Where Can You Buy Manuka Honey Online

Where Can You Buy Manuka Honey Online

As you already know, Manuka honey is a special type of honey produced by New Zealand bees that pollinate the native manuka bushes.

It has undergone numerous tests to confirm its potent antibacterial properties. And lately, it has gained popularity as the natural healer for a wide range of conditions.

However, it’s important to note that the antibacterial quality of the manuka honey you use depends on a number of factors, including the harvesting process.

That being said, you’d want to be careful where you buy your manuka honey from to ensure you enjoy all the health benefits it comes with.

This post will take you through a list of the 8 top places to buy your manuka honey online.

These places include:

1. Comvita


Comvita is one of the certified Manuka Honey brands that sell their products online.

Their honey provides you with excellent antibacterial quality which makes it the best option if you want to have an easy time getting rid of anything starting from the common cold to flu, ulcers, sore throats, and so on.

With a UMF of 15+, you’ll agree with me that this honey has exceptional therapeutic value for to match your expectations.

It’s also worth noting that Comvita is a member of the UMF Association, the ONLY independent, authentic manuka certification body on planet Earth.

This certification means that the honey you buy from Comvita is genuine and traceable to the exact beehive location in New Zealand.

2. Wedderspoon


Wedderspoon is a household name when it comes to pure Manuka honey, and it should be one you list of top considerations if you plan to buy the honey online.

The MAIN reason you should trust their honey is that they source the finest (and most pristine) Raw Manuka and Gourmet honey directly from New Zealand- the only known source of pure manuka honey on the planet.

Their honey boasts a 16+ certification KFactor, which means that it meets the set quality for pure manuka honey with ALL the antibacterial properties you need to treat different conditions.

For those who don’t know, the KFactor is unlike the universal UMF certification used by other Manuka brands and is recognized by the New Zealand Government.

Their honey comes at an affordable cost, so you’d want to consider buying from them if you’re on a tight budget.

NOTE: The absence of UMF rating and low cost has made most people doubt the authenticity of Wedderspoon honey.

3. Kiva Manuka Honey

Just as you’d expect the pure manuka honey to look like, Kiva honey comes with a thick, creamy appearance.

In addition to that, it also comes with an excellent UMF+ rating of 15. And this means that you can rest assured that you’ll get the real value for your money when you invest in it. It’ll deliver all the health benefits you expect in pure manuka honey!

Like the previous brands, it also comes with UMF certification to prove its authenticity.

4. Manuka Health

This is another brand I’d recommend you to buy from with assurance of getting quality manuka honey.

One of the many reasons the consumers love Manuka Health’s honey is because it comes with a much more pleasant taste as well as the smell- unlike most of the other brands that come with bitter tastes/unpleasant odors.

This makes it ideal for taking orally as well as topically.

Another reason you’d want to buy this honey is the high UMF rating it comes with. That is, it has an MGO rating of 400+ which translates to 12+ UMF rating. This means that it has excellent antibacterial properties. So, you can use it to treat common conditions like flu, stomach upsets, sore throat, get rid of warts and boils, etc.

5. Wild Cape

Wild Cape is another place to buy your honey online.

The best thing about buying their honey is that you’ll know the exact region from which their hone comes from.

The brand gets its honey from beehives located in New Zealand’s East Cape region, which gives it an advantage over all the other types of honey given the fact that it comes with a sweeter, milder, and more palatable taste.

The brand is also a member of the UMF association; their honeys comes with an excellent rating of UMF 15+ which means it’ll meet all your needs and expectations for pure manuka honey.

6. Bee’s Inn

Bee’s Inn is basically a group of beekeepers based in New Zealand. Their location alone should act as an assurance that you’ll get the real deal when you buy from them.

Because they also have UMF certification, it means+ that when you buy their honey, you’ll get real Manuka honey that can be easily traced all the way to its source in New Zealand. Their honey has a 15+ UMF rating which lies on the higher side of the rating scale.

The exact location for Bee’s Inn honey is North Island region, with the beekeepers situated near the Hamilton city. Their honey is 100% natural, raw and doesn’t undergo any filtering or heating. So, you can use it as a sweetener or healthy spread.

7. Manukora

If you’re looking for honey with the highest UMF rating, you should consider buying from Manukora.

The company sources its honey from a trusted network of bee farms based in New Zealand. Before packaging for end consumers, their honey undergoes tests by independent New Zealand labs to prove its potency power.

Believe it or not, Manukora Manuka honey comes with as high as 20+ UMF rating- an indicator that it’s rich in the methylglyoxal. Besides, it has an equally high MGO rating of 825+ which translates to extremely high potency.

However, note that the brand utilizes a unique creaming process to achieve thick consistency in their honey. This results in some form of grain texture/crystallization.

8. Happy Valley

Happy Valley ranks among the top brands selling real manuka honey online.

Like all the other previously discussed brands, they also have the real UMF license and certification to clear any doubts you might have regarding the quality of their honey.

With a UMF 15+ rating, it means that this is the best quality manuka honey you’ can find on the market today. And if you need Manuka honey with less potency, they also sell a lower-grade, UMF 10+ rated honey.

9. Amazon

So, I said I’ll give you eight places only. But I lied…

In our final spot, I’ve decided to recommend Amazon as another top place for buying quality Manuka honey online.

This is because all the top-rated Manuka honey brands sell their products on this largest e-commerce site as well, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choices over there.

The decision is entirely yours- you can opt to order your honey from the company’s official site or Amazon.

And it’s not only Amazon; there are other online stores where you can buy manuka honey- like Walmart, eBay, etc.

Just ensure you’re buying the real product when purchasing from these stores.

Final Verdict

As you can see from the above list, many certified Manuka honey brands sell their honey online. All of the companies listed above promise to give you the best quality honey. And this is backed by the UMF license and certification they come with, plus the positive feedback they receive from their satisfied buyers.

Keep in mind that you can opt to buy the honey directly buy from the seller’s website or on Amazon as well as other top online stores.

When buying your manuka honey online, always ensure you check its MGO or UMF rating fist, as well as all the UMF license, cost (Manuka usually costs high).

This is the top secret to ensuring you enjoy all the health benefits associated with the special honey as most of the honeys sold as Manuka are frequently labeled.

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