Blue Rhino Griddle vs Blackstone

Blue Rhino Griddle vs Blackstone: Head to Head Comparison

In this post, we’re going to compare Black Rhino Griddle vs Blackstone and answer your burning question: “what is better Blue Rhino or Blackstone griddle?”

A griddle is a special invention in the outdoor cooking world that provides you with a large, open surface where you can cook just anything—toasts, burgers, bacon, pancakes, steak, name it!

A griddle is also a big investment that costs such a fortune, so you want to make sure you invest your money in the right product.

That said, Blue Rhino and Blackstone stand from the other manufacturers with their high-performance griddles.

But how do their products compare? This is what we’re about to discover below.

Blue Rhino Griddle vs Blackstone comparison table

Spec/ModelBlackstone 28 InchBlackstone 36 InchBlackstone 28 InchRazor GGC2030M 25 InchRazor GGC1643M 37 InchRazor GGT2160M 19 Inch
Cooktop470 sq. in720 sq. in448 sq. in318 sq. in730 sq. in284 sq. in
MaterialStainless steel w/black powder coatingStainless steel w/black powder coatingStainless steel w/black powder coatingStainless steel with black powder coatingStainless steel with black powder coatingStainless steel with black powder coating
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Blue Rhino vs Blackstone (head-to-head comparison)

We start by closely evaluating some of the most popular griddles from each company to give you a clear picture of what each manufacturer’s products are made of and what their capabilities are.

Blackstone griddles:

Some of the most popular griddles on the market today come from Blackstone. The 3 most popular products from this brand are listed below.

Blackstone griddles

1. Blackstone 28in Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle

Blackstone 28in Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle

Blackstone 28-inch flat top griddle is a great upgrade from your grill or BBQ. Easy to put together and start with the push of a button, this unit gets you ready to cook your food in no time. It offers a cooking area spanning 470 square inches—big enough to prepare food for your small family or a group of up to 6 friends.

The griddle presents you with up to 2 independently controlled stainless steel burners. These make it easy for you to set up two 100% separate cooking zones on the same griddle, granting you the ultimate versatility to cook any kind of meal you desire. You can set one zone to cook your food while the other zone keeps the other food warm.

Each of these burners outputs up to 15,000 BTUs (making a total of 30,000 BTUs) of evenly distributed heat across the cooktop. This is sufficient heat to let you cook anything from breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Blackstone constructed this 28-in griddle using a durable stainless steel frame and covered it with a protective black coating. On top of this, they equip it with a cold-rolled steel cooking surface. The result is one of the most durable griddles that will serve you for a lifetime and some more.

As for portability, this model comes equipped with industrial-grade caster wheels to let you easily move it anywhere you want, whether it’s to the backyard or campsite. The wheels can also lock in place for griddle stability. The included fold-up legs and a removable griddle top further make this unit easy to move from place to place.

Other convenient features you get with this griddle include a cantilevered shelf and a built-in grease catcher to make cleanup easy as pie.

Highlighted Features:

  • 30,000 BTUs heat output
  • 470sq inches cooking area
  • 2 independently controlled burners
  • Easy-start with push-button ignition
  • Durable black steel frame construction

2. Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner 36in Griddle

Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner 36in Griddle

If you want something bigger than the 28-inch griddle, this Blackstone Classic 36 Griddle is the model for you. It enjoys extreme popularity all over the world for its incredible versatility and ability to cook foods beyond what your typical grill can do.

The griddle is incredibly easy to assemble and everything fits together nicely. You can do the installation on your own without any prior experience.

Since this griddle also comes equipped with a push-button ignition system, starting it is super-easy. It presents you with a pretty extensive cooking surface (up to 720 square inches!) to ensure you have adequate space to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for a large family or a large group of friends at camping or parties.

FOUR independent stainless steel burners put this unit above its 2-burner sibling above. Each produces 15,000 BTUs of heat, ensuring you have up to 4 separate cooking zones on the same griddle running at different temperatures depending on the types of foods you’re cooking. That sounds like an extremely versatile cooking station that can cook for the entire neighborhood!

As with all the other Blackstones, this griddle comes with stainless steel frame construction with black coating for maximum rust resistance and increased durability and lifespan. The cooking top features cold-rolled steel (CRS) for maximum toughness and longevity.

You won’t have problems moving this griddle to your backyard or campsite because it comes equipped with 4 heavy-duty caster wheels (with two of them being lockable). The legs are foldable to help save space. However, keep in mind that this unit is extremely heavy and isn’t the best model to take camping. A removable grease trap at the back of this griddle makes cleanup easy and fast.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 4 independently controlled burners
  • Total heat output: 60,000 BTUs
  • 720 square inches cooking area
  • Includes two side shelves for food storage
  • Powder-coated black stainless steel frame
  • Propane tank storage under left side shelf

3. Blackstone Adventure Ready 2-Burner 28″ Outdoor Griddle

Blackstone Adventure Ready 2-Burner 28" Outdoor Griddle

The 28-inch outdoor griddle is designed to go with you where your adventures take you. The Adventure-Ready model comes with 448 square inches worth of cooking space which can hold up to 44 hotdogs at a go. It also cooks a wide range of your favorite foods including burgers, pancakes, hotdogs, steaks, omelets, to name but a few.

It is pretty easy to use and features battery-powered push-button ignition which makes it ready to go with just a simple push of a button.

With this griddle, you’ll enjoy two independent cooking zones with a combined heat output of 34,000 BTUs to give you the versatility of how you prepare your food outdoors. A single side-shelf comes with this unit to offer you extra prep space within reach. Another shelf right under the cooktop will meet your storage needs.

Because this griddle is intended for outdoor use, it comes with a portability-focused design. This is evidenced by a sturdy handle and two heavy-duty caster wheels that let you effortlessly move it from point to point. The wheels also lock when not moving to make the unit more stable. The legs are easily foldable to turn the griddle into a more compact size for easy transportation.

As it’s standard across all the Blackstone griddles, this model is designed using high-quality materials for maximum longevity. The entire unit frame burners are made of stainless steel with black powder coating to ensure excellent heat distribution, rust hesitance, and durability.

Whether you’re planning for camping, hunting, fishing, or boating trip, grab this adventure-ready 28-inch Blackstone griddle and enjoy making your favorite, mouthwatering treats away from home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Total heat output: 34,000 BTUs
  • Large 448 square inches cooking area
  • Includes grease trap in the rear
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Caster wheels and foldable legs for portability
  • Built-in push-button ignition control

Blue Rhino griddle:

Blue Rhino, being a direct competitor to Blackstone, also boasts some of the highly-rated griddles on the market today.

Blue Rhino griddle

Here are their most popular models.

1. Razor GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor 2 Burner Gas Griddle

Razor GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor 2 Burner Gas Griddle

This 25-inch outdoor gas griddle is one of the most popular griddles for outside cooking. This model will instantly become your ultimate grilling backyard machine for bbq weekends with your family and friends. It will also make a perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life.

One of the things that make this griddle popular is that it offers enough room of up to 318 square inches to let you cook all your favorite foods easily. It also presents you with two independently controlled burners that output a combined heat output of 20,000 BTU—diversifying your cooking platform for types of foods.

Just like the Blackstone’s, this griddle comes with a built-in ignition (push and turn) to enable you to hassle-free fire it up. It is fueled by a standard 20L propane gas tank.

With an integrated front-access grease drain cup, cooking and cleanup become a smooth experience with this unit. A side shelf comes with this griddle to offer you extra space for food prep or holding your utensils and other griddle accessories during cooking.

Unlike the Blackstone models, this 25-inch griddle from Blue Rhino features a rolled steel solid lid which is great for steaming your food or melting cheese. It also helps protect and shelter your food against those unexpected, incoming weather and flying debris.

As for the construction materials, the griddle top features rolled steel cooking surface which means maximum durability. The cooktop also comes pre-seasoned to keep off rust and damages during shipping.

You won’t have any problems transporting this Razor outdoor griddle to your camping site, backyard, or weekend tailgating parties. It comes with a highly portable design involving a unique mobile cart folding design for easy storage and transportation. The included handle and two heavy-duty wheels further enhance its portability.

Highlighted Features:

  • 318 square inches cooking area
  • 20,000 BTUs worth of heat output
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Powder-coated steel lid
  • Collapsible cart design for easy storage/mobility
  • Front-access grease management system

2. Razor GGC1643M 37 Inch Outdoor 4 Burner Gas Griddle

Razor GGC1643M 37 Inch Outdoor 4 Burner Gas Griddle

The Razor GGC1643M 37 Inch is a direct competitor to Blackstone’s classic 36-Inch griddle. It boasts the ability to accommodate a whopping 57 burgers at a go, ensuring no one goes hungry when cooking for a large group of people. It’s the perfect choice for camping, backyard, or tailgating with your family or friends.

One area where this Blue Rhino beats the Blackstone 36-inch model is by offering you 730 sq. inch cooking space, which is 10 square inches bigger. This means plenty of room for cooking more food at a go.

It also ranks above the Blackstone with its heat output which stands at 2000 BTUs higher. The unit features 4 burners which you can separately control to create up to 4 divergent cooking zones for different types of food requiring different temperatures.

Amazingly, it also comes with a dedicated Sear Zone to let you quickly sear and brown your meat and make it more delicious.

We like that this griddle comes with two folding side shelves for holding your spices, condiments, tongs, plates, etc. These shelves double as a lid for protecting your cooking surface against elements when not in use. A bottom shelf comes in handy for storing cooked food.

Cleaning this outdoor griddle is a dream, thanks to the front-access concealed grease cup.

The Razor GGC1643M 37 Inch is built tough! It boasts a stainless steel frame black powder coating for an extremely solid feel while enabling it to last for exceptionally long. Foldable legs let you turn this griddle into a more compact size for easy storage. And the 4 wheels make it easy to move from place to place.

Highlighted Features:

  • 62,000 BTUs heat output
  • Extra-large cooking space
  • 4 wheels for easy transportation
  • Dual folding side shelves with towel bars
  • Comes with a dedicated sear zone
  • Easy-start push and turn ignition

3. Razor GGT2160M 19 Inch Outdoor 1 Burner Gas Grill Griddle.

Razor GGT2160M 19 Inch Outdoor 1 Burner Gas Grill Griddle

The Blue Rhino’s 19-inch griddle is the most compact of all the units we’ve featured in this list. Given its small size, it is highly portable and will become a great companion to your outdoor trips.

Despite being the smallest unit on this list, this griddle still offers you quite a cooking area capable of handling up to 20 burgers at a go! Besides burgers, you can prepare other types of food with this griddle, whether it’s sizzling some bacon, frying up eggs, and more.

It features only one burner and outputs 18,000 BTUs of heat. Like its brothers, this model also comes with a built-in push and turn the ignition to make it easy to start.

The cooking top is made from thick rolled steel for superior durability and comes pre-seasoned to keep off the rust and other potential damages during shipping.

Since the griddle is also equipped with a front-access drain grease trap, cleaning it is easy for you.

The 19-inch griddle comes with two handles to allow for quick and easy transportation to your cooking spot. Add this to its compact size and you’ve got a model you can easily put in your car and take with you to any place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cooks up to 20 burgers at a go
  • Single burner griddle; outputs 18,000 BTUs
  • Pre-seasoned cooking top
  • Integrated push-and-turn ignition
  • Compact and portable design
  • Fueled by 1Lb propane gas cylinder
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction

What is better Blue Rhino or Blackstone griddle?

Now that we have some background info on the top griddles from each Blackstone and Blue Rhino/Razor, we can easily compare the two brands in terms of BTUs, cooking area, durability, portability, and warranty, and pricing.

Heat output (BTUs)

One of the key factors that define the performance of a griddle is the amount of heat it outputs. So, how do the griddles from the two top manufacturers size up in this area?

Blackstone’s most popular griddle, the 36-inch classic griddle, outputs 60,000 BTUs of heat while its Blue Rhino competitor, the 37-inch model, outputs 62,000 BTUs.

Blue Rhino Griddle

Clearly, Blue Rhino sits on top of Blackstone in this specification. Nonetheless, both give you powerful griddling heat to cook all your foods to perfection.

Still at it, we applaud both brands for using a rolled steel cooktop due to its excellent heat distribution characteristics. This is far much better compared to cast iron which, though has excellent heat distribution, is more prone to rusting.

Temperature control

The top models from these competing brands offer you up to 4 burners, each. These burners are set to be controlled independently.

And that’s a good thing because you get more control over your unit’s temperature by creating different cooking zones running at completely different temperatures on the same griddle.

blackstone griddles

Different cooking zones increase the griddle versatility as they let you cook different foods at the same time.

Blue Rhino takes a big leap ahead of Blackstone with an integrated Sear Zone where you can quickly brown your meat to make it more delicious.

Cooking space

When it comes to cooking space, you’ve to go with a griddle with an adequate cooktop to meetyour cooking needs.

As we have seen earlier in the product comparison, Blackstone 36-in griddle’s 720 sq. inch slightly lags behind Blue Rhino’s 730 sq. in cooking.

Cooking space

A 10 sq. inch difference is a quite significant cooking room you shouldn’t ignore.

If you plan to cook for more people or simply want a griddle with the biggest cooking space, then it’s wide to consider Blue Rhino over Blackstone.


Both Blue Rhino and Blackstone use stainless steel material for their griddles. Moreover, they employ cold rolled which is equally durable in addition to offering excellent heat distribution.

The griddles from both manufactures feature black powder coating to prevent rust, scratches, and marks from forming on their surfaces.

Blue Rhino

Other parts such as burners, shelves, etc., are also made of stainless steel for products from both sides. The wheels for both models are also heavy-duty to further increase their overall durability.

Durability is crystal-clearly a WIN-WIN for both models. Both manufacturers use quality materials to manufacture their models which enable them to last for exceptionally long.


A griddle is meant for use outdoor and any manufacturer producing these units must optimize them with portable features.

The two manufacturers in question seem to understand this fact pretty well as they equip their units with wheels to enable you to easily move them from place to place.

Their large models feature up to 4 wheels to make them even easier to move. What’s more, the wheels in both models are lockable to ensure stability when the units are in use.

The units from both sides also feature foldable legs to help transform them into a smaller size for even easier transportation.


However, Blue Rhino outshines 28-inch Blackstone with its 25-inch collapsible cart folding design.

If you’re looking for something you can take to the camping site, hunting trip, fishing trip, etc., you’d definitely want to get this Blue Rhino.


Price is also an important factor when comparing Blue Rhino/Razor and Blackstone outdoor griddle. There’s no shame in looking for a product that helps you save some money.

So, how do the two companies price their products? If we were to check the most popular products from each (Blackstone 36-inch vs blue rhino razor 36″), it will be clear that Blackstone offers you a more pocket-friendly deal.

Blue Rhino

Well, the price difference isn’t that huge, but given you’re saving a few bucks means it’s still a deciding factor for you.


Both manufacturers back their products with a one-year limited warranty. This covers parts, workmanship, and finishes.

Convenient features

Whether you go with a Blackstone 36-inch griddle or Blue Rhino griddle 37-inch griddle, you should be sure to enjoy additional convenient features like built-in ignition for easy griddle startup, side shelves for easy food prep, and a bottom shelf for holding food after cooking.

Both griddles also come with a compartment specially made for holding the propane gas tank.

Razor Griddle

Products from both sides also feature a grease catcher to make cleanup a breeze for you.

But Blackstone goes even further to offer you a removable cutting board and strategically placed garbage bag hooks for its 36-inch model. The Blue Rhino 37-inch model hits back by offering you foldable side shelves to protect the cooktop from elements when not in use and allow for easy transportation.

Final Verdict

Both Blue Rhino and Blackstone are reputable brands in the griddle industry. As we have seen in this guide, they have top-rated griddles that let you enjoy cooking your favorite meals outdoors. They also produce their units in different sizes to ensure you get a model that meets your unique outdoor cooking needs. They share a bunch of similarities just they also show some distinct differences.

Whether you go with a Blue Rhino or a Blackstone griddle, each one will give you a great griddling experience. Your ultimate choice will be influenced by your budget and unique needs.

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