Manuka Honey Kill Good Bacteria

Does Manuka Honey Kill Good Bacteria?

Manuka honey has been proved by numerous clinical studies to have high antibacterial potency. It is for this reason that it finds extensive usage in the treatment of all bacterial related infections in human beings as well as pets.

However, not all bacteria are bad. Some play a useful role in our bodies to ensure we continue enjoying good health.

So, the question is: does manuka honey kill the good bacteria as well?

Join me in the following discussion as I unravel the answer to this question:

Generall, Manuka honey shows a low pH value (this can be as low as 3.5 which translates to high acidic states) and low water activity (AW can be around 0.5; meaning very little water is present).

Manuka Honey Kill Good Bacteria

From this, we can clearly see that say that manuka honey antimicrobial effects.

In separate states, the two parameters- acidity and AW- can excellently prevent the growth of bacteria and yeasts. When both of them are present, they’ll produce an inhibitory environment.

Thus, Manuka honey has antibacterial capabilities.

Now our main question is: what’s the effect of this antibacterial property? Does it prevent the growth of or kill bacteria?

Manuka Honey Kill Good Bacteria

Manuka honey with low pH and water activity cannot differentiate between the good and bad bacteria. However, the level of antibacterial effect it will exert in these bacteria will depend on the strain/species of the given bacteria.

The antibacterial effect also depends on the dose you take; the amount of honey concentration the bacteria gets exposed to.

Picture this:

If you intake honey alone (without mixing it with any product) internally or externally, then it will act as an antibiotic substance. And it will offer you the health benefits it comes with.

What if you dilute the same honey by mixing it with other substances? Most likely, it will lose its antibacterial potency. Remember that honey works by smothering and encasing the given bacteria.

So if you take honey in food substances-say yogurt- it will not be able to kill the good bacteria in there. Meaning you’ll be able to consume the probiotics in your food to the stomach.


To conclude our debate, Manuka honey does not cause any harmful effects on any good bacteria you’d like to take in. Researchers haven’t reported such a case either. Government agencies, including those of New Zealand where manuka honey comes from, haven’t reported manuka honey killing the good bacteria.

As long as you take the right amount of manuka honey and with the right interiors, you’ll only experience an overall improved body health!

Enjoy your honey!

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