Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

If you are professional, dull blades and blunt knives are hard to work with. They require extra effort and, along with that causing you fatigue while stressing you out. Moreover, it also exerts pressure and strain over the wrist, and the person will no longer be efficient in the longer run.

To avoid such painful experiences, you are going to need something durable and reliable. A perfect and the best hook knife for spoon carving assist you in almost every direction you want to work with.

Thus, offering you an immense amount of pleasure while carving out your favorite wooden spoons and bowls. So, why wait when you have multiple options right across your sight. Let`s dive right into it.

Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

1. SIMILKY Wood Carving Hook Knife

SIMILKY Wood Carving Hook Knife

This set of carving tools includes ten whittling kits with one blank spoon, polishing compound, and much more. Have this essential kit with you to start woodcarving with the top-quality toolset. That being said, you will be getting yourself a sharpening leather strop, and with that comes a tool pouch.

With exquisitely designed handlebars that come in a round shape and offer you maximum support to get the job done. Moreover, walnut wood material enlightens the outlook with a softer touch and makes it more appealing.

Along with that, the layer of varnish comes upon the wood that enhances the wood by its shine and makes it more soft and comfortable. Thus, it has been known as a great tool for carving wood or whittling projects.

You might have experienced the razor-sharpness of the blades, and they sometimes cut through your skin with their blunt and rough edges. Hence, the sharpness of these tools is an exceptional case, but the edges are made according to the user`s handling. Therefore, you can use this set without worrying about getting yourself injured.

Furthermore, considering the carving, whittling, and safety of the users, this set also includes safety gloves that will protect your hands from cuts and abrasions. Now, with the help of this amazing set of tools, you can carve the wood into whatever shape you want.+


  • Advanced to harder wood
  • Whittling and carving knives.
  • Blank wood spoon
  • Polyethylene gloves
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Durability


  • Blades need to be sharpened after a couple of uses.

2. Gaxcoo Carbon Steel Knives

Gaxcoo Carbon Steel Knives

We present you the most rated and one-of-the-best carving set of all times for the artisans and whittling lovers. Gaxcoo has offered its most creative accessories, so you can start carving wood into your style whenever you want.

Unlock creativity into the handmade wooden accessorize. You will surely love spending every second with these tools. They are specifically designed for that matter and that elongated for your durability and your safety as well.

Along with that, the handlebars are made from hardwood oak material. To offer you maximum protection and grip over the handles, they fit in perfectly within your grip. Furthermore, the handles are laced with linseed oil that softens and provides moisture to the hands to minimize abrasions.

Therefore, the best spoon carving knife set is inclusive of the ideal sharpener. Whenever you feel like your blades are getting blunt, then this sharpener will save you the effort of forming powerful strokes every time. Hence, your hook knife will stay sharp for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, if you want to carve for the spoons, bowls, and cups, etc., the hook knife is a perfect fit for such matters. Meanwhile, the three basswood blocks are always ready to carve your wood into different shapes. Hence, it is a delightful present if you want to surprise your artisan friends.


  • A durable set of knives.
  • Delicate cuts
  • A detail knife is specified for forming small carvings upon the wood.
  • The handle has linseed oil that softens the grip
  • Exquisite whittle chisel
  • Sharp blades


  • Basic tool kit for beginners, not suitable for the amateurs.

3. Wood Carving Tools Set Elemental tools nine pcs

Wood Carving Tools Set Elemental tools nine pcs

If you are a carving enthusiast and a beginner, this elemental tools set is ideal for newbies. This box includes all the basic tools required for carving. Before buying the tools for carving, you should have basic knowledge about the tools to buy only the important tools required. This box has three different types of knives, gloves, polishing compounds, and one good thing is that these all things are organized in a display box.

These all tools come with a wooden handle which is very easy to handle. You feel very comfortable working with these tools because your grip on the handle is very strong and easy to use. Polish inside the box helps to sharpen the blades.

You can easily organize your tools in the storage box after working. With the help of this box, your tools will remain in the same place, and there are fewer chances of misplacing. You can carry this box anywhere you want effortlessly, and it will be safe.

One of the important tools is gloves because they protect your hand while working. They protect you from any form of injury while working. This box comes with amazing tools, and this is also a good choice to gift someone this toolbox interested in carving.


  • Protective gloves are present.
  • Wooden handles are very easy to hold tightly.
  • Good starter kit.


  • The wooden box is fragile.

4. Morakniv Hook 164 Wood Carving Knife

Morakniv Hook 164 Wood Carving Knife

Wooden carving has many uses. Beautifully carved wooden frames for doors and cupboards are very common these days. Morakniv offers you a newly designed hook knife that will help you carve wood into beautifully crafted designs. It is a left-handed knife with an open 0.5-inch radius curve. This knife has a single-edged blade which makes it suitable for pull cuts using one hand and push cuts using the other hand.

Moreover, this sturdily designed amazing knife can be used for making various wood-related products. You can use it to make crafted spoons, cups, or bowls of different designs. Furthermore, it is the best-known carving tool that can be used for many purposes making your lives easier. It can be used for detailed relief carving as well.

Meanwhile, this best ergonomically designed tool is of excellent quality that comes with a wood handle providing you extra comfort and does the job of carving perfectly. The blade is perfect and sharp without any cracks. Its stainless steel blade gives the knife perfect edge performance. Thus, offering you a razor sharp blade with reliable work performance.

This blade comes in 2.2 inches in length with a blade thickness of 0.08 inches. The length of the knife is 6.7 inches and weighs about 2 ounces. This razor comes with a lifetime warranty given by the manufacturers, so you need not worry about anything.


  • Single edge blade for pull cuts and push cuts
  • It can be used to make wooden spoons and cups
  • Ergonomic design
  • The sharp blade without cracks


  • Noticeable chip on the edge of the blade

5. BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife SK1

BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife SK1

We have introduced one of the best spoon carving knife options for you. This tool is designed especially for carving spoons, bowls, and cups. It can be used for similar concave shapes. It is a perfect option for you if you want to look for a wooden spoon carving to help you in any kind of wooden project.

Hence, the set of this amazing knife has been optimized for forming accurate cuts. This knife will allow help you with a good edge engagement. The blade is made up of high carbon steel that makes this carving tool even harder.

If you want a sharp and perfect cut, this is the best option for you as this knife has a very sharp cutting edge that helps you cut softwood, leaving a smooth and shiny surface of the wood. The cutting edge of these hook knives is perfect for durable cuts on hardwoods such as oak and others.

A premium quality knife that makes your life easier by carving the best out of the woods. This knife comes with an ergonomic design handle made up of hardwood oak. A sturdily designed knife allows you to have a comfortable wood carving without tiring yourself.


  • Hooked knife
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals


  • Dull blade

6. Morakniv Wood Carving Knife 162

Morakniv Wood Carving Knife 162

This is an ergonomically designed new wood carving knife that is a perfect choice for all woodcarvers. This double edge hook knife has an open 0.6-inch radius curve. This makes it perfect for pull and pushes carving both without limiting you with options.

It’s an ideal choice for carving spoons and cups or any kind of carving. It comes with an oil birchwood handle that is comfortable to use and is balanced. Why waste any time when you have reached the best choice for carving any kinds of wooden projects.

This knife comes with stainless steel blade making its features an excellent choice for wooden carving. This razor provides excellent edge performance and sharpness along with hardness. This razor is an excellent choice for cutting sharp and smooth wooden crafts.

This razor comes with a manufacturer’s warranty with a blade length of 2.2 inches and thickness of 0.08 inches. The overall length of the knife is 6.7 inches with 4 ounces of weight. This amazing knife will never disappoint you, and you will have perfect wood carving.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Hooked blade for cutting in bowls
  • Ergonomic design
  • Double edge hook


  • Bad moisture resistance

7. Set–WAYCOM 12 pcs Wood Carving tools

Set–WAYCOM 12 pcs Wood Carving tools

People have different interests and hobbies; some people like to paint, draw or carve. If you are an expert in carving, you always need the basic tools for different purposes. This bamboo box is the best choice for those who always need several tools while working and those who want to comfort themselves. This box is a tools master because it includes a leather sheath, knife, gloves, wood & chip carving spoon, and polishing compound. All these tools are very important for carving.

You can also give this box as a gift to those who love carving. These carving tools come in different shapes & sizes, so you can easily organize them for your ease. The shape and style of these tools are unique and perfect.

One more thing good about this box is that this box also has gloves. The gloves are a very main and important tool while craving. These gloves are made up of polythene and elastic material. These gloves help you to cover your hand and protect you from cuts or any other injury.

Sometimes, when you feel frustrated and want to relax, you always prefer the things you like, such as wood carving, which is a form of art that many people enjoy and prefer to do in their lonely time. So invest in this product and enjoy the pleasure of your wooden carving.


  • Elastic gloves protect from cuts.
  • Easy to organize because they come in different shapes & sizes.
  • Best gift for wood carving lovers.
  • Blades are covered.


  • Handles are a little huge.

8. Flexcut Single Bevel Hook Knife

Flexcut Single Bevel Hook Knife

An iconic knife that has the most replenishing outlook featured to blend in with your carving tools. If you are worried about replacing the old weary, and dull hook knives and facing trouble with the carving wood material, this here is a perfect fit for you.

Therefore, an ideal choice for your spoons and hollowing spoons. You can carve your favorite designs upon the spoons as well as upon the bowls with the detailed entailing. When it comes to minimalistic carvings, it fulfills all the requirements for such matters.

As you are familiar with the high carbon steel alloy, with that comes the longevity of the blades. Hence, this sturdily designed hook knife is an ideal choice that lasts longer than any other knife. Therefore, it is so far the best hook knife for spoon carving.

Moreover, the blades can be sharpened whenever they get dull. Thus, this will enable them to retain their shine, and with the polished surface marks, the cuts nice and clean. Along with that, when it comes to handling, the handle is made from ashwood material.

That makes it highly contoured and comfortable enough to hold properly. Along with that, the hook shape makes carving easier. Meanwhile, it enables the blade to remove stock at a faster pace.  

Moreover, when it comes to the safety of the hands, the blade is sharpened enough that it can cut through the skin. In order to prevent such accidents, buy yourself a pair of whittling gloves that will keep you safe.


  • Sharpened blades
  • Polished handle
  • Carbon steel alloy blade
  • Longevity
  • Sturdiness


  • Handle finishing is pretty weak and wears off soon.

9. VistosoHome Wood Carving Knife

VistosoHome Wood Carving Knife

Top grade forged from the high-carbon steel alloy is a perfect fit for carving the spoon knives. Moreover, carbon alloy makes the blade stay sharper. This sturdily designed blade allows you to work through the hardwood with less effort in no time.

With a sharp blade, this hook knife comes with a safety purpose. Offering you versatile features along with durability that will set you right on the carvings without any hassle. Furthermore, the handles are designed with oak wood that will fit in perfectly within your grip.

All the while, with the smooth and durable finishing, it glides through the wood pretty easily. Furthermore, the hook becomes a great option when it comes to beginners. Being the basic and essential tool for learning purposes when you are thinking about carving your favorite spoons.

These sharp blades do the magic for you. Hence, sharpness plays an important role in slicing and making nice curves over the wood. Therefore, it is the top-shelf hook knife of all time.


  • Razor Sharp blades
  • Sharp edges
  • Comfortable handle
  • Oakwood handlebars


  • Edges are blunt and dull.

10. Narex 822104 Carving Hook Knife

Narex 822104 Carving Hook Knife

This here is geared with all the essential tools to provide you with the best services for scooping out convex surfaces. It can perfectly form versatile patterns over the spoons and bowls without any hassle.

Moreover, the blade is made with manganese material that is known for its high class productivity. Furthermore, with the razor sharp blades comes to the clean cuts and tapers the surface by retaining the shine of the pottery.

If you want to try out the basic tool as a beginner, this is an ideal choice. Hence, being a budget-friendly and sturdy hook knife. You can harness the effortlessly smooth and chatter-free patterns.

The handle is made to ensure there won`t be any muscular fatigue by applying too much pressure upon the wrist. Therefore, with an effortless stroke, you can confine the cuts to the specified corners or wherever you want them to be.


  • No strain over the wrists
  • No fatigue
  • Soft and comfortable handle
  • Manganese material
  • Last longer
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Razor-sharp blades


  • None found.

Things To Check Before Getting One

There are certainly important factors worth looking for before purchasing the best hook knife for spoon carving, whether you`re a newbie or trying to find a suitable for replacing the old and blunt knife.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the ten best spoon carving knives for your ease. To help you understand the nature of their performance, this guide is the perfect fit for you. So, without further ado, let`s get started.


The handle is an essential part when looking for the best spoon carving knife. Ensure that the one you are seeking has the durable handle of the hook knife made from premium quality material. Also, with the polished surface, it will keep your hands safe and sound.  However, when incorporated with the linseed oil, the duo becomes the best feature for extra durability.

Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

Blade Length

You should check the length also. If your hands are small, then the blade and handle should be according to the grip. If they are too large or small, you won`t be able to form nice and clean carvings over the wood.

Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

Internal Radius

This feature also entails the best hook knife for spoon carving. The suggested radius is from 0.5`-0.9` for the precise excavation of your hook knives.

Hook Knife for Spoon Carving


Heavier the knife, more effort will be required. Therefore, the handle and blade must meet the criteria for the even retention of weight within the grasp of your hands.

How do you carve a spoon for beginners?

You can carve a spoon in following ways:

  • Choose the wood you want to start with. Let it be hardwood, oak wood, ashwood, or whatever suits you the most.
  • Choose in which shape you want to carve them.
  • Trace your shape over the wood with the help of chalk.
  • Form complete outlines of the bowl and handle over the wood.
  • Then rough out the bowl with the help of a carving hook knife.
  • Carve the shape and density of the bowl.
  • When it is deep enough, finish it with a smooth curved surface.
  • After that, cut out the spoon from the traces you have made earlier.
  • Form small cuts for easy and simple cuts.
  • After that, use a wood rasp for the clean finishing.
  • The coarse sanding belt can be used for cleaning the back and making perfect edge retention of the bowl.
  • Shape the curves and contour the back and handle of the spoon with the help of the sanding method.


1. What is a spoon carving knife used for?

This knife is used for cuts and to give shape. It is also used for carving different equipment like cups, vases, and bowls. This is also used to give thick and thin shapes.

2. Is spoon carving difficult?

If you want to learn something, everything is possible to learn, but you need proper time. If you want to learn spoon carving, first learn the basics.

3. Should I carve green wood or dry wood?

It’s your personal choice, but green wood is very easy to carve rather than dry wood. Greenwood is wet, so you can easily carve.

4. What do you need to carve a spoon?

To carve a spoon, you just need the basic tools, like you need the tools with sharp blades and a knife.

5. How do you sharpen a spoon carving hook knife?

It is very easy to sharpen a blade by buffing the compound and polishing it.

Final verdict

Wood carving requires some basic tools. There are certain tools you require for wood carving, and you should also know how to use them if you are interested in carving. These tools include knives of several types for different purposes and gloves, leather sheath, and polish. Before buying the tools, one must check the blades properly.

The blades should be sharp, so you can easily carve wood. You can easily carve with sharp blades without any trouble, and you need less force and energy. You should also check the grip on the handle to have a proper grip on your tool without getting tired. Wooden handles are best. Gloves are also very important in carving as they protect your hand from cuts and injuries.

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