Manuka Honey and Pregnancy

Manuka Honey and Pregnancy: What You Must Know?

Pregnancy is without a doubt one of the most exciting and overwhelming ordeals a woman can ever experience. During this period, what you consume has a great impact on your baby’s development. You must, therefore, put into consideration what foods have the best nutrients that will revitalize your health as well as your baby’s.

We all know that honey is one of the oldest sweeteners on the planet and this has been recognized for centuries. It has great health boosting qualities all thanks to the immense enzyme activity.

So Why Choose Manuka Honey?

  • It is 100% natural
  • It is extracted from the nectar of the Manuka plant a wild plant found in New Zealand
  • Contains remarkable naturally present and very safe properties nonexistent to any other diversities of honey
  • This distinctive quality is beyond the typical attributes of honey and places Manuka honey as one of Mother Nature’s astounding wonder foods
  • Is rich in Zinc, Potassium, Iron, phosphorus, B vitamins and many other nutrients that are beneficial during pregnancy
  • Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Has no known side effects

Taking Manuka honey while pregnant is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You can also use it while breastfeeding. Already made up your mind to buy manuka honey? See this article – Best Manuka Honey Reviews for more information.

Not only does it have an extensive range of remedial properties but it is also an effective remedy to alternate traditional forms of medication. Are there health benefits of Manuka honey for babies?

Manuka Honey

Some honey contains the spore bacteria, Clostridium Botulinum, which is thought to enhance the risk of infant botulism. According to research, pasteurized honey could contain spores.

The good news is that the spores are ingested by adults, and it is not contagious to children above a year old. However, this form of bacteria cannot be broken by infants due to an underdeveloped intestinal system. So don’t give it to children below one year.​Get Manuka Honey From Amazon

Things to remember about Manuka honey and pregnancy

  1. It is harmless to lavish Manuka honey while expecting
  2. ​It is harmless to take Manuka honey while breastfeeding
  3. It is safe for infants to apply Manuka honey on the skin
  4. Unless Manuka honey is gamma irradiated, it is hazardous to feed it to children below 12 months.

How Does Manuka Honey Benefit a Pregnant Woman?

It relieves the pain and discomfort associated with a sore throat.

If you’ve been there before, then you can testify that some pregnancy symptoms are irritating and disquieting.

A sore throat is the first on the list. Expectant mothers tend to be more sensitive to this syndrome and therefore experience it more than the rest of us do. Luckily, Manuka honey has just the right antibiotic properties that will put your throat at ease.

How Does Manuka Honey Benefit a Pregnant Woman

Since time immemorial, honey has been used as an ancient medication to cure a broad range of syndromes, sore throat being one of them.

Manuka honey is a natural curative containing Methylglyoxal, a component that is responsible for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Pregnant women are advised to keep off medication if they can, for its adverse effects on the fetus. For this reason, pregnant women all over the world eat Manuka honey to soothe their sore throats.

Cuts down allergic reactions

Most of us are at least allergic to one thing while others are not as lucky. Allergic conditions surround us wherever we go, from dust to pollen. Some people sneeze or develop rashes while others have itchy skin when they come into contact with the allergen.

Allergy symptoms during pregnancy are usually harmless, though annoying or even confusing the mother for fear of taking allergy medication.

Honey may sometimes contain spores which could damage maternal or fetal strength. When it comes to this, it is advisable to see a doctor and get an allergy test. The additional advantage about Manuka honey is that it is completely reliable and it is always a suggested brand to expectant women.

Relieves heartburn

Pregnant women are vulnerable to the wicked heartburn. Some will tell you that it is the most uncomfortable of all syndromes and it is rightfully so.

Heartburns cause discomfort in the stomach. This is considered normal because of the hormonal levels vary during pregnancy.

Gastric acid causes the pain and the burning feeling in the solar plexus. Manuka honey easily relieves heartburn.

How to take it?

Simply mix one tablespoon of Manuka honey into a glass of milk and blend. This mixture will work as good, if not better, than any other medication.

Reduces Nausea and Morning Sickness

Nausea. The heartache of pregnant women. No doubt it is the most popular, partnering with morning sickness. What a duo! Nausea usually follows the condition of pregnancy. It is dangerous because it can cause a decline in the appetite for pregnant women.

Eating a well-balanced diet is important for pregnant women and failure to do so can result in bad health. 

Morning sickness is associated with vomiting which can cause dehydration in pregnant women. Fear not, for Manuka honey has all you need! Manuka honey suppresses the sensation of nausea hence prevents vomiting.

Furthermore, in the rare circumstance that you vomit, when you take Manuka honey all the nutrients you lost are supplemented.

Is Manuka honey safe for ALL pregnant women?

Yes, Manuka Honey is safe for all pregnant women. However, it should be taken with precaution by the following categories of pregnant women:

Yes, Manuka Honey is safe for all pregnant women. However, it should be taken with precaution by the following categories of pregnant women:

  • Those that are allergic to bees or pollen grains. If you have little tolerance for honey or its products, honey, not even Manuka honey.
  • Those that have diabetes. Honey obviously has high concentrations of sugar and diabetics are encouraged to be especially careful when consuming it. They should stick within the recommended blood sugar levels.


From those above, we can confidently say that Manuka honey is safe to take during pregnancy.

It has excellent qualities that are beneficial for mother and baby, not just during the pregnancy period, but post- pregnancy too. So discard the old myths and grab yourself a jar of Manuka honey today.

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