Drinking Tea Before Bed

Drinking Tea Before Bed? Know the Good and the Bad

Most people prefer to sip their tea before they go to bed in hopes to enhance their dreamland as they drift to sleep. The soothing effect is often associated to rest after a tiring day of work, and when is the best way to do it than before bedtime?

In general, the norm that we all think is that teas are preferred to consume to acquire the benefits before ending the day, but what many do not know is the possible downside of this movement.

Going to bed? Read this article before you drink the tea that will doze you off to sleep!

Benefits of Drinking Tea Before Sleep

What we all strive for is a good night’s sleep to have a good day ahead. For most people, they are not familiarized with the specific benefits that they can obtain from drinking tea, and to know this, here are some of the advantages that you can acquire:

Benefits of Drinking Tea Before Sleep

1. Eliminates Any Cancer Risks

By consuming tea, some cancer variety can lower your chances of having one. Some of these are pancreas, prostate, bladder, breast, and colon cancer. Also, it is ensured to result in positive feedback even in the process of treatment.

In addition, partnering tea with citrus can also maximize its effect as it makes the absorption easier and also has more antioxidant effects on the matter.

2. Good Sleep Mechanism

Sipping tea at night keeps insomnia away! Teas help you to overcome any sleep-related problems, especially for some who thinks that at least 8 hours of sleep is an impossible task. It is done due to the L-theanine found in most tea, especially in green teas.

It helps you to keep relaxed and eliminates any anxiety due to calming properties. Moreover, it also improves your sleep quality, which is what we strive for.

3. Enhances the Immune System

Teas are known to improve your well-being, and it will not be eliminated by simply drinking it throughout the night. Due to the antioxidants present, it accentuates your anti-inflammatory properties present.

4. Glowing Physical Properties

In drinking tea, you may notice that you will have brighter skin and more good textured hair than before since teas limit the signs of aging and acne breakouts as much as possible.

Specifically, it boosts collagen production, which helps to remove any wrinkles that want to be present. Of course, you would not want that! Its beneficial effects for the hair and skin is the sole reason why some associate it with beauty products.

5. Trains Your Brain

It is known to boost cognitive thinking after you have been asleep. Even before, as you experience any sort of lag throughout the evening. This is also one of the reasons why your quality of sleep is improved.

The presenence of the antioxidant and caffeine is the reason for better cognitive properties and stimulating of the brain.

Choosing the Best Tea to Drink Before Bed

As you scan among the aisles and look for the perfect tea that will get you through the night, here are some of the varieties that are worth considering:

Yogi’s Bedtime Tea

It is known to be an organic tea variety and combines passion flower and chamomile in its flavor. The brand is known for some of the best selling teas in the market, and with this specific tea, the quality is ensured. Some of its ingredients include organic products and is verified to be a non-GMO project.

Yogi’s Bedtime Tea

Numi Gundowder Green Tea

Numi Gundowder Green Tea

The brand is considered to be a high-quality tea bag and is not like any other tea that tastes cheaper. Alongside it, the bags tend to be prepared easier and are less messy. Since you cannot see through the bag, some tea bags try to sell you low-quality tea leaves as you cannot see through the bags anyway.

However, that is not the case with Numi tea. It offers you convenience and high quality in one go!

Bedtime Tea Starter Pack

Of course, before drinking your most beloved tea for the night, you first need to prepare it. For some, they prefer an easier method, which is a tea bag soaked in a cup full of warm water.

On the other hand, if you prefer to be a little more handy and want to prefer loose leaf, you might need the following equipment:


You would need a warm tea, may it be from a tea bag or loose leaf; and to prepare it, you would need a kettle, electronic or not. The important thing is you should acquire warm water no matter the circumstance.

Tea Infuser

For loose tea leaf, tea infusers are crucially needed. Any steeper or strainer will do as long as it can hold the leaves well without breaking.

Specifically, you would need to put the tea leaves on top of the strainer. Then pour water in circular motion unto the strainers brew the tea without any leftover leaves floating around that will make it harder to consume.

Why Not Tea at Night Time?

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you might find it hard to sleep after a full cup of tea. The benefits acquired regarding the sleep quality may turn upside down as you will often not get at least 8 hours of sleep.

That is because the caffeine keeping you awake, and occasional minutes of suddenly getting you out of dreamland at night. Even with this, do not be afraid to try tea as most have low caffeine, which may be suitable for you.

Why Not Tea at Night Time

Accordingly, after you have overcome your sensitivity to caffeine intake and find the right tea, you can experience the benefit of a lifetime!

If you notice that it is hard to sleep after a night of tea, consider drinking herbal tea the following night. This variety often has little caffeine that is close to no caffeine at all since it is made from other herbs and spices, not the tea plant itself.

Final Words: Make Your Sleep Worthwhile with Bedtime Tea!

Most are often second-guessing if teas are for night time since most drink it on daylight and it keeps them awake. Well, it can also improve sleep quality alongside a tiring day that has happened. It gives you a soothing relaxation period that improves your sleep quality.

Likewise, most teas have low caffeine, and these are the ones suitable for your bedtime. It would not make you awake; thus, it will stimulate your mind as you drift off to the dreamland that you are longing for.

Going to sleep? Drink tea!

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