Do HVAC UV Light Purifiers Really Work

Do HVAC UV Light Purifiers Really Work?

New home systems and installations can give you and your family a technological sense of safety, allows you to see analytics/information of your house at a glance, and allows for different ways for you to turn a residence into your own personal mansion.

However, in the wave of all the new “smart” products and products that only work half the time, it is often hard to tell whether or not a new invention for your home is worth it until other people get a chance to review it.

Some products, though, have proven results and may even have been adopted for home use from professional applications; one of these inventions comes in the simple form of UV light bulbs.

HVAC UV Light Purifiers

For years, hospitals, other public areas focused on health, and even businesses that reuse things handled by customer like glasses (movie theaters, laser tag businesses, etc.) have made effective use of UV light as a form of relatively cheap and chemical-free cleaning.

Technically speaking without getting too technical, UV light waves sanitize by penetrating the thin walls of microscopic organisms (like strep/staph viruses, mold, bacteria, and more) and destroying its nucleic acids, either killing the organism or rendering it incapable of reproducing.

Essentially, UV light cripples the harmful, microscopic organisms to the point that the organisms cannot harm us – but it is important to note that UV light does not harm larger creatures, so pets and family are completely unharmed by the light (unless your pet is a colony of bacteria or something similar).

HVAC UV Light Purifiers

Even though UV light has been used for decades to sterilize surfaces, this does not mean that every home everywhere needs a UV light purifier installed in HVAC systems. If you and your family are all incredibly healthy, rarely get sick, and no one with a compromised immune system visits your home (elderly parents, cancer patients, people who are currently sick) then there is little point in spending the money on an UV purifier.

Conversely, anyone with respiratory conditions like COPD, severe allergies, weakened immune systems, or homes in areas that are particularly susceptible to flu or other disease outbreaks would benefit greatly from the installation of UV light purifiers in their HVAC system, particularly in air vents. Today, UV light is known to be effective against mold spores, most common bacteria, SARS, and perhaps even against the newer strains of coronavirus.

UV light kills harmful microorganisms

UV light kills harmful microorganisms, but this does not mean anyone can just shine a UV in their air ducts or replace all their household lights with UV ones – there are multiple different types of UV light purifiers at different price points that serve different purposes.

 A UV purifier’s effectiveness depends on many different factors, like the actual wavelength and intensity of the light, number of lights, light position/location/angle, and the reflective properties of your HVAC ducts.

HVAC UV Light Purifiers

Currently, two main types of systems are most common in American homes, those being coil sterilizers and air sterilizers. Coil sterilizers are the more prevalent of the two, and are installed around/near the indoor evaporator coil of air conditioners, constantly shining UV light to prevent mold, viruses, and bacteria from accumulating on the coil; fewer/no organisms on the coil means that fewer can be blown into your home through your air conditioner.

This type of sterilizer is most useful for people generally concerned for health but without any serious problems, and are generally the cheaper and easier to install variety. Air sterilizers are installed in air ducts and are usually turned on automatically with your home’s heater/cooler.

HVAC UV Light Purifiers

This system purifies most if not all of the air entering your home from your HVAC system, killing microbes present in the air and reducing the buildup of organisms on all of your HVAC component (evaporator coil, actual air ducts, air filter, etc.).

While more expensive, the sterilization of a UV air purifier is incredibly effective if installed right and can drastically improve the health and life of anyone in your family, especially useful for children or other residents that get sick easily.

Let’s watch video on HVAC UV light, although it’s low regulation video it will serve your purpose! 

While incredibly beneficial and fairly low maintenance, UV air purifying systems for home use are not cheap and not hands-off. Bulbs need to be replaced regularly, and any problems caused by improper installation may be costly to repair.

HVAC UV purifying systems

HVAC UV purifying systems are most effective and useful in crowded cities rather than rural areas, but can help those with weaker immune systems regardless of location; humid areas make the best use of coil sterilizers since humid coils are more prone to having mold.

UV purifiers can sometimes be a bit pricey to install, but they provide proven sterilization of the air breathed by you and your loved ones. For some, especially those in my family, the cost of a UV purifier was quickly justified by the immediate reduction of sicknesses and hospitable bills – I just wish I had told them of these purifiers sooner.

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