Is Manuka Honey Good for Colds and Coughs

Is Manuka Honey Good for Colds and Coughs?

You remember the good old days when your mom would feed you with a spoonful of honey before going to bed whenever you had the cold flu?

You really enjoyed the taste and fought for more if it (I doubt you knew it was a medicine to help fight the colds and coughs). This is a clear indication that honey has cold and cough treatment properties.

But the issue is- does manuka honey do the same?

Before we dive any deeper into this question, let me take you back to what manuka honey is:

Manuka honey, the particular type from New Zealand, has been found to bear all the healing properties found in other kinds of honey (in addition to other healing properties not found in other types of honey.

Using Honey To Relieve Colds and Coughs

The American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organization has for years now recommended the use of honey as an excellent way to calm coughs. The word honey here has been used to all types of honey that exist on this planet- including manuka honey.

Using Honey To Relieve Colds and Coughs

The world health organization, in particular, recommends the developing countries that might not have access to medication to turn to honey as an alternative way of combating cough.

And more has been done to confirm the cold fighting capabilities of honey…

Scientific Evidence

One study conducted in the US showed that honey does a better job at relieving the symptoms related to cold than other treatments, or no treatments, or as an ingredient in over-the-counter cold remedies.

Another study was conducted in 2012. In the study, 300 children were given 1-4 different types of nighttime cough treatments: the first three remedies involve various types of honey, and the fourth one was a placebo.

The researchers concluded that one type of the honey shows more promising results at fighting night-time cough than the placebo treatment.

How Honey Fights Cold Flu

The researchers of the 2012 study above noted that honey contains over 180 different natural compounds and that it’s antimicrobial and antioxidant properties play a huge role in easing cold and coughs.

Does Manuka Honey Treat Colds and Coughs?

Back to our central question- can you use manuka honey to treat cold and coughs?

In the beginning, we stated that manuka honey had been placed in a class of its own… Because it’s packed with numerous healing properties not found in the regular honey we are used to.

We have also seen that studies have shown the usefulness of honey in treating cold and coughs.

Even the world health organization recognizes honey to treat cold flu.

Does Manuka Honey Treat Colds and Coughs

My opinion is, if any honey can do it, you don’t expect anything less from honey that’s powerful than the rest.

Manuka will definitely take away the signs and symptoms of cold and make you feel better with time. If you want to get it, read our best manuka honey reviews.

How To Use Manuka To Treat Cold Flu

Now that you already manuka has the power to kick cold and coughs out of your body, you’d be interested to know how you would take it.

Experts recommend taking the honey alone (i.e., avoid mixing it with other substances) for the best results.

That being said, there’s a dosage to follow when using this unique honey for flu.

As for the adults, taking a teaspoon of manuka around 3-4 times a day will work the trick.

As for the kids under the age of one year, it’s advisable not to give them manuka as their digestive system hasn’t fully developed.

How To Use Manuka To Treat Cold Flu

For older kids, consider giving them a teaspoon of manuka before going to bed. However, you still need to confirm with your medical care provider to ensure there are no potential risks.

You should also seek the best quality Manuka honey to get maximum benefits. Look for the medical grade type as it has undergone rigorous tests, not forgetting an extremely careful sourcing, production, and extraction process to ensure it does not get contaminated with any elements or lose its unique properties.


There’s no better way to fight colds and flu than manuka honey, the powerful natural healer from New Zealand. You just need to take 3-4 teaspoons of this treatment every day, and you’ll realize changes soon. And while taking manuka honey, remember you’re also exposing your body to the many health benefits it comes with.

If you’ve got a cold right now, grab a bottle of the medical grade manuka honey and you’ll be amazed by how fast it takes your suffering away!

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