How To Use Delonghi Espresso Machine

How To Use Delonghi Espresso Machine?

If you’re just getting started with your new Delonghi espresso machine, this guide will show you how to use it correctly.

While there are many models of espressos from Delonghi, the procedure for using them is almost the same. This guide will focus on the Delonghi EC155, one of their most popular and beginner-friendly models. But the process can apply to the other models as well.

By the time we’re through with this post, you should be able to use your new machine to make the perfect espresso!

Step-by-step guide for using Delonghi espresso machine:

We’ll discuss this guide in step by step format to make it easy for you to understand each step you need to take to make the best espresso. If you are wodnering is breville or delonghi better, than I would urge you to keep on reading.

Delonghi espresso machines

Step 1. Plugin the machine

The first step you need to do is plug in your machine to a power outlet. But before that, make sure you place it on a clean space on your countertop, away from any water source that might damage your machine or cause electrocution. You’d also want to ensure you don’t place it towards the edge of the countertop, where it can get easily knocked down.


Step 2. Fill the reservoir with water

Next, you’ll need to fill up the machine reservoir with water. There are two ways you can do it. One, you lift the lid and get the tank out of the machine, fill it with water and then put it right back. Or you can fill it with water directly without necessarily getting it out. Whichever method you choose, be sure to fill the reservoir all the way up to the maximum fill line.

Step 3. Pre-heat it

With the machine filled with water, you’ll now need to pre-heat it for approx. 15 minutes. Simply turn the knob one stage to the right (to the squiggly mark) to turn on your machine. It should signal red to indicate it’s heating the water reservoir. The indicator light will turn green once the appliance is properly heated up.

Delonghi espresso machine

Step 4. Prepare your coffee beans

As you wait for the water to heat up, grind the coffee beans you intend to use.

Use a coffee measure to help you measure the amount of coffee to use. Scoop the coffee, level it up to ensure you get the quantity right, and then transfer it (the coffee) into the coffee filter.

Remember to brush off any excess coffee grounds on the edges of your filter rim.

Prepare your coffee beans

NOTE: If you’re using coffee pods instead of freshly ground coffee, simply place them in the filter. And be sure to confirm that the pods have an ESE label to show it works with the espresso machine.

Step 5. Tamper the coffee

The good thing about this espresso machine is that it comes with a tamper onboard. Use this tool to gently tap the coffee and evenly press it down. Avoid pressing it too lightly or firmly, as this can greatly affect the quality of your espresso. Just a gentle tap will do.

Step 6. Attach the filter holder into position

Your coffee filter is now ready for attachment to the machine to begin the brewing process. When inserting it into the machine, start at approx. 45-degree angle and then gently turn it until it locks into place.

Delonghi espresso machine

Step 7. Put your espresso cup under the spout

You’ll also need to place your espresso cup or mug directly under the spout on the machine’s aluminum tray. This will hold the drink you’re about to brew.

Step 8. Start the brewing process

Now is the time to start the brewing process! Turn the knob further right to the symbol indicating a spout and a cup. When you hit this stage with the knob, the coffee should start pouring into the cup any minute. When your cup gets full, turn the knob to the “O” mark to turn off the machine.

Start the brewing process

Step 9. Froth the milk (for cappuccino)

Besides making espresso, the Delonghi appliances also come with a frothing function. If you’re planning to make a cappuccino, fill your frothing pitcher with approx. 3.5 ounces of milk.

Place the pitcher under the frother arms and rotate the knob counterclockwise to the steam option (indicated with a steam cloud symbol) to start the frothing process. Wait until the indicator light turns green before you begin the frothing process.

Froth the milk

When the light flashes green, start the frothing process. Once your milk gets frothed to twice its initial size, it’s done and ready for adding to your cup of coffee you made in step 8.

Final word

That’s how you use your Delonghi espresso machine. As you’ve seen, the whole process involves pretty simple steps that an absolute beginner can easily follow.

This guide works for all the espresso machines from this manufacturer. But we advise you to go through the user manual first when using your Delonghi machine for the first time. This way, you’ll get more details on how to operate your specific model.

After reading this guide, you’re now fully equipped to make your first espresso with a Delonghi machine!

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