Best Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews

Best Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews

If you are someone who wants to change their health choices on what you put inside your body, you have come to the right place. Despite research over excessive use of oil in our daily routine can cause heart problems and sickness, people are not taking a step back from such end.

That is why you need to change how you cook your food. This way, you might end the same thing, but now, it has health benefits. Thus, cutting out some unnecessary items from our diet will drastically reduce the chances of heart diseases and more.

One such raw product is the oil used in the deep fryer. Despite several research studies, people cannot seem to cook their turkey without deep frying in excessive cooking oil. For that reason, some manufacturers have developed state-of-the-art machinery that does not require any cooking oil whatsoever.

You have to read our oil-less turkey fryer reviews to believe us saying that you can cook your turkey without any oil. As a result, you will make your life much easier and save up on health and cooking oil costs altogether. If you are somewhat intrigued, you should check out this our upgraded best oil-less turkey fryer. Let’s get started.

1. Char-Broil Oil-Less Fryer

Char-Broil Oil-Less Fryer

If you are someone looking for that wow factor in their cooking utensils, try out the Char-Broil oil-free fryer. Many people want to get their hands on this piece, but few lucky are able to grab this life-changing opportunity. They provide utmost reliability and durability to their customers via their products.

Such a high source of motivation is only viable when you are committed to producing high-quality food items for your customer. It is the sincerity of manufacturers to provide us with such a wonderful gift. Superior high-quality synthetic material makes for heat resistance carrying pot at all times.

This way, you will not get your hands burnt or any other accident. Do not be fooled by its cooking as the even heating makes grilled turkey in no time. Just place the turkey in the cooking basket and turn on the ignition.

The sleek design and superb performance do not reduce over time. Instead, you will see a steady, solid performance over a lifetime. Such high-quality engineering allows users to have a wonderful and everlasting turkey cooking experience. If someone you know has not tried this, you ought to let them read this oil-free turkey fryer review ASAP.

You will be having a fully roasted turkey inside and out with perfection. All done without the need for any oil. So no more spills or burns; you are on the path to start a healthy lifestyle. Many cookers use so much oil, which is in no way beneficial for health.

That is why the demand for the best oil-less turkey fryer came into play. Many people want one to make their lives stress-free. At the same time, you would be saving fifty percent of the cost on oil usage. Now, that’s one hell of a bargain. The onboard heat control mechanism allows you to change heat pressure whenever needed.

So when you are getting a crispier, juicier turkey, who would want to use the oil fryer. Thus, a smart investment for your cooking. Just connect the propane tank pipe and let the best-infrared turkey fryer do its magic with even cooking from all sides.


  • The cooking basket and thermometer allow easy cooking sessions.
  • Vast, spacious design with a drip tray to capture the dripping meat juice.
  • Versatile meat and vegetables can be cooked with ease.


  • Assembling this item is a bit confusing.

2. Char-Broil Big Boy-TRU Grill and Roaster

Char-Broil Big Boy-TRU Grill and Roaster

Whether you are looking for a roaster or a grill, you would have to buy those items separately. Not on this item. You are getting them both, oil-free and top-notch quality guaranteed. The superior quality design makes for an overall ergonomic fryer.

Some people prefer the grilled version, while others want the smoky roasted turkey. All that and more can be achieved with Char-broil TRU in no time. Such supreme taste and freshness are not found on most products. Yet, Char-broil is able to achieve such records with ease.

That is why it is considered as best oil-less turkey fryer. A sleek metal body with even heating all around the meat makes it tender. Cooking the meat from the inside is the tricky part. Yet, the manufacturers have developed this technical marvel to do it with no tension whatsoever.

Whether you want to cook ribs, steak, or any other item, place them on the grill and see the magic happen right before your eyes. Even cooking does not require any oil. This saves up time and money altogether.

The smoker box effect will enhance the flavors more. Thus, use both these features in conjunction, and your turkey will be cooked in no time. Cleaning such a fryer might seem like a daunting task, but it is super easy.

The long cylindrical body makes sure you are getting even cooking at all sides within the least amount of time. Just connect up your propane tank and have an oil-free cooking taste, and you will never switch back.

That is because the oil in such manner consumption is dangerous for your health. At the same time, it reduces the cost of a product used to cook food. Which consequently saves you a lot of money in the process.

Just wipe the sides with a piece of cloth, and all the stains will come off right away. The outer side is not warm, which makes carrying the oil fryer is super easy. Many of those oil-free turkey fryer reviews mentioned this product to be the best choice for any housel hold for a lifetime.

Whatever you want to cook, this oil-free turkey fryer has got it all and more. Many people prefer Char-broil for its outstanding product quality that does not diminish over time. Helping you make dishes that taste not only good but also healthy.


  • Super vast grill space.
  • Easy to use and control gas pressure.
  • Versatile and unique in every way.


  • No heat controlling mechanism onboard.

3. Masterbuilt Oil-Free Butterball Turkey Fryer

Masterbuilt Oil-Free Butterball Turkey Fryer

Some say you cannot live off eating without cooking meat in oil. This notion is long forgotten as today we can do it so much easier. The Master built has shown us that we can cook a delicious turkey just without any need for oil whatsoever.

The heavy-duty oil-less turkey fryer reviews are off the charts. Everyone is praising them for ingenuity and superb delivery. Such compliments make our belief stronger on such kitchen cooking pans that can make our lives easier and healthier.

The stylish deep pan-styled metallic body does not heat up from the outside surface. Rather, it helps in carrying the fryer from one place to another. All the items that come with this oven are necessary parts to make our experience much better.

That is why the cooking basket makes sure the turkey stays within the heat range and does not slip out. Similarly, the drip tray is here to protect from permanent stain marks within the walls of this cooking pan. This way, a simple wipe-off with a clean cloth can clear all of those stains with ease.

The heavy-duty construction makes sure the heat stays within the double insulated walls, which do not let the heat escape. As a result, you will not need to provide heat every time. Thus saving up on gas too.

Whether it is preparing sizzling patties or flipping veggies, you can achieve it all from this compact container in no time. Aiming for achieving the highest quality in food.

The electric element placed within the center is where the magic happens. This device can cook up a beefy 18-pound turkey in mere minutes. That is because of the charge it acquires after the heat conduction material charges up the coil.

Whereas the transparent lid makes sure, you are able to see the process. The electricity-conducting fryer makes sure you get a complete cooked turkey that tastes and feels good. Such high-quality built that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime of ease and worry-free.


  • Compact size takes less space.
  • Lightweight and super durable.
  • Electric frying grill charges up and cooks in minutes.


  • The cooked item is not as crispier as its competitors.

4. Char-Broil Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

Char-Broil Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

The growing age requires a healthy and proportional diet. This diet is exclusive of the extra carbs and preventing cholesterol intake. Thus, with every nutrition comes great value. Sometimes, you can burn this fat with the help of exercise or by simple methods such as avoiding excessive intake of such nutrients.

However, when cooking a meal for a family dinner or a gathering, there`s always meat or turkey on the menu. Along with that, while you roast your meal in an excessive amount of oil, it could get you heart-related illnesses such as high blood pressure.

To avoid this certainty, get yourself the most classic turkey fryer as your kitchen essential. More to this, the research concludes that it is by far the most ideal and smart choice. Moreover, if you are a cooking enthusiast and want a top-shelf oil-less turkey fryer, this here is geared with all those features you long for.

Therefore, this best infrared turkey fryer includes versatile and modest features such as Smokey turkey and grilling of your favorite meats, especially when talking about turkey. You won`t have to cook your much-favored meals with the unhealthy oils from the market.

You will be able to make the best meals with the help of this inexpensive and impressive turkey roaster grill, oil-less Char-Broiler. Therefore, it has been known as the best oil-less turkey fryer of 2021 for your kitchen essentials.

Impress your friends with this ergonomic turkey fryer while it does the job for you. With the best oil less turkey fryer reviews, this cooks the perfect turkey for your family dinner or gatherings. Moreover, it delivers evenly-cooked meals, which reduces the time for food preparation.

Thus, making up for a modest oven requires about half of the traditional oven`s time. You can cook your meals within less than 2 hours by using just a little amount of oil. All the while, you can make delicious chicken. Along with that, with the versatile infrared technology, there aren`t any cold or hot spots, and with that, the meat is evenly cooked from all sides.

The bottom line is, it is the best-infrared turkey fryer that is geared with the propane-powered heat radiations gets from the inside of the fryer and thus cooking the meat with perfection.


  • No need to preheat the chamber every time you want to cook.
  • No dripping inside the oven.
  • No drop and spill
  • Perfect oven and the best oil less turkey fryer


  • Cleaning becomes a little difficult because of the heavy-duty oven parts.

5. Master built MB23010809 Electric Fryer

Master built MB23010809 Electric Fryer

A Chinese product that fulfills utmost desire with its impressive features. With that being said, it has been constructed with double walls that add to the sizzling nature of the meat. Your meat is cooked with even heat retention. Thus, trapping the heat inside it works with the miniature details.

Moreover, it is the top-quality turkey fryer for your kitchen essentials with a built-in wooden chip box. Hence, it requires chips within the bare minimum quantity and gives your food a sizzling organic aroma.

Now you can invite your friends and family over for lunch or dinner without worrying about spending long hours in the kitchen. This ergonomically designed fryer will reduce your cooking time to half.

Unlike the other high-end products, you won`t be needing propane anymore. All the while, it runs completely upon the electricity. With the radiating heat and the perfect sealing, your meat gets evenly cooked from all directions.

Furthermore, you can keep a check upon the meat with the transparent lid whether it`s being cooked or not. Thus, with that being said, there will be zero to no chances of your skin getting burned by the steam.

The tempered glass lid contains a handle at the top, from which you can take it off, and thus the excessive steam will be reduced to an optimum level. Therefore, it has been known as the best oil less turkey fryer. Along with that, there`s a thermostat temperature control. With the help of this feature, it allows you to cook multiple and various dishes with it.

With the heavy-duty tempered glass lid, the heat won`t get lost. It comes in pretty handy due to its sturdiness. Moreover, with the help of an instructional manual, you can keep it in check with the maintenance, and thus, it offers you the ease of installation.

Therefore, a go-to accessory to fill your kitchen with. Therefore, it is very spacious with the drip pan as you can place about 18lbs of meat at once for perfect sizzling and delicious taste. As with the brief and modest updates, the overall clean-up process is very easy.


  • Easy to clean
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Heatproof tampered glass lid
  • Spacious and instant turkey fryer


  • The big size makes it a little harder with the cleaning process.

6. NESCO ITR-01-13 Infrared Turkey Fryer

NESCO ITR-01-13 Infrared Turkey Fryer

Last but not least, this here is an ideal choice for your limited budget. With upgraded technology, High-Speed Roaster is the easiest and fastest cooking essential for your fried turkey or for roasting the meat. Moreover, this sturdily designed turkey fryer is geared with infrared heating technology.

Thus, with infrared technology, it cooks with even retention of meat from all the sides. Hence, it has been known as the best oil less turkey fryer of 2021. With central heating, it offers uniform cooking. Moreover, you will keep it in check with the tempered glass lid and let you monitor the dish carefully.

Along with the best oil less turkey fryer review, it has been geared with the preset high/low or medium heat options. The seamless temperature control guarantees the juicy and delicious meal perfect for your family dinners or on different occasions.

Reducing your workload to half and relieving you from the long hours of staying in the kitchen offers you great comfort in knowing that your food will be ready just on time. Moreover, this best oil free turkey fryer is your go-to kitchen essential.

The meat will retain the moisture, and with that, the outcomes will be crispy fried with the yummy delicious, and juicy meat. The 1425 Watt Base is convenient to be put on the top shelf and a powerful tool for cooking.

Hence, the vertical heating elements offer you complete cooking control over your food. Along with that, the detachable cooking stand offers very minimal clean-up for your fryer. Along with that, it also has easy-grip handles for the ease of covering by the tampered top lid.

With the help of these oil free turkey fryer reviews now you can enjoy the comfortable cooking experience outside the kitchen and away from the heat. You can install this ergonomic turkey fryer outside that will disperse the heat sideways and offers durability. Hence, the bottom line is that it is a conventional oven for your everyday use.

Furthermore, the best turkey oil-free and easy-to-use vertical roaster can cook for up to 18 lbs. Hence you can cook your favorite bird in less than two hours. That being said, reducing cooking times by up to 40 percent makes up for a conventional oven. The 120-timer offers an automatic shutting on and off feature that enables you to rest.

While the Illuminated lights will indicate that when the heating rudiments are on, and the steering glass cover is more convenient, the black and stainless steel finishing will blend in with any kitchen décor, and thus the compact design foliage countertops uncluttered for your ease.  


  • Easy to clean
  • Side handles allow easy gripping
  • The detachable cooking stand is dishwasher safe


  • The grossly magnified cooking pot is big and more spacious.

Comparison Table

  Product Name  Oil-Less Feature  Thermostat  Capacity  Infrared Technology  
 Char Boil Oil-less fryer  YES    Built-in Thermometer    16 pounds    TRU infrared technology
 Char-Broil TRU fryer    YES  Infrared Radiation  25lbs  TRU Infrared Technology
Master Built Oil-free Turkey Fryer    YES  Double Wall heat retention  18pounds  Double Walled Heat Retention

Does oil less turkey fryer work?

Compared to the standardized profound fryers, an oil-less fryer cannot cook the turkey or your favorite meat by submerging it deep in the sizzling oil. However, that makes up for a healthy option. However, there`s another plus point that our traditional deep fryers come with injectable preserves that makes our most favorite turkey taste even more delightful. Make sure not to use scrubs or injectable marinades to a deep fryer.

Moreover, there`s an important thing that you should keep in mind for the greaseless fryers is they don`t have scalding hot oil, which makes them safer and healthy to use as you all must be familiar that deep-frying calls for a lot of oil.3

Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

However, if you are thinking about using a traditional turkey fryer, you will need tons of oil to sink in the turkey. Thus, you will be spending more money, and it will be full of cholesterol that will, later on, cause you heart-related problems.

However, when talking about the oil-less turkey fryers, you won`t have to worry about this anymore.


These sturdily designed oil-less turkey fryers need little or bare minimum oil, even for deep frying.


These fryers come with built-in fans that are located at the base of your cooking chamber. As it is a heavy-duty fryer that we are talking about, so the fans will be in immense need of releasing the excessive heat out of the chamber.


The fryer can heat the chamber for up to 392F. However, with a temperature like this, oil starts boiling and vaporizing. The air gets mixed and saturated with the evaporated oil. Hence, the built-in fans come in handy as they are fitted to blow the excessive heat out at a high rate with an immense speed around the turkey.

Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews

Thus, it cooks your turkey with even retention of heat, and you will enjoy the juicy, entailed, and delicious meal.

What Makes the Right Oil Less Turkey Fryer?

With the wide range of the best oil less turkey fryer reviews out there in the market, you will require a little more information. Thus, to ease you with the pain, we have collaborated on the six best oil less turkey fryers.

If you are thinking about replacing the old and weary traditional fryers, then this guide is here just to help you with the hunt. Whether you are a newbie or you`ve used them before, it always requires updates for you to get the right one. Follow along, and you`ll get the hang of it.


Get yourself a greaseless fryer that comes with an automatic shut-off/on to reduce the risk of burning your favorite turkey or meat when you forget to turn them off. Thus, it is an essential feature to look for. Moreover, with the side handles, you won`t get to burn your skin or else.

Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

Transparent tampered Glass lid

It is great to have a glass tampered lid within your fryer. This will enable you to monitor your food to prevent it from getting burned and won`t let the heat escape through it.


Look out for the one that has enough capacity to withhold a large amount of meat within. Therefore, if you are thinking about having a party and preparing a meal as large as 18lbs, then your fryer should be able to handle it.


1. Which is better, aluminum or stainless steel turkey fryer?

In our opinion, aluminum is better. Our reason to support is the lightweight and easy to carry option. The reduction in weight also means a reduction in heat dissipation while cooking. It also helps in tolerating high temperatures for longer durations of time. This means you won’t be running into problems anytime soon.

2. How long do you fry a turkey in an oil-less fryer?

Well, it depends on the type of oil-less fryer you have bought. If it something like Master built, you will need less time compared to others. The time also depends on how big or small your turkey size is fitting within the container. Overall, 20 mins are more can be assumed to fully cook in an oil-less fryer.

3. Are turkey fryers worth it?

Yes, totally, that is because they make such a tedious task a super fun and interactive experience. You just season up your turkey and shove it up within a fryer, and voila, you are ready to feast on an oil-free turkey. You can steam roast and grill those turkey meat pieces, and the taste would amaze you completely.

4. What can you cook in an oil-less turkey fryer?

You can make almost anything you usually make in an oil fryer. It can range from making steamed, roasted veggies to crunchy popcorns, etc. All of this and more can be achieved with mere imagination, and oil-free fryers are at your service. Delivering you the same taste at a fraction of a cost.

5. How to cook a turkey in an oil-less fryer?

You can apply a variety of methods when it comes to cooking turkey in an oil-less fryer. First, apply seasoning to the whole turkey. Now place it within the cooking basket of the fryer, and even heating will roast the meat, inside and out with perfection.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a simple answer to whether to invest in one such oil-less turkey fryer, the answer is yes. You will not be only investing your money but also helping your body recover from the harmful diseases altogether.

If you are still on board with us, just remember to purchase one from a reputable brand. The manufacturer will always try to keep the top-notch quality and produce high-quality results. Therefore, benefiting you in the long run. Along with that, you can always have a look at the best oil less turkey fryer reviews for more information.

While these no oil turkey fryer reviews may not be a complete solution to all your problems, it is a start. Like them or not, these devices are improving every day to provide the utmost quality and reliability to produce the same crispy and tasty food. You got nothing to lose. Try it out once, and you will thank us later.

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