 17093 has a history of making a benevolent appearance. Such a strong sink made from high quality of copper that can withstand regular usage as it changes your kitchen décor into clearly a traditional heritage.

Giving off an aesthetic vibe, it makes your kitchen appealing to the eye of your guests as well even the neighbors will envy you. Monarch copper sinks have a sleek blend of patina finishing along with the Dark Smoke, Rio Grande. 

The finishing lets it stand out among the competition while making it the best copper sink for your kitchenware. Moreover, it offers a classic vibe with 14″-lead-free copper. This density makes it the strongest kitchen essential. You will feel like walking into some temple while having this sturdy copper sink in your possession. 

You might have heard about the usage of copper in kitchenware. That being said, it has a unique way of fitting in just about anywhere. Along with that, it can be easily installed, as it is a lightweight and portable sink. You can mount it anywhere on the top of the counter as well as on the top of a cabinet. 

The drain hole is just about the size of 1.5 inches. You will have a worry free experience without any drain blockage. Water could leave its marks on the surface if left for long. Make sure not to use any abrasive chemicals, as they will eat away the copper slowly. All the while copper gets intact with the air and water, there`s a slight change in the color and darkens with the passage of time. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Patina finishing
  • Aesthetic kitchenware
  • No blockage
  • Hand hammered copperware


  • The copper gets darken with the passage of time.
  • The drainpipe has been designed for the overflow sink, doesn`t work well with it.

5. 16″ Rusty Oval Dual Mount Copper Sink

16" Rusty Oval Dual Mount Copper Sink

A bowl shaped kitchen sink created from 18 Gauge pure copper will surely bring immense joy to your life. If you are looking for something unique, old and weary, then this is the perfect choice for you. 

We have often seen that the hand hammered products have a unique way of blending in with the traditional outlook. They are strong and last longer. For that reason alone, this Dual Mount Copper farmhouse sink has been specifically built to satisfy your demand. 

You can use it both ways, and whether to use as a drop-in or mount it on the top, it`s totally up to your choice. The oval shaped vessel is just the thing you have a longing for. There`s no drainpipe, but it has a drain opening of just about 1-1/2 inches. 

The quality is par as it has a traditional look and will amaze the audience in a blink of an eye. The edges are refined, and it will look beautiful if it is mounted on the top. Well, you can also fit it with the drop-in position if you want to have an option to put things besides.

Swipe away the excess water after the usage that will make it last longer. With the use of abrasive chemicals, the copper will darken with the passage of time, and you`re left with the old weary sink.  The surface has a nice tan, and the shine will stay as long as you maintain it. It can be washed easily with the help of dishwashing soap. Furthermore, it is scratch resistant dual mount sink for your traditionally styled kitchen. 


  • Dual mounted 17 gauge sinks
  • Drop-in apron and top-mount option
  • Drain opening
  • Easy drainage and installation


  • There`s no such crucial negative thing with this sturdy copper sink.

6. MR Direct Oval Copper sink Bowl

MR Direct Oval Copper sink Bowl

Whenever you need copper kitchen sinks, you choose MR Direct as your priority. The reason is that copper-made sinks are in high demand nowadays, and you want to get your hands on a quality manufacturer whose sinks will last you a lifetime.

For that reason, this 16 gauge copper-made sink is perfect for all your needs. A proper pure mined copper farm is often super reliable because of its health benefits. You also get an astonishing change in terms of style to your kitchen.

Their unique designs range from being hand hammered perfection to machine-cut precision. Whatever the case may be, pure copper sinks are coming back as a fashion accessory now. The sink can be undermount or countertop. Whichever suits you best!

Any kitchen sink is incomplete with a matching faucet and a drain hole. Both of these items go along well and fit perfectly. Either you are in a rush, the sink drain of MR Direct will surely minimize your time in the kitchen in half. 

Such an elegant and professional hand-hammered design may be confused with machine cutting. That is because it is very much precise and accurate on the curves and endings. Enthusiastic individuals often sort out such antique finish to the sink.

The natural patina makes for a superb engraving style which is not seen on any other product whatsoever. That is the reason for hammered design so that such reactions could be witnessed. For this purpose, MR Direct chooses the best quality copper.

The installation of this copper farmhouse sink is also very easy. However, we recommend the undermount sink setting for this copper sink because copper is a bit lightweight metal. Connect the water pipes with confidence in MR Direct durable products.


  • Superb color shifting after long time usage.
  • Antique design with solid performance.
  • Made from high 16 gauge copper provides strength and reliability.


  • The size is a bit small than the standard, so make sure to match the dimensions accordingly.

7. Sinkology SP504-17AC O-Hole kitchen Sink

Sinkology SP504-17AC O-Hole kitchen Sink

Whether you are looking for pristine beauty or exceptional build quality, you need Sinkology as a choice between brands. This high gauge pure copper basin is perfect to increase the aesthetics of your kitchen. At the same time, delivering solid performance and style.

Such a design is perfect for use in a farmhouse. Copper is a perfect candidate because it brings elegance and beauty to any kitchen setting. Many sinks try to outperform Sinkology, but the copper finish is breathtaking. 

The pots and pans from this manufacturer are a statement of delivering premium quality. Their hand hammered design shows unique craftsmanship like no other. Using traditional copper hammering techniques brings out the superb copper finishing on this sink.

Such 14 gauge copper is created according to standards on any kitchen installation. Thus, the sink drain system works great while you can install the strainer sink with ease. This farmhouse-style washbowl is sturdy enough to withstand a high volume of water for a duration of time. 

Warm water will stay warm for a long time. This showcases the integrity and commitment to delivering a premium quality copper product. The sink design is sure to make an impact on anyone with so many features and health benefits.

You will not need any replacement soon as the oxidation process brings out the patina on this bowl. As a result, the shine does not fade away. Even the use of warm or cold water will not cause any breaks in this sink.

Such a custom O-hole design sink is highly demanded. At the same time, the antique finish and craftsmanship bring out its texture more than ever. Such a smooth surface with double protection provides a scratch and rust-resistant product.


  • Custom design with double coating protection.
  • Antique and handmade crafting.
  • Strainer drain pipe and other parts included.


  • No cons to describe this product.

8. Sinkology SP503-18AC Copper Farmhouse Sink

Sinkology SP503-18AC Copper Farmhouse Sink

A single bowl to make all your kitchen worries go away? A farmhouse sink that provides sound dampening pads with the interior walls? This might be one of the greatest copper sinks up to date for its numerous features.

This single bowl is capable of washing as many plates and dishes as one can even think of. The 16 gauge copper helps it stay scratch and rust-resistant for a lifetime. Superior quality handcrafting on this copper washbasin is so unique, it feels like a piece of art placed within the kitchen. 

Many customers worldwide often praise such a copper farmhouse-styled sink The reason is the low cost of maintenance and copper material used for its development. Standards are followed to develop such a premium cut copper sink.

Even the drain hole is 3.5 inches in diameter, which is more than enough for most copper sinks. A kitchen sink needs to be stain-proof. Funny enough, this bowl brings out a much better color of copper after oxidation.

Such procedure shows the use of original 16 gauge copper to make a quality kitchen sink. A strainer drain is packaged along with this item for ease of the customer. Thus, many people prefer the undermount sink position.

The deep bowl makes for usage in a chef’s kitchen. Handling all the weight on plates all the time. The hammered surface of the copper bowl provides smoothness to plates and dishes. Similarly, these bowls are made from good quality material.

Keep in mind a quality copper remains the same if it is made from recycled material. The drain provides adequate space for any disposable material to pass through easily. Any custom design can be created on its metal surface. Even an antique piece of art.


  • Hand-finished sink and drain system.
  • Proper cleaning kit on company’s website.
  • Built according to antique fashion but matches the modern architecture.


  • The area around the sink is not properly shaped, which collects some amount of water over time.

9. Color y Tradicion Copper Farmhouse Sink

Color y Tradicion Copper Farmhouse Sink

If you are looking for a traditional copper-made sink for your farmhouse kitchen, then look no further. Many people prefer an apron front-styled sink for their kitchen. As color does not fade away any time soon, the manufacturer makes sure the quality also does not diminish over time.

Some antique copper designs require handcrafting. For this reason, a single bowl with a sturdy design is perfect for normal and professional use alike. Even a 14 gauge copper is enough to build such a masterpiece.

Most users cherish this hand-hammered design. At the same time, it is considered necessary for a farmhouse apron front style. These sinks provide superb quality and style to your overall kitchen look and feel.

Some of the copper finish is observed in the patina after some time of usage. Many pots and pans are designed in the shape of this copper bowl because it is unique in its category. A perfect candidate for farmhouse apron front. 

There might be a slight variation in color and texture over time, but it increases the overall beauty. These sinks perform superbly under stress. Even holding a high volume of water with no issue. This shows the 14 gauge copper material used for the perfection of this bowl.

Many sinks try to outperform, but the apron front design and astonishing performance of stainless interior wall truly stand out among its other competitors. These features make this single bowl stand out from the rest of the sinks with confidence.


  • Handmade craftsmanship with a unique set of sink features.
  • Different sizes can be ordered for custom sink cabinets.
  • Deep sink bowl and easy to clean.


  • Size and patina may vary, so do check out the product description.

10. Soluna 36 inch Farmhouse Apron Front Sink 

Soluna 36 inch Farmhouse Apron Front Sink

What if your farmhouse sink needs a bit of upgrade in terms of style. Then look no further as the Soluna 36 inch pure copper sink is here to solve all your needs with perfection. Such a high-quality design makes for a superior product in your kitchen.

Whether you are a professional chef who needs to use the sink many times in a day or a normal home cook, a copper sink will surely make an impression on viewers. Your kitchen sink will host an antique piece of art as a sink.

The antique copper design is back in fashion. Such rectangular sinks were used in the early century by kings. This apron front washing bowl is no different, making you feel like a king. Many copper sinks often forget to use premium quality, 14 gauge copper for sinks manufacturing.

Well, not anymore, as this apron front will last you a lifetime of ease in everyday use. Such a vast 36-inch design makes sure you have enough space in the bowl to move dishes around easily. Its dark copper color oxidizes over time, increasing the overall beauty of the sink. 

Having extra durability times, x 8 is always a plus when investing in a copper sink. As a result, the lifetime warranty will not come in use because the sink is so durable and long-lasting. Providing resistance against scratches, rust, and stains with a high level of satisfaction.

The interior of this sink is 3D texture designed to have a complete and smooth overall surface. The metal may be recycled copper, but the quality is increased up to x 8 times. This shows the upgrade provided by Soluna to their customers with confidence.

Even the sink design is copyright which makes sure no other manufacturer can copy it. The reason is justified by their loyal customers who believe you cannot get a huge sink space product like this anywhere else. 


  • Such precise hammered stylish design.
  • 14 gauge copper for superior strength.
  • Custom structure and antique texture fashion item.


  • The size may be large for small house kitchen sinks.

Copper Sink Buying Guide for Newbies

Copper sinks are the most wanted items of 2021. To revive back to the rich heritage, these hand-hammered items are a long-due for such kind of décor. It becomes such a hassle to replace the old worn out sink. 

If you are a newbie and thinking about getting the right copper sink for your kitchenware? You`ve just come to the right place. With the help of our expert reviews, this guide has enlisted such crucial points to check out before making a hasty purchase. So let`s get started. 

Significance of Copper Gauge

You might be hearing a lot about the copper gauge in this article. So here goes a little briefing on whether the Copper gauge is useful to these sinks or not. Well, the copper Gauge works as the stainless material. It keeps away the harmful deposits to stick to the surface. 

Best Copper Sinks

The lower the gauge number is for your kitchenware, the thicker the metal will be. So always, check it before making a purchase. 

Hammered or smooth finishing

Smooth finishing is somewhat contemporary, while the hammered finishing is having the best artisanship than the smooth one. The hand hammered finish is the best thing with the copper sinks. We suggest you go for it!

Anti-microbial Sinks

Copper, when used in the kitchenware, helps in retaining a healthy environment. With the kitchen tools, there is always a risk for the growth of bacteria upon the surface of the cookware. This could also attach itself to the sink. To avoid such experiences, make sure the one you are getting is 100percent pure copperware. 

How do you maintain copper farmhouse sinks?

How do you maintain copper farmhouse sinks

You can maintain your copper sink by following the simple steps.

  • Keeping away the abrasive chemicals
  • Wipe out the excess water from the surface
  • Do not use any chemical for cleaning purposes
  • Clean it gently by scrubbing it with the dish wash soap
  • Use a damp, wet cloth to clean the surface
  • Use vinegar to maintain the color of the copper metal.

How to clean them?

How to clean them

Clean your copper sink by following the instructions below;

  • Sprinkle water to all sides of the sink
  • Apply some dish wash soap along the sides 
  • Take a damp, wet cloth or the soft spongy foam
  • Try not to use harsh scrubbers, or it will take away the shine 
  • Gently scrub the surface, especially upon the stains
  • You can also use baking soda paste for the stains that are stubborn to remove.
  • Some copper cleaners will maintain the shiny surface.
  • Apply a waxy coating to the surface to make it water-resistant. 
  • Try to avoid using an abrasive chemical that will take away the shine. 


1. What gauge copper sink is best?

There are different gauge copper sinks out there. It ranges from 12 gauge to 18 gauge, respectively. In our opinion, a 16 gauge copper sink might be the best one for your kitchen. The reason is that it is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand a lifetime service with ease.

2. Do copper sinks hold up?

Copper sinks hold up better than most other sinks out there. The reason is that the natural patina reaction with the air and water of this metal makes it more appealing and durable over time. 

3. Do copper farmhouse sinks turn green?

If you are not cleaning the sink over time, it is sure to gain green stains over its interior walls. To avoid this, regularly use the cleaning kit and most copper sinks to keep it in pristine condition.

4. Do copper sinks tarnish?

Copper is a rare earth metal, so it is prone to tarnish as well as the others. With that said, you need to buy a separate maintenance kit for keeping your sink tarnish and rust-free at all times.

Final Verdict

Remember to take care of your copper sinks and get the correct ones for your kitchen. The quality of your sink will not fade if you do regular maintenance over time. These are some of the best copper sinks the market has to offer. 

If you have any scratches or dent, get one of these sinks, and you will thank us. Until next time, thanks.

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