Where and How to Get Free Tea Samples by Online Mail

Where and How to Get Free Tea Samples by Online Mail?

“Free” seems to be a keyword that draws everyone’s attention, and for daily tea drinkers, free tea samples may be a treat that no one can ever deny from. Whether it is for trying out new variety, or just the idea of having free samples excite you, behold as the article will provide you where and how can you obtain it.

If you are wondering whether the tea is your right beverage of the day, read through this and find out how you can try it!

What are Free Samples?

Surely, you might think that nothing in this world is free, but rather, everything coexists. It is somehow related as companies do this kind of strategy to promote their product, and makes you try their variety. You can witness this movement in supermarkets, promos, and even thru mail!

Free Samples

Since it is a way of getting free goods, most wants to take part in it. Don’t worry, as a consumer, you can too!

Tips to Get Free Samples Via Mail

Since the market distribution of samples mostly depends on the season, mail samples are your best option. It is better as you won’t need to travel miles away to their location to get the goods, but rather, they will just mail it to you!

All you have to do is relax and wait til’ the piles of free teas come in packages to your mailbox. To know how, here are some tips:

  1. Search and create a list of manufacturers that you use and prefer.
  2. Find their mailing address or email located at the contact information which can be seen in packages or online website.
  3. Write a letter about a product review, specifically about how you love to use it.
  4. Then, at the very end of your letter, ask with gratitude and patience for them to give free samples.

Where to Find Free Samples Online

For beginners who do not have any preference, you would want a place that secures a sure deal for your wanted freebie products. Instead of buying box after box searching for your right tea products and travelling aisle for aisle, you can just sit and wait as it is getting delivered to you instantly, and for free!

Find Free Samples Online

Here are some of the options to choose from as you go and search for your perfect tea, and guarantees a free sample:

1. Mighty Leaf 

Mighty Leaf 

By its nomenclature, mighty leaf is loved by many, and even by you. Whether you are using it now or not, there is no stopping you from asking a free product. Take advantage of it as you search new variety, so in that sense, you can still get a hold of it whenever you are craving to go back.

2. Design a Tea

In it, they offer a discount instead. Specifically, they offer their consumer different samples for 5 dollars, and the 2 dollars is spent on their next buying transaction. So it is actually a good deal.

With this, if you actually liked their product, you can build your foundation with them using a small discount. If you don’t, at least you have tried it cheaply.

3. David’s Tea

If you are a buyer of David’s tea, you can get additional variety by having free samples alongside your order. This can help you to taste their different offers, and find what you prefer one after another. You cannot pick the sample though, but it is assured that your sample compliments your recent purchase.

4. Yezi Tea

This product requires purchasing before samples. Specifically, purchasing allows you the opportunity to obtain three free samples from their products.

Yezi Tea

Thus, you can control if you want to get out of your comfort zone and try a variety that is out of your preference or choose beneath it however you like. There is no stopping you from getting your tea-sole mate.

5. Birchall Tea

All you need is to fill up a form, and then you can get a free sample as a thank you token! You do not need to lend even a dime for it, it is completely free. Just answer a few questions, and they will be more than happy to send you your most beloved tea.

6. Nature’s Inventory

You can have their free samples by spending only 2.04 dollars. However, it is much more preferable to buy an additional product to have the shipping of the samples free of charge. It is really not that much of a hassle, the more tea, the merrier!

7. Twinnings USA

Twinnings USA

The samples for this product is 100 percent free! Simply visit their online website and choose what you would like to try, and it will be mailed at your doorstep. It may seem unfathomable at first for a free tea, but it is possible though it looks too good to be true.

In that sense, you can be assured that you can still have free stuff, even when you least expect it.

8. Yogi Tea

In their online website or fliers, they do not advertise free samples, but if you ask for it, they can surely give you! To do this, go to their contacts and ask for a sample, and you can get your most awaited free tea bags or coupon for a free box of tea.

The process is not much of a hassle as you can always redeem it on your next shopping spree.

Conclusion: Free Tea is the Best Tea!

Keep in mind that free samples are an advertisement tactic, and sometimes, there is an added twist to it to make you buy their own product.

If you are looking for new varieties, it is still better as you can get the teas that you want to try with additional freebies instead of actually purchasing it and getting nothing at all. Besides, often times, when you are lucky, you can stumble upon a manufacturer that gives samples absolutely for free!

So, who would not want a free tea for the soul? Get your own samples now!

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