Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie

10 Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Since air fryers are gaining mass recognition, many brands are scrambling to slap their label on their very own air fryer. So, how do you know which one to pick among all the different options?

To make sure you get the best air fryer with rotisserie regardless of your cooking preferences, we’ve compiled a list of 10 products that got warm apprisals from their customers.

It’s a painstaking task to whisk through various products and select one that has a well-functioning rotisserie option. That’s why we’ve conducted a 7 day long, in-depth research of consumer feedback to bring you these top 10 picks.

Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie

No matter what you’re going for on the price mark, you can enjoy flavor-packed rotisserie right in the comfort of your home using any of these air fryers.

Without further chit-chat, here’s our top 10 for air fryers with rotisserie.

1. Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10 Quart 7-in-1 Multi-Use Air Fryer

Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10 Quart 7-in-1 Multi-Use Air Fryer

An air fryer that certainly lives up to its name. For limitless culinary creativity and all within a short time, this is the perfect pick.

With only a little bit of oil, this air fryer can go a long way. Add only a sizable amount, and you’ll be treated to a beautiful brown, crispy skin with tender meat inside.

Its low oil use is great if you’re looking for a healthy option for your rotisserie chicken meals.

A notable feature this product includes is its accommodation and functionality for rotisserie. To ensure easy and effective cooking, it comes with a set of accessories for this specific function, including a basket, lifts, spits, drip tray, 2 forks, and 2 perforated pans.

And why just stick to rotisserie? Its 7-in-1 multifunctional feature allows users to dehydrate, broil, toast, bake, and roast. This means you can rely on this air fryer with rotisserie for a lot more meals than just chicken.

Speaking of more meals, did you know that you can cook multiple things at once in this air fryer?

With two perforated pans, it enables you to get more than one meal done simultaneously. Plus, it works at half the time of a conventional oven, so you can expect a speedy result.


  • Uses only a little bit of oil for great results, healthier than oven
  • Included accessories make the perfect air fryer rotisserie chicken
  • Comes with 7 different cooking options to add to multifunctionality
  • Works quicker than a conventional oven, requires little to no preheating time


  • Can release heat after some time


Hands down, this has to be the best air fryer with rotisserie. It perfectly replicates the taste of traditional rotisserie chicken with almost no oil at all.

And, it even comes with handy accessories just for this purpose. So, if you want the most out of an air fryer for rotisserie meals, this is the choice to make.

2. Iconites 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Iconites 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Any food you can think of, this air fryer will make it 10 times easier for you. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy all the flavors without stepping a foot outside.

With 10 different functions, you can already tell this is more than just an air fryer. In fact, it can rotisserie, bake, grill, roast, dehydrate, toast, and more. Not only is it an air fryer with rotisserie, but it also works as a dehydrator, oven toaster, and pizza grill.

So, you can unleash your culinary skills with this product and customize your favorite foods right at home. The best part? You get to do with little to no oil and in less time compared to conventional cooking appliances.

Moreover, the spacious unit inside the air fryer can accommodate enough food for the entire family. Its 20-quart space allows you to cook a large quantity of food, as well as cook different ingredients simultaneously.

Additionally, you can cook multiple meals at the same time. This makes the process easy, effective, and fast.

Also, you can do the most with this air fryer with its additional accessories. All these not only make the experience easier but make the food taste great too.


  • 20 quart unit accommodates multiple ingredients and foods in large quantities
  • Requires only a small amount of oil, healthier choices for food
  • 10 different cooking functions to allow customization of meals
  • Many accessories to ensure maximum user-friendliness and easy cleaning


  • Limited options for cooking times and temperature settings


All in all, it has the features you’d look for in the best air fryer oven with rotisserie. The additional accessories make air frying rotisserie very easy. Also, it’s a great alternative to unhealthy oven-cooked meals without cutting down the flavor.

3. NuWave Brio 15.5-Quart Air Fryer

NuWave Brio 15.5-Quart Air Fryer

Fried foods are an enemy to your well-being. But with this air fryer, you can enjoy all the flavors of these foods without the health risks. Here’s why this product is so special.

Unlike ovens, grills, and toasters, this air fryer requires only a small amount of oil to make excellent tasting food. How? It uses a high-temperature air technology that distributes heat evenly to all parts of the food and cooks it thoroughly.

Also, it takes less time to make an air fryer rotisserie than regular chicken in the oven. This is because it uses half the time of conventional kitchen appliances and comes with accessories that quicken the process.

These include a rotisserie kit, drip tray, 3 cooking racks, an integrated temperature probe, and more.

On the go and no time to stop and cook? This air fryer comes with a set of 100 preprogrammed presets and a wide selection of recipes to choose from in the owner’s manual. So, you won’t have to spend time thinking about what to make before you run.

Additionally, the unit has stainless steel racks and a drip tray, which collects all the mess, so it’s easier to dispose of them after. Plus, the stainless steel material makes the cleaning process simple.


  • Cooking pieces are easy to clean by hand and dishwasher
  • Comes with rotisserie kit for flavorful chicken meals
  • Many accessories to quicken cooking process and ease cleaning process
  • Has 100 preprogrammed presets and large selection of recipes in manual
  • Healthier option and works very fast compared to conventional ovens/fryers


  • Door is a bit loose


This air fryer with rotisserie is great for home cooks that are always busy and want quick results. It has the ability to cook high-quality foods without making them bland or undercooked.

4. Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer

Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer

It may look unassuming and small at first glance. But after one go with this exceptional air fryer, you won’t be able to stop yourself from using it over and over.

Most air fryers come with huge capacities. And while that is great for cooking large quantities of food, it can be a lot to work with if you just want a quick and easy meal for yourself.

That’s why this 6.3-quart air fryer is the perfect fit for single meals or a small family get-together. And, it makes an adequate amount of food for up to 4 people without having to use multiple cookware and kitchen appliances.

Moreover, it not only makes mouth-watering air fryer rotisserie, but it can also bake and dehydrate. This allows you to customize different foods and prepare multiple ingredients simultaneously.

Its clear LED display is extremely user-friendly. With easy-to-read settings and simple to operate functions, cooking will become completely stress-free.


  • Allows customization of meals as well as simultaneous cooking
  • Multiple cooking functions enable the user to make a variety of meals
  • User-friendly display with easy to read and operate settings
  • Can accommodate and cook food for up to 4 people
  • Bakes, dehydrates, and fries with little to no oil


  • Takes a while to cool down after using


If you’re constantly on the go and need quick and delicious meals, this is the best air fryer with rotisserie for you. It’s great for simple and small meals for 3-4 people. Plus, it can cook very fast and doesn’t require additional pots and pans, so you can do a lot with just this appliance.

5. GoWISE USA GW44800-O Electric Air Fryer Oven

GoWISE USA GW44800-O Electric Air Fryer Oven

Say goodbye to your oven after your first use with this exceptional air fryer.After a go with its multifunctional features, you’ll never turn to regular grills and fryers the same again.

It’s built with stainless steel pieces that cook all sorts of food in uniform heat distribution. And, the stainless steel itself is very durable to damage and can endure high temperatures, making it perfect for cooking purposes.

As for cooking the most flavor-packed air fryer rotisserie, it comes with a number of utensils and accessories for the purpose. These include a rotisserie rod, skewer, drip tray, mesh basket, rotisserie steak cage, rotisserie cage, 2 mesh trays, and a pair of tongs.

These accessories paired with the air fryer’s excellent and thorough cooking functionality, make the best rotisserie chicken you’ve ever tasted.

Don’t know what or how to cook? With over 50 recipes in the manual and easy to comprehend instructions, you’ll be able to breeze your way to a delicious meal no matter your shortcomings in culinary skills.


  • Works quicker and more effectively than a conventional oven
  • Doesn’t require extra cookware, everything is done within the unit
  • Comes with accessories to maximize usability while cooking rotisserie
  • Manual with 50 recipes and simple instructions ensure user friendliness


  • Requires monitoring in between extended periods of cooking


This air fryer with rotisserie is great for beginners and cooks that are new to air frying. The functions are easy to navigate your way through, and it comes with a selected variety of recipes. So, if you’re not sure you want an air fryer just yet, this is a great one to try out to be convinced that you do.

6. Innsky 10.6-Quarts Electric Air Fryer Oven

Innsky 10.6-Quarts Electric Air Fryer Oven

Don’t want to jump from pans to pots while cooking? This air fryer oven will cut down your use of other cookware and make meals all within one unit.

The 10-in-1 combo mechanism makes the cooking experience fully boundless. Not only does this air fryer work as a countertop oven, toaster, pizza grill, dehydrator, and rotisserie, it also prepares food in multiple methods.

From baking, toasting, grilling, roasting, dehydrating, and frying, this multifunctional machine can do almost anything. And, it does all this with less than 75% of lipid use than most conventional fryers and ovens. But what is the advantage of this? Delicious and healthy air fryer rotisserie.

This unit can withstand high temperatures, which means it’s not only durable but can evenly spread heat throughout the inner compartment to make flavorful rotisserie chicken.

With its 360-degree heat distribution and limited oil use, it can make a number of dishes that taste great but are way healthier than how’d you cook them in a regular oven.

In addition, the air fryer comes with more than 6 different accessories to help you to cook the best rotisserie you’ve ever had.

And, it has many user-friendly features to make the process easy and fast. Such as a clear LED display, simple settings, 10 presets, non-stick material for easy cleaning, and over 32 recipes to get you started.


  • Many different cooking modes for limitless dishes and customization
  • Great heat distribution for even and thoroughly cooked meals
  • Accessories for making properly cooked and flavor-packed rotisserie
  • Healthier option compared to most conventional cookware/appliances


  • Difficult to clean afterward by hand


You might need to scrub a little hard to get the grime off the removable parts, but it’s totally worth it, considering how great your food will taste. This air fryer with rotisserie is so efficient and easy to use that it can fit right into any kitchen.

7. CROWNFUL 19 Quart/18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven

CROWNFUL 19 Quart/18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Want the most out of your oven and make a lot of food at once? Push it to the side and pick up this air fryer instead, it will save you time and treat you to tastier meals.

It’s no exaggeration when we say this air fryer has a large capacity. In fact, the inside compartment is so spacious that it can fit an entire chicken and cook it thoroughly. This is perfect for making delicious air fryer rotisserie for a family meal or a get-together with friends.

Whether you want to bake, fry, roast, grill, dehydrate, toast, or even reheat gone cold food, this 10-in-1 machine will do it for you. This means, there’s no need for you to seek out a grill, toaster, oven, or microwave.

If you’re a newbie to the cooking scene or just busy, this air fryer will be your best friend. How? It comes with original recipes, many accessories, and multiple cooking modes to get your food done as quickly as possible, with all the flavor too.

Plus, all the accessories are non-stick, so cleaning is as simple as it can get.


  • Works as a rotisserie, dehydrator, oven, microwave, toaster, grill, and more.
  • Large capacity makes huge quantities of food, great for a get-together
  • Non-stick accessories and sleek exterior for easy and quick cleaning
  • User-friendly design and simple-to-use mechanism


  • Drip tray can stain easily


One of the features that we really liked about this air fryer with rotisserie is its simplicity, but also awe-striking efficiency. The presets, recipes, and accessories make it a great tool for beginners and busy cooks. Plus, it’s handy when you’re cooking for a lot of people.

8. NuWave Brio 15.5-Quart Air Fryer Oven

NuWave Brio 15.5-Quart Air Fryer Oven

Delicious rotisserie with half the carbs may not be a far-fetched idea anymore. With this air fryer, you can achieve the perfect crispy, brown and tender rotisserie meal without the health risks.

Don’t take our word for it, take the satisfied reviews of consumers of almost three decades. This air fryer has been bringing flavorful meals to homes for over 25 years and has undergone many improvements ever since.

So, if you need an air fryer with rotisserie that’s trusted and reliable in the long run, this one’s the perfect fit.

The unit’s rotisserie function is more than effective. Its large capacity of 15.5 quarts makes huge quantities of meals in a short time — great for family and friends to come over and enjoy. A rotisserie kit is also included to help you make the best-tasting chicken.

It can accommodate an entire chicken that’s up to 7 pounds. Plus, the 360-degree heat distribution will cook tender rotisserie in no time that’s both healthy and tasty. If you want juicy rotisserie chicken with a crispy brown outside, this is the best air fryer for it.

Not just rotisserie, this air fryer can thoroughly cook a variety of vegetables, meats, and even desserts. And it does all this in less the time it would take in a regular oven or grill.

A warm mode is also featured in this multifunctional machine, so you can keep your meals fresh while you’re busy with something else.


  • Large capacity accommodates meals for a lot of people
  • Can evenly cook air fryer rotisserie without excess oils and fats
  • Cooks more thoroughly and quickly compared to regular ovens/fryers
  • Warm mode keeps food ready while multitasking


  • Mesh tray is difficult to clean


If you want to treat your family, friends, or yourself to an amazing rotisserie dish, this is the air fryer for it. Its large capacity, rotisserie kit, user-friendly design, and warm mode teams up perfectly for a delicious meal.

9. TaoTronics 9 in 1 Air Fryer Oven

TaoTronics 9 in 1 Air Fryer Oven

Want to make delicious food for a lot of people effortlessly? This air fryer will do just that and make it quicker and healthier than conventional oven/fryer-made foods.

Rotisserie, bake, dehydrate, roast, toast, or broil. You name it, and this multifunctional air fryer will do it better than any other kitchen appliance in your home. And, it will take less oil, time, and effort than it would with those other machines.

With no preheating time, this air fryer will distribute heat evenly to all sides of the food and cook it throughout — resulting in rich brown color with crispiness outside and tenderness inside. So, if you’re looking to impress your guests, treat them to an air fryer rotisserie made with this.

Beginners will be thrilled to get their hands on this. It comes with 50 recipes, all step by step, to walk the user through a hassle-free cooking experience. Plus, it has an easy-to-understand digital display and 6 accessories to make meals easier to prepare.


  • Cooks food quicker compared to conventional ovens, fryers and grills
  • Great heat distribution throughout unit for evenly cooked meals
  • Can accommodate 3.3 pounds of chicken, good for rotisserie
  • Has multiple cooking modes for making a variety of meals
  • Comes with 50 easy to follow guided recipes for beginners


  • Takes a while to disassemble and clean


Again, if you’re too busy in the kitchen for a long time or just a rookie, you’ll like this air fryer with rotisserie. It’s also great for cooking custom meals, which means it can act as a substitute for many appliances. Such as, grills, ovens, toasters, and fryers.

10. CROWNFUL 10-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

CROWNFUL 10-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Last but definitely not least, this air fryer is something we saved to end this list with a bang. Here’s why this multifunctional appliance is so impressive.

We’re confident that after one go with this air fryer, you won’t need any other appliance to make your favorite foods again.

Why? Its multifunctional features allow up to 10 different cooking modes. These include frying, rotisserie, baking, grilling, dehydrating, toasting, roasting, and more.

Even a reheat option is included so you can keep your food warm inside the unit after it’s done or heat up cold foods.

To add to its amazing functionality, it can make various dishes for a group of people. All in one machine, you can prepare a number of foods within a short amount of time with little to no oil and effort.

Not just that, but to make things even easier for you, it comes with 8 accessories and a cookbook to help you speed things up when you’re feeling indecisive or in a hurry.

Still not convinced? You can make the best air fryer rotisserie with this machine with its great heat distribution and easy-to-use functions. Both the time and temperature is super simple to set, so you won’t need to scurry around for help.


  • Can make a variety of dishes, sweet or savory, in a short time
  • 10.6 quart capacity holds enough food or a group of people
  • With little to no oil, it can provide a crispy outer layer with tenderness inside
  • Accessories and recipes included for beginners or busy cooks
  • Simple and easy to use functions, doesn’t require extra help or instructionss


  • Difficult to disassemble and clean afterwards


This air fryer with rotisserie is the perfect choice for homecooks wanting to cut down preparation time. It’s also great if you want to experiment with different flavors and customize meals. All in all, it’s an appliance that you can rely on for almost any kind of food.

Can You Rotisserie in an Air Fryer?

The most straightforward answer we can muster for this is: yes, you can — but there’s a slight catch.

Since rotisserie is a cooking method of its own, most air fryers aren’t compatible with the function yet.

While it’s true that a lot of air fryers are entering the market at an alarming rate to feed the high demand, the demand for a rotisserie function seems to be low, which is why most labels avoid including it in their models.

However, some air fryers do come with a rotisserie function. The curated list above gives details on some of the best air fryers with rotisserie in the market right now.

Air Fryer with Rotisserie

A good air fryer with rotisserie will come with an even heat distribution mechanism, accessories to rotate the food and catch oil/stray pieces, and cook evenly with little or no oil.

In fact, air fryer rotisserie, as said by verified consumers, tastes even better than regular rotisserie. Plus, it’s healthier for you and saves time preparing too.

What to Look for Before Buying?

Now that we’ve walked you through our top picks for the best air fryer with rotisserie, there’s one more thing to do before you make your choice. And that is to know what you’re looking for.

It’s good if you already have a product in mind from our list, but it’s even better if you have a clear idea of what you need exactly for your kitchen. This makes sure you will be completely satisfied afterward.

So, here are some things to keep an eye out for while making your pick.

Heat Distribution

This factor is vital for making good food. It’s even more important if you’re making rotisserie dishes.

Even heat is needed throughout the unit to cook foods inside and out. A good air fryer will spread the heat in a way that it will reach all parts of the food and use as little oil as possible to do it.

For an air fryer to be good with heat distribution and even cooking, it has to be able to withstand high temperatures. This means the metal inside the unit has to endure various levels of heat in order to provide good thermal conductivity.

Air Fryer with Rotisserie

A metal that does this is stainless steel. This material not only delivers heat evenly throughout the unit, but it’s also very easy to clean and is durable.

Rotisserie Function

As we’ve explained before, most air fryers don’t have a fully improved rotisserie function yet. This is why it’s important that your air fryer has this function and can work well too.

For a rotisserie option to work sufficiently, it has to meet a number of requirements.

First, it has to include the right detachable parts. Which means a basket, drip tray, forks, a rod, etc. Basically everything you might need to rotate the food, cook it thoroughly, and easily clean the inside afterward.

It has to distribute heat in a way that both cooks the inside of the food tenderly but leaves the outside with a beautiful brown and crispy layer. Just like we’ve said before, this requires a good heat-conducting metal interior. However, the machine itself also needs to comply with the interior and be compatible with the meat.

Air Fryer with Rotisserie

Lastly, it needs to be able to mimic the flavor of regular-made rotisserie. As the air fryer will be using a limited to no amount of oil, it needs to work with that sizable amount to replicate traditional rotisserie without the excess lipids. This means the air inside the unit will have to heat up very quickly.

Easy to Use

This one’s completely up to you to decide. Some cooks may be comfortable with limitless options and complicated functions. But if a lot of settings overwhelm you, you can opt for a simpler air fryer with rotisserie. Chances are, both kinds of air fryers, difficult or easy, will work just as well as the other. So no worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who makes the best air fryer with rotisserie?

It depends on what your requirements are. The best air fryer with rotisserie for one homecook isn’t necessarily the best for another. So, you have to have a clear-cut idea of what you expect from a good air fryer. And that will be the best for you.

If you’re still indecisive, you can take a look through our list for some of the best air fryers with rotisserie we’ve found after extensive consumer feedback research.

2. What can I cook in an air fryer rotisserie basket?

An air fryer rotisserie basket is great for making crispy foods. This means fries, some veggies like cauliflower, or even fried chicken. You can even make popcorn depending on how small the gaps in the mesh are.

3. How do I use my rotisserie on an air fryer?

Most air fryers with rotisserie have the rotisserie option right on the display with its own button. If it’s not there, then it should be mentioned in the manual on how to turn it on.

Also, make sure you’ve assembled the accessories (basket, rod, forks, drip tray, etc.) before you start the process.

4. How do you rotisserie a chicken in an air fryer?

First, pierce it on the rod and position it inside the unit so it can rotate without hindrance and can drip easily on the tray. For this, you’ll need forks to hold the chicken in place, a drip tray to catch the stray pieces, and a handling tool to get it out later without burning your fingers.

You need to make sure none of the sides of the chicken is touching the interior of the unit. After that, you can press the rotisserie option or begin the steps for rotisserie as mentioned in your air fryer manual.

5. Can you reheat a rotisserie chicken in an air fryer?

It depends on which air fryer you are using. Some air fryers do not have a reheat option, while others do. To see if yours has this feature, check the display for the reheat button or instruction manual to see if it’s actually included.


And those are our top 10 picks for the best air fryer with rotisserie you can get in the market at the moment. Trust us, from what we’ve heard and read from a magnitude of consumer reviews, air fryer might just put regular rotisserie out of its own game.

Keep our tips in mind while choosing the right air fryer with rotisserie for your kitchen, and you’ll discover new and amazing flavors — with half the health risks.

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