What Is Zojirushi Setting For Quinoa, Farro, Jasmine Rice

What Is Zojirushi Setting For Quinoa, Farro, Jasmine Rice?

Zojirushi rice cookers are known to be one of the most efficient rice cookers available in the market. Some may even call it the “Caddilac” of the cookers. As rice grains have many varieties, all those different types will require different settings in the cooker. 

In this article, we’ll go over how to cook Quinoa, Jasmine, and Farro rice, as well as how to find the best setting mode for your Zojirushi rice cooker. If you read all the way to the end, you might learn something useful.

For the sake of future confusion, we have used regular rice measuring cups of 180 ml in our examples. So, let’s begin-

What Zojirushi setting for Quinoa?

Zojirushi rice cookers are well equipped to produce amazingly cooked quinoa for you. Quinoa is a kind of grain that is vividly famous among health-conscious people. However, some people love it for the taste as well. 

Alright, let’s get to work now- all Zojirushi cookers have a maximum capacity. Look closely in the manual, or just google your model to find out. This is important cause you have to maintain the water ratio to produce a good heist. 

First and foremost, water and rice should be in a 2:1 proportion, so if you use one cup of grain, we suggest having two cups of water. Rinse the grains first, and don’t forget to add salt.

It’s time to set the cooker now- there are a variety of cookers by the same brand in the market. Some of the latest ones even come with a Quinoa mode built-in. 

what zojirushi setting for quinoa

If you use a product similar to the Zojirushi NS TSC10, you will find a Quick button. It is a pre-custom setting adjusted in the cooker, press that button to begin with the cooking. 

Just one cycle should be enough. So if your cooker starts to beep after about 30 minutes, then be ready- cause your food is prepared to be feasted upon. No need to keep it warm; instead, let the rice breathe for about 4-5 minutes. This will enhance the test, and of course, whatever experiment you do- add a few mix-ins like curry powder or vegetables- this setting remains the same.

That was about it. Have your Quinoa your way and cook it with the Zojirushi cookers.

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What Zojirushi setting for jasmine rice? 

Jasmine rice is quite famous for its ambrosial property. As the popularity of rice is growing high, so of the Jasmine as a particular sort. As it is a long-grain, it requires a different approach than short or medium grain. However, the process is, Zojirushi just generates perfectly cooked Jasmine rice every time.

The first task is to wash the grains 3 to 4 times with cold water. Pour the rice with well-proportioned water- we suggest it would do better with a 1:1.25 ratio. Take one and ¼ cup of water for 1 cup of grain. Make sure the surface of the rice is flat and even to have a perfect cook. 

What Zojirushi setting for jasmine rice

Here comes the main topic of the discussion- which is the setting to do the cooking. There is a concentrated option specially designed for long grains like Jasmine and is labeled as “Long-grain” or “Jasmine”. Press the button and let the cooker do the rest. You can cook Jasmin rice in Zojirushi, that’s how easy it is.

After the completion, the cooker will beep. Let the rice rest for 15 minutes to soak up the moisture. Turn off the “keep warm” option while this period, though most of the latest cookers do this automatically.

Here, enjoy the wonderful aromatic Jasmine rice cooked delicately by Zojirushi cooker.

How to cook Farro in a Zojirushi rice cooker?

A trivia for you. that Farro is not the name of any single kind of grain. Actually, three types of wheat grain are combined together. Its rich texture and quenching taste has won people’s heart.

In order to cook your Farro properly- you need to leave the grains in clean-cold water for 8 to 9 hours to be soaked properly. 

Mix the grains with water in a proportion of 1:3, three cups of water against 1 cup of Farro.

How to cook Farro in a Zojirushi rice cooker

As Farro is a special kind of grain, there is no particular setting preset for it. We prefer you use the existing “Mixed” option in this case.

Cook the grains for about 45 minutes. Once boiled, turn the “Slow-cooked” option on for more than 30 minutes. Check frequently to avoid overcooked. 

Some prefer it overcooked, and some like it a bit crunchy, turn off at the point you feel right for you. 

Enjoy the happy meal.

What other items can you cook in a Zojirushi? 

If you want a cooker just to cook plain rice for the everyday meal, then Zojirushi cookers are the wrong way to look at them. These are very sophisticated and multipurpose cookers. They come with pre-existing presets for sushi, Porridge, quick bite, stream, and a lot of others. Starting from rice to cake, soups to dim sums- numerous ways to go. We will discuss a few more items, that you can cook on your Zojirushi.

What other items can you cook in a Zojirushi
  • Shiitake-Gohan: If you like Japanese cuisines, then we suggest you try this dish. Just mix the ingredients like rice grain, vegetables, Shiitake mushrooms in preferable proportion and cook using the “Mixed setting”.
  • Chicken-Rice Soup: Everybody loves chicken soups, but have you ever tried it with rice?

Cook your own using easy options in Zojirushi. Take chicken breast, chicken stock, and white rice. Mix it in good proportion and cook it in the “White Rice” setting. In about 30 minutes, be served with the loving taste of the soup.

  • Gomoku Sushi: This is less of sushi but more of like a salad bowl just a bit cooked. Mix rice and water in the same proportion, add mushrooms, sea fish, and vegetables according to your choice. Then put it on the “Sushi” setting and let it be cooked till the cooker beeps.
Gomoku Sushi

It is not finished yet. Describing every recipe will perhaps make a book.


Zojirushi Cookers are the most pricy yet cheap cookers. Cheap in the sense that it brings plenty of sophisticated options within a reasonable amount. On the other hand, pricy for those who just use a cooker once in a while and rather let it rest on some shelf. 

This is not just any mere rice cooker, it is a wonderful kitchen gadget to make your life easier and provide you with some extra time to spend with your family while not spending extravagant sums on lavish food. Make the best of your moment and let the moment count.

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