Tasseography Symbols And Meanings

Tasseography Symbols And Meanings: How To Read?

Are you interested in knowing what the future awaits? Do you want to practice mindfulness and meditation while getting some sort of prediction about the future? Then tasseography is just the thing you were looking for! It is one of the most well-known forms of divination out there.

Tasseography is mainly the art of reading tea leaves or similar substances and using it to foretell future events or to interpret the present. However, it is not as simple as it sounds.

You need to understand the meaning and context of the symbols from the reading and steps of the whole process. This article provides you with all the information you will need, so keep reading!

What Is Tasseography?

The “Tasse” of Tasseography is the French word for cup. It is speculated that the practice of tasseography had started first from China.  Tasseography is not only associated with reading and interpreting tea leaves, but also coffee grounds and wine sediment. This divination form became popular in Europe in the 18th century.

Tasseography is fairly easy to do or learn. Although there is a concept that only psychic people can do this form of divination, that is not true. Anyone can perform this art if they are willing to learn the procedure and the meaning of each symbol that they might see.


However, those who have a better connection with their consciousness learn this art form quicker than those who don’t.

Some people do this form of divination merely out of curiosity. Others do it for a living. Whatever you may do it for, the main things needed to interpret the readings is logic and intuition, which come naturally to many people. And the meanings might vary too depending on the perspective of the reader.

The Process of Reading Tea Leaves:

To perform Tasseography properly, you need to do the following steps-

1. Choose An Appropriate Cup:

Since you will be reading out the tea leaves from the cup, it is important to choose something that you can see properly. Clear cups or light colored interiors serve the best purpose. It is also recommended to not use a mug, as the bottom might not be circular. You can also choose a bowl.

2. Choose Some Tea Leaves:

You should choose tea leaves that are fine in size instead of large ones because the fine ones stick better to the cup and create a clearer picture.

3. Brew The Tea:

Take about one teaspoon full of tea and brew it in the water. Do it somewhere away from noises and distractions, and let yourself get used to the calm surrounding. You can stare into the bowl brewing the tea to calm your mind.

4. Concentrate:

After you have finished brewing the tea, pour it into a cup and start sipping it all the while thinking about the question that you want an answer to. Maybe you want to know what will happen 2 weeks later, or maybe you want to know why it is raining on a winter evening. Focus on the question, and keep your mind alert.

5. Turn The Cup Over:

Now, when you have almost finished drinking your tea, it is time to flip the cup. Give the cup three swirls from right to left. Place a small saucer on top of the cup, and flip it upside down. This way, the liquid will come out, while the tea leaves will remain in the cup for you to read.

6. Do The Reading:

Now it is finally time to read the leaves! Keep going right from your initial position, and take notes of all the signs and symbols that you are seeing. Do not only focus on the large symbols since the small ones play a huge role too.

7. Interpret:

Now that you have seen all the symbols in the tea leaves, it is time to interpret them. Different people do this step differently according to their values and points of views. However, there are some basic guidelines to follow when interpreting the meaning and context of these signs. These guidelines are also given in this article.

Why Do The Readings Vary?

Although the symbols and the meanings are pretty much the same for every reader, the interpretation is different. This is mostly due to the uniqueness of each reader and the difference in the following things-

1. Context:

While a ring might mean a marriage to one, it might mean a broken engagement to another reader. The reason for this might be the surrounding symbols or the minor differences in the quality of the ring. Therefore, the context of the picture needs to be understood clearly before interpreting it.

2. Size:

The size of the symbols also plays a big role. If there are a bird and a tree in your cup, the bigger one will have the most effects as a sign.

3. Thickness:

The thickness of the tea leaves in a particular symbol also makes a huge difference. For example, if the leaves are densely accumulated at the bottom of the cup, it is a bad sign. But if they are scattered all around, it is a good sign.

4. Placement:

Placement also plays a huge role in varying meanings. The same sign could mean something different when it is at the bottom of the cup than when it is at the side of the cup. It is the same for directions. An upward arm means new directions, while a downward arrow means a lack of focus.

The Symbols And Their Meanings:

Here, we have a basic guideline of what each symbol means. The symbols are written in alphabetical order for your ease!


An abbey is a sign of financial gains and comfort. It also symbolizes success.


If you see an abacus, it means that you need to be more careful about your finances. There might be a problem in this aspect of your life.

Ace Of Clubs:

Seeing this indicates that you will be receiving good news in the near future, through the post.

Ace Of Diamonds:

Cheer up, because you are about to receive a wonderful present or some amount of money!

Ace Of Hearts:

An ace of hearts indicates that there is happiness and there is love in your home.

Ace Of Spades:

Seeing an ace of spades signifies that you might get involved in something about a large town or building soon.


Finding an acorn means that you are about to receive a good fortune soon or be more well-off financially. However, if the symbol is at the bottom of the cup, it means good health is awaiting you.


This indicates that you have a long distance journey ahead of you. If the plane is broken in the middle, it could give a warning about some impending danger.


If the anchor is pointing upwards, it means there will be stability and consistency in your life. In case it is downwards, then it would mean that there will be inconsistency in different phases of your life. It can also indicate unpleasant situations and burdens lurking around the corner.


An angel indicates good news awaiting you. It also means that there is someone out there who is watching out for you.


An alligator symbol is just as unpleasant as it is in real life. It means there are people in your professional life who claim to be your friends but are not, and might even exploit you.


It acknowledges that you are a hard working person, and also indicates that being industrious will soon lead to good results.


An apple indicates that you will be living a long life, and also predicts success in school or profession.


An arch indicates that a good opportunity is coming your way. To have a clearer meaning of what that could be, look for nearby symbols.


An arm can mean different things based on the direction it is pointing towards. If the arm is pointing upwards, it means that you will be receiving new direction in your life. In case it points downwards, it means that you are suffering from a lack of motivation and need to take necessary steps.

If it is lying horizontally, it indicates that you will be receiving help or giving out love and good thoughts to someone.


An axe indicates the power to overcome all sorts of difficulties.


A baby indicates that something new is coming along your way. It might also give a sign of pregnancy, or indicate minor worries.


A bag indicates that you are most likely going to be trapped in something. If the bag is open, it means that you have a chance to escape it.


A ball indicates fun coming your way, and also shows the possibility and your desire to travel.


A balloon indicates that you have a busy social life, and are always moving on to one thing from the other. Basically, you do not ever settle down.


A barrel indicates joy and laughter.


Baskets indicate new fruitful things in abundance. It can also imply that you are going to have a baby.


A bat can imply that you are going through a very productive phase.

Bat Or Club:

Bats or clubs tell you that you are in a dangerous situation that you really need to pay attention to.

Beacon Or Lighthouse:

This can mean there are some problems or situations out there that could really use your leadership or other qualities now.


A bear means that there are troubles ahead of you. You really need to be cautious about those.


Seeing a bed indicates that you need to have a good night’s sleep before moving onto your next venture.


If you find a bee at the bottom of your cup know that this symbolizes industriousness.


A beetle means that you are constantly renewing yourself and moving forward.


A bell can indicate any kind of unforeseen good news, especially in business and love matters.


A bicycle indicates individuality, meaning you have what it takes to choose your own way.


Seeing a bird can mean a lot of different things, depending on the number and type of bird that you see. Here are some examples-

  • Standing Bird- Delay in something
  • Flying bird- Good news lies ahead
  • A flock of birds- Interesting news
  • Goose- Success in business
  • Peacock- Signifies pride about something
  • Eagle- Signifies power
  • Crow- Indicates bad news
  • Parrot- Shows the nature of gossiping
  • Chicken- Indicates a happy childhood
  • Dove- Love and warmth
  • Owl- Indicates knowledge and wisdom
  • Rooster- Pompousness, and pretentiousness
  • Swan- Predicts starting of a romance
  • Swallow- Signifies new and happy beginnings


A boat indicates that you will be embarking on a journey soon, mostly a pleasant one


If the book is closed it means good news is awaiting. In that case, you need to put your investigation skills to use.


Bush signifies new opportunities and growth.


Butterflies can indicate transforming into something more. They can also show the characteristic of fickleness.


A cabbage means that there is some jealousy brewing somewhere.


A candle is an epitome of help coming from loved ones.


A cap means there are troubles lying ahead.


If you see a cat it means that there is a false friend near you, and you need to keep your eyes and ears open in order to protect yourself.


A chain can indicate the starting of a new married life or an engagement


A chair means that a guest is coming to visit.


As harmful as cigars are, they symbolize new friends in this form of divination.


A circle indicates success in your life. If the circle has a dot in it, it means a baby will be arriving.


A clock means better health and time management.


If the clouds are light, it means happiness. If they are dense and dark, they symbolize problems.


Coins indicate a financial gain.


A comb means that an enemy is nearby. It also means to focus on physical aspects.


Cross indicates that a sacrifice has to be made.


Cups mean rewards or presents. It is also an advice to be patient.


Dagger serves as a warning. It means that you need to be careful from the ill in yourself as well as in others.


A dish means there are problems in your home.


A dog is a sign of a good friend. If the symbol is at the bottom of the cup, it means a friend is in need of help.


If the door is open it means you will move on to something new. If it is closed, it indicates old issues and burdens that you are carrying around.


A duck indicates financial gain and success in professional life.


An egg is a good omen and indicates new journeys of life.


Elephants mean wisdom and strength. If the trunk is faced upwards, it means you will overcome obstacles.


An envelope is a sign that there is news coming your way. It could be either positive or negative.


If the eye is open, it signifies taking notice of something that has been there for a long time. In case it is closed, it means you are putting a blind eye towards certain things.


The face does not usually mean anything in itself. Look for nearby signs and symbols and see if that face is facing them. Then you should focus on that symbol.


A fan means flirtation is happening soon.


Feathers symbolize carelessness and lack of concentration.


A fence symbolizes limitations or obstacles that are temporary in nature.


A finger does not really portray anything in itself, rather it intensifies the thing it is pointing towards.


If the fire is on the upper side, it means you will be achieving something but if it is near the bottom, it shows danger.


A fish indicates wellbeing and good fortune.


A flag depicts patriotism and can also indicate some sort of danger.


Flowers mean that love and respect will be yours to keep.


A fly signifies a small bit of an annoyance. But it might become a huge problem if not taken care of immediately.


Seeing a foot means that you will be moving forward in various aspects of life such as love, career, and spirituality.


A fork indicates that people flatter you to get their jobs done.


If you see a frog, hold tight, for you are going to go through a revolutionary change.


Fruits indicate abundance and prosperity in all good things of life.


A gate indicates a doorway to future success and happiness.


A glass symbolizes integrity.


Glow means that you will receive enlightenment, or that you might have to face a challenge.


Seeing a goat is a foreshadow of enemies. It means that you need to be careful.


Grapes indicate that you will soon receive something that will make you very happy.


Seeing a gun foretells that there might be unresolved anger issues or predicts sexual activities.


Seeing a hammer means that you need to work harder in your life.


A hand signifies creation. If the hand is an open position, it means friendship. In case it is in a closed position, it indicates arguments.


The harp is a symbol of peace, love, and harmony.


A hat signals consciousness and improvement in various different aspects of life.


A hawk is a symbol of jealousy.


A heart symbolizes, love, and happiness. It also means there is someone in your life whom you can confide in.


A horn indicates prosperity and abundance.


If you see a horse that is galloping, then it means good news is coming. If you do not see the body off the horse, only the head, it signifies a lover.


A horseshoe indicates good luck and attraction. What is meant to be yours will surely be yours.


An hourglass indicates that time is running out fast and that some kind of decision needs to be made.


Seeing a house is a signal of success. It may also signify change and uneasiness.


An iceberg means that there is danger lying ahead.


Seeing an insect depicts that the problems in your life are not worthy of being worried about and you will definitely overcome those.


Jewels indicate that you will receive a gift or reward from someone in the near future.


A kangaroo symbolizes warmth and harmony at home.


A kettle means that whatever illness is around you, it is minor and not something to worry about.


A kite expresses the wish to be free and also foretells that wishes will come true.


A knife can mean all kinds of dangers such as broken friendship, illnesses, legal problems. Beware of everything and try to keep an eye open at all times.


A ladder bespeaks promotion, but it can also mean a great downfall in life. The meaning can change according to the surrounding symbol.


If the lamp is turned on then it means wisdom. In case it is situated at the top of the cup it means that you will go to a feast. If it is at the side then it means some truth will be revealed, and if it is at the bottom of the cup then it signals delay.


A leaf indicates a new life.


A letter indicates some kind of news coming your way just like the envelope.


When the lines are straight, it means that you are progressing in your life. If they are wavy, then it means you are not sure of where you are going and if there are many lines, then it means you will be going on a few short trips in a short span of time.


A lion usually signifies a man who is very powerful. If it is a lioness, then it means a strong family.


If the lock is closed it signifies obstacles and if it is open, then it means you will come across new information soon.


If the loops are complete, then they symbolize commitment and good fortune. If they are broken, then they mean obstacles and minor disruptions.


A man indicates a visitor. However, it could be of either gender. If the man is situated near the handle, it means that the visitor is someone close to you.


A mask indicates insecurity or anything that is hidden.


If the moon is full, it means that romance is ahead of you. A half-moon indicates that it is time to leave old things and move on and a quarter moon serves as a warning against making decisions in the spur of the moment.


A mountain symbolizes large goals and the difficulties that arise with them.


A mouse indicates that something close to you will be stolen.


If the mushroom is at the top of the cup, it means that you will be going on a journey soon and if it is near the bottom, it means abundance and prosperity. An upside down mushroom could indicate a lack of motivation and frustration.


A nail portrays injustice and unfairness.


If the necklace is complete, it signifies lovers. But if it is broken, it might mean that you are in the danger of losing a loved one.


A needle is an epitome of recognition and admiration.


Oak is a symbol of good health and long, happy life.


An octopus indicates there is danger surrounding you.


An ostrich bespeaks travel, and might also mean that you are running away from a truth you do not want to face.


An owl betokens gossip and malicious intentions.

Palm Tree:

A palm tree is a signal of prosperity and abundance in wealth.


A parasol indicates that you will learn new insights about something existing, or be protected from harmful information.


A pig signifies gluttony, greed or prosperity and fruitfulness.


A pistol indicates danger.


If the purse is at the top of the cup, it means you will achieve financial gain. In case it is at the bottom, it indicates that you are in for a loss.

Question Mark:

Seeing a question mark means that you need to be cautious about your surroundings.


A rabbit indicates that there is a high need for bravery out there.


A rake means that you will get rewards for the things you have done or punishments for the harmful things.


A raven indicates bad news or the death of a loved one. However, the death might lead to a new beginning.


A ring usually represents marriage or completion of endeavors. If it is broken it means that an engagement will be broken soon.


A rose indicates the beginning of a new love story or the prediction that the love will deepen.


Seeing a saw indicates that something should be thrown away from your present life.


A scale is a mark of legal issues. If the scale is balanced it means there will be a just result; if it is unbalanced it means an unjust result is due.


Scissors indicate quarrels, which could also result in separation.


A sheep symbolizes good fortune.


Seeing a shell means that you will receive good news, or get a reward for your efforts soon


A shelter forebodes the danger of loss of money or sudden ill-health


A ship indicates a worthwhile journey.


A shoe indicates that you are on the correct path. However, you should also pay attention to the condition of the shoe.


If the snake is resting, it means there might be a wedding. In case it is attacking, you should look out for danger.


If a spider is weaving a nest, it foreshadows that you will receive a reward at work.


A spoon is a mark of generosity.


Stars symbolize health and happiness and renders hope.


The sun is a symbol of happiness, merriment, and success


A sword usually portends arguments.


A table symbolizes social gatherings.


A tent symbolizes hidden meanings and truths disguised. It might also foretell troubles.


A thimble means that there will be changes in your home and personal life.


A tortoise gives a sign of constructive criticism.


A tower indicates that you might face disappointments.


A tree symbolizes improvements. The improvement can be related to your life.


Seeing a triangle means that soon you will come across something unexpected.


An umbrella portrays grievances and annoyances.


Urns indicate financial gain and happiness.


A vase means that a friend is in need of help.


A violin portrays ego.


A volcano depicts that there are dangerous emotions inside you which might erupt at any time.


A wagon indicates that a wedding will take place in the near future.


A wasp means that you will face problems in your love life.


A waterfall symbolizes prosperity and abundance.


If the wheel is intact, it indicates good fortune. In case it is broken it means you will face disappointment.


Wings indicate that you will receive a message quite soon.


Seeing a woman means you are longing for love and affection and want to experience the taste of a happy life.


A wolf indicates that the people around you who claim to be your friend might actually be jealous of you. In that case, you should stay aware of them.


Yoke is a sign of domination.


Zebras indicate that an adventure is due, which will most probably take place overseas.


Now that you have completed the article, hopefully, you have got a clear idea of what tasseography is, the procedure for reading tea leaves, and what each symbol means.

Now, you can see your future for yourself, or even be the center of your family and friends gatherings when you do it for them! So go on, brew that cup of tea, and dive into this world full of surprises!

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