Top Tea Producing Countries Around the World

Top 15 Tea Producing Countries Around the World

While drinking your tea of the day, have you ever wondered how teas are made? How can they make the sweet aroma for having the perfect balance to booze your body throughout the entire day? Surely you have thought it more than once. It is inevitable.

However, you will be more shocked to know that since the tea production continues to increase in demands, there are a few countries who reached the top state of serving it to their consumers, may it be national or international.

To know more about it, this article will show you the top tea producing countries to give you an insight on how the teas affect the world.

It’s Famous Outbreak: The Tea Production

The tea remains the second most consumed drink across the world, after the water of course. Due to this, in today’s time, it is produced by at most 40 countries. It mainly grows around Africa, Asia, Caspian seas, and even South America.

In the 19th century, the production was mainly focused around Asia due to their wide variety in terms of history and sustaining ways. Then, Africa and America tried to make their own and cultivated teas due to the rise of global demand throughout the world.

With this said, it is a pattern that they are one of the biggest exporters of the teas.

Tea Production

At the same time, not all are applicable as some may produce many but do not export that much. This is because the rise of the demand within the country itself, which leads to improve local production.

In this regard, Japan is one of those that do this, even if they are holding one of the major production of teas.

Top 15 Countries Associated with Tea Production

Popular in over a decade, teas are mostly a go-to drink for many individuals, especially those who seek a soothing effect on their beverage.

As you see the pile of teas like tea bags or loose leaves on a specific tea shop, you might wonder how can a city consume that quantity per year!

Countries Associated with Tea Production

Well, you should not underestimate the power of teas, and what can it do to consumers. To give you an insight, here are the top 15 countries which produce the most tea needed by the world:

15TH – Burundi

The country produces around 40 million kg of tea annually, which may surely sound a lot in consumption. Despite any social-political issues that come to its way, it still remains to thrive the tea industry and enjoys the 15th position in the ranking of production.

Its exportation of teas throughout the world also helps the nation in terms of their foreign exchange.

14th – Malawi

The Malawi is known to be a large tea exporter from the Africa continent as it produces about 54 million kg of tea on average annually. The land area for tea planting in this country is more or less than 188 square km and will continue to change as years pass by.

With a tropical climate, their peak season is around October to April in months since they get most rains in this period. In dry season, their production is known to be relatively less.

13th – Bangladesh

In terms of the agricultural sector, this country considers tea as their second largest export. In average, the plantation of teas is about 570 square km. This spreads throughout the different districts such as Brahmanbaria, Rangamati, Panchagarh, and Maulvi Bazar.

The production of teas varies per year in this country as it has different numbers of production in a specific period of time. For example, it reached more than 63 billion in 2014. The maximum concentration of tea plantation is at Chittagong Hill.

12th -Uganda

The country is known for having a wanted climate and fertile land when it comes to the tea plantation. In addition, the teas contribute significantly to its agricultural exports. Particularly, out of 65 million kg of harvest, it exported at around 57 million.

The country has a total area of 2000 square km of land that can be used for tea planting.

However, the existing tea plantation as of now is 10 percent of its suitable area since it is limited by the government. Its tea production is known to be used in blending with other teas of different kinds to enhance the flavor and nutritional value.

11th – Thailand

In average, the country produces more or less than 70 million kg of tea annually. Its plantation started 70 years ago as it saw the potential in terms of tea for their agriculture. Now, it is known to produce the finest Oolong tea of its kind.

However, Chinese mostly owns the plantation, and with collaboration with Taiwan, it boosted the production around the year 1995.

10th -Japan

In history, it is classified that a Buddhist monk from China brought the idea of tea to Japan. The climate is also favorable for tea production in Japan, which is seconded by its production of 84 million kg annually.

Since teas are popular in Japan, it consumes most of the part inside the country with only 2 percent left for export. They are also known for producing green teas which they produce more. In harvest, the dark green teas are known to produce a much higher quality brew.

9th -Argentina

The most portion of production in tea growth are black teas. Moreover, it is known to produce at around 105 million kg of tea each year.

It has a tropical climate, which is also known for being suitable in tea production, especially, Assamica and Indian tea types. The peak season for harvesting is around November to May.

8th – Indonesia

This country produces an average of 148 million kg of tea. They are also known for producing more black tea. In its harvesting, 65 percent of the product is exported outside the premises, which contribute to the overall economy.

Their product is also blended and mixed with other variety of teas to enhance the quality. Despite being 9th in production, it places 5th for tea exportation as well.

7th -Iran

As of this time, Iran produces an amount of 160 million kg of tea annually. Its tea plantation ranges at about 320 square km, which is seconded its quantity in the harvest. However, the hillside locations are the perfect spots in planting their tea of choice.

6th -Turkey

It can produce about 212 million kg annually, depending on climate. It is known to have a mild and humid climate alongside the suitable soil for planting. It exports 40% of the harvest throughout the world.

5th -Vietnam

In total, it can produce around 214 million kg of tea each year. It mostly produces Green and Black tea where Green tea is 34 percent of its total harvest, and 60 percent is black tea. Furthermore, the small time growers typically produce Artisan teas as well.

4th -Sri Lanka

In terms of average, it can produce up to 340 million kg of tea, which is its highest record. Even though it ranks 4th in production, it is second in the list of exporters. Its highlands are the most suitable for producing high-quality teas.

3rd -Kenya

It can produce up to 473 million annually. In terms of land mass, the tea plantation’s area is about 1577 square km. Its climate is known to be tropical with occasional rainfall, which is suitable for tea sustenance.

In addition, it is the first among the largest exporters throughout the world as it exports 90 percent of its harvest.

2nd -India

The annual production is up to 1,200 million kg and it consumes 70 percent of the harvest in the country. Due to this, it ranks fourth in the largest exportation list as there is only 30 percent left for distribution throughout different countries.

However, India mostly produces back tea as it is high in demand.

1st -China

With its history, it is justifiable unto how it is the top tea producing country in the world. Annually, it can produce up to 2,400 million kg of tea, which is increasing every year. Besides, they are the highest among the world in tea consumption, with an average of 2,000 million kg consumed each year.

Due to this occurrence, China ranks third in terms of exportation list with 21 percent of its total harvest. They are the pioneer and produce large amounts of Black, Rose, Lychee, and Jasmine tea.

Final Words: The Country’s Finest Teas

Now that you know the amount of production in different countries, you can now see the effect of teas throughout the world. Not only is it used for medicinal benefits but also an instrument to soothe your mind.

Then, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the tea drinkers and buy your most preferred tea now!

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