ZUHNE Turin Farmhouse Double Bowl Sink Review

ZUHNE Turin Farmhouse Double Bowl Sink Review [Read before You Buy]

Many people think it’s easy, but picking the right sink for your kitchen can demand a lot of work and research, so the product eventually fits the space, works according to the needs of the user, and ultimately delivers the quality & performance that’s needed.

Luckily for you, here we bring a review of the Zuhne Turin farmhouse sink so you can get over all those hours of research in just a short article.

Here we want to talk about everything that makes this great basin such an ideal choice for anyone in search of a high-quality product for their kitchen. We’re going over every critical feature as well as its additional functions, design quirks, and more. If you’re interested to know more – then come and find out!

Zuhne Turin Farmhouse Double Bowl Sink Overview

When it comes to sinks, Zuhne tries to deliver the utmost quality without leaving anything behind.

Most of these basins are made with the most reliable T-304 stainless steel, unique satin finishes for durability & good looks, and superb designs for easy installation and colossal convenience. Among all these sinks, you’ll find the Turin.

Zuhne Turin Farmhouse Double Bowl Sink

Zuhne even manages to work alongside other huge brands such as Posco metals so you can expect exceptional results from all of its sinks. And this one is no exception, especially with the superb quality of the build method using artist hands with robotics that add the utmost precision in beautiful designs.

This sink is still pretty safe to use, delivers almost no rust or corrosion, prevents stains, and delivers one of the most versatile & practical designs in the market. You’ll be able to mount it on almost any countertop without issues, and you’ll still get a product that lasts for years without any setbacks.

There’s probably nothing else you could need in a farmhouse sink, but there’s still a lot more to say about it. If you’re fascinated by how much this basin may offer – then keep scrolling down and find out!

Advantages of the Zuhne Turin Double Bowl Sink

This is one of the most complete sinks in the market, and for that, we’re looking at a feature-rich product that leaves nothing to the imagination. Still, you’ll need to take a good look into its best features to know more:

ZUHNE Turin Farmhouse Double Bowl Sink

Strong & Trustworthy Build

There aren’t many materials stronger than the T-304 stainless steel in the sink market. And this one comes precisely with that, alongside a 16G lead-free and surgical grade construction that will make sure you get a product that lasts years or decades effortlessly.

This also makes the product completely stain, corrosion and rust free, especially when you add the scratch-resistant satin finish that looks amazing and feels smooth. So it is not only a durable sink but also an easy-to-clean, reliable, and good-looking option for demanding users to rejoice with.

Completely Safe & Quiet

You’ll be able to use this sink for almost anything. But what really stands out is the ability to reduce sound and provide an utterly lead-free capacity. This gets even better with the insulation technology that keeps the interior of the bowls warmer and cleaning way easier than in any other sink.

What’s more important, it comes with a soundproof build, this helps to prevent noise in your kitchen so you can wash dishes at night without hassle. And what’s even better, it prevents condensation, doesn’t matter if it is from boiling water or frozen products, so your cabinet stays free of damage for years.

Highly Convenient Design

Highly Convenient Design

The whole design of this sink is what sets it up higher in quality ranks. All starts with precision-engineered angles and curves that make it easy to clean and work inside.

Also, the design is 32 7/8 inches long, 20 ¾ inches wide and 9 inches tall – making it perfect to use without any problem no matter the number of dishes to wash inside. This fits pots, pans, and all kinds of utensils without issues.

What’s even better, this helps never to have water splashing out no matter how many items are inside. This goes well with the sloped base that stirs water directly to the 3.5-inches drain opening, ideal for easy cleaning but also compatibility with all kinds of drain tubes and disposal units.

Practical Double Bowl 

Apart from its excellent design, its top-notch stainless build, and the safety and quietness it offers – this sink stands out for having two bowls. Yes, you’ll have a large 17.4-inches bowl and a small 11.6-inches one. Together they will make washing dishes more straightforward while adding a huge convenience advantage.

Both bowls come with their respective dish racks, making them even more practical in the long term. This way, you can enjoy a hugely convenient product in its entirety.

Disadvantages of the Zuhne Turin Double Bowl Sink

It doesn’t matter how fantastic the sink is, there’s a high chance it will come with a few flaws you’ll need to consider. Here we explain these negative factors so you can have a more realistic idea of what it offers:

Scratches More than Expected

While the satin finish on this stainless steel sink looks impressive, it may still some resistance against scratches behind. This can be easily experienced after several months of use, it’s very likely to start seeing some scratches in the surface.

This mostly happens on the top and sides of the product. Most users who experienced this never saw scratches inside the bowl so you can rest assured that it is the exterior that’s a little more fragile than the rest of the build.

A Little Awkward Setup

Having two bowls makes this sink slightly tricky to install in ordinary cabinets or countertops. You may think it is a straightforward process like any other, but instead, you’ll need two different drain tubes or a drain pipe and a garbage disposal unit accordingly.

Zuhne Turin Double Bowl Sink

It all comes down to your needs, but this demands more work than expected, especially as a beginner or someone unfamiliar with how sinks are installed. The best thing you can do is to hire a professional for this, which can be rather expensive and make the product more inconvenient than expected.


  • Superb design with two bowls for a more versatile & convenient usage
  • Excellent soundproof & insulated construction allows a quiet & safer performance overall
  • High-quality stainless steel build increases overall product lifetime exponentially
  • Top-notch satin finish looks amazing while adding anti-scratch, rust and corrosion protection
  • The well-made design achieves a more straightforward cleaning process


  • Setting up this double-bowl sink can be a little complicated
  • The satin finish and build is not as resistant to scratches as expected

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Frequently Asked Questions

After reading previous sections, you may think you know enough about this basin. However, we know you may still have some doubts. That’s why we brought a few common questions so you can get rid of those doubts:

Q: Is there a version of this sink with only one bowl?

A: No, the Zuhne Turin farmhouse basin only comes with two bowls, a large in the left side and a small in the right.

Q: Does this sink come with two strainers for both bowls?

A: No, the basin only comes with one strainer for the large bowl. The second bowl is mostly used for disposal units, so it doesn’t come with the additional strainer.

Q: Is there a sponge holder in the design of this sink?

A: No, there no sponger holder in the design. You’ll have to place the holder in the countertop if needed.

Q: Can I install this basin over the counter?

A: No, this sink is specifically designed to be an undermount. If you want it over the counter, you’ll need specialized installation, but it’s still not the ideal option for the drain openings location.

Q: Do I need screws or bolts or any additional hardware to install this sink?

A: Not necessarily, but it is recommended to set it up using rails instead of any other hardware.

Bottom Line

Now that you’re here, it means you’re probably interested in what this sink offers. If that’s true, let us just tell you that this is a sink you won’t regret having.

From its exquisite satin finish to the practicality of its two-bowl design, the exceptional construction and the additional dish racks – this basin will probably impress you in every way.

You just need to be sure that it fits your countertop and that it delivers precisely what you need, and it won’t let you down.

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