Lordear Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Lordear Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review – Yay or Nay?

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a pretty, easy-to-clean, and very reliable sink in your kitchen. When this happens, washing dishes and keeping your kitchen in order becomes less of a chore and more a very appealing activity to do. And that’s precisely what Lordear adds with this farmhouse basin.

This is probably among the most practical options in the market, but also one of the simplest without leaving looks behind. You get a product that does almost everything well and still manages not to cost a fortune. Even the build & overall design will probably impress you without much effort.

Still, there are many other things to know about this sink, and it’s critical for you to know them. That’s why we decided to do an in-depth review of all the essential factors you need to know about it. If you’re excited to learn more – then keep scrolling!

Lordear Front Farmhouse Sink Overview

Lordear is one of the luxury brands in the industry that still makes affordable sinks. It delivers top-notch quality in every product while bringing the durability & resilience of all products with an exceptional construction offer. And the Apron Front Farmhouse Sink is not an exception.

You will get a basin that combines a straightforward design with an attractive finish, ideal for making any kitchen look well without going over the top. This also makes it easy to install, allows an easier experience when using, an still offers a resilient product that lasts years before showing any sign of old age.

Lordear Front Farmhouse Sink Overview

That’s what you get with this sink, yet there’s still more to say about it. You may also add the stainless steel grid, the basket strainer, the functional set of utensils, the anti-corrosion build, and much more.

Everything about this sink irradiates quality manufacturing, even at first sight, you can guess this is more than a simple basin. And that’s enough for us to say this is undoubtedly among the best options in the market.

Advantages of the Lordear Apron Front Kitchen Sink 

It doesn’t matter if it looks impressive at first, you still need to know more about this sink before you decide to buy it. Here we’ll explain all the major features it has so you can have a better idea of what it offers:

Superb Steel Construction

Lordear Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Every sink you find with a T-304 stainless steel construction is probably very durable, resistant against rust and corrosion, and capable of withstanding hard impacts without problems. And when you add the 1.5mm thickness – you can easily say this is a pretty strong sink in its entirety.

What really stands out about this build is the TRU16 or 16-gauge feature, making it completely bend-resistant even after the hardest hits. So you can quickly expect this basin to last a lifetime without any drawback.

Practicality & Versatility

You won’t need to make this sink work like a gem. It starts with a sloped bottom, ideal for preventing any water from getting stagnant and eventually creates the perfect place for bacteria growth. Then you get an optimized angle which prevents dishes and glasses from falling inside.

Another practical ability of this sink is the Noise Defend feature, which adds a vibration-absorbing capacity that reduces noise creation exponentially so you can wash dishes at midnight without waking anyone up. And what’s even more important, it fits all kinds of drain tubes & units with its 3.5-inches drain opening.

Amazing Design Entirely

The design of this sink won’t leave anything behind so you can get a handy product in its entirety. It all stands with a beautiful style alongside an oversized design, ideal for making your kitchen look fantastic without leaving practicality behind.

It all starts with a 33-inches large and 20 2/4-inches wide and 10-inches deep design alongside a brushed nickel finish. You can say it is large and roomy, perfect for cleaning dishes. And when you add the excellent corners that make cleaning the sink easy – this becomes an almost perfect design.

Excellent Additional Accessories

Lordear Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

There’s nothing more exciting than a sink that comes with additional accessories as the Lordear Apron Front Farmhouse sink does.

This basin comes alongside a steel dish grid, a cotton apron, a cotton glove, and a cotton oven mitt. All these accessories will make kitchen use way easier and improve the overall worth of this sink.

Adding it all up you can say this is not only a beautiful, well-made product but also one of the most practical in the market. With these accessories and the sink, being in the kitchen will be an enjoyable experience.

Disadvantages of the Lordear Apron Front Kitchen Sink 

It doesn’t matter how amazing the sink is, there’s a high chance it will come with a few awful features still. Here we explain what the Lordear Farmhouse Sink does wrong:

Sloppy Top Design

Despite looking almost flawless, the design of this sink is not. This happens due to a small problem with the top of the sink, especially in the part that generally sticks to the countertop from behind. As the design is slightly turned to the front, it ends up leaving some space behind the sink, which can look awkward.

This may also harm the stability of the sink, especially in countertop installations. Otherwise, the problem can completely be ignored, but you’ll have a small space between the counter and the sink. And you may not like that.

A Little Hard to Clean

The bottom of the sink is supposed to be grooved and do cleaning pretty easy. But it can actually be a little frustrating to do so. Especially when you add the dish grid, it could eventually leave some food and waste behind which will undoubtedly need the help of a brush or hand to get rid of.

Lordear Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

While it is not something that happens alone with this sink, this is going to be an unexpected problem for most demanding users.


  • A convenient set of additional accessories including mittens, gloves and dish grid
  • Hugely functional design with NoiseDefend feature for less noise when using
  • The excellent installation process with 3.5-inches drain hole & undermount design
  • Sturdy & reliable stainless steel construction with 16-gauge and 1.5mm thickness
  • Superb brushed finish prevents the creation of corrosion and stains


  • The bottom can be a little annoying to clean
  • The top design may leave some space between the countertop and the sink

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Frequently Asked Questions

There aren’t many things left to know about this sink, but there could still be some questions you may have. That’s why we’ve brought some common doubts with their respective answers:

Q: Can I mount this sink on the top of my counter?

A: Yes, but it needs a particular installation from an expert as it is an undermount basin.

Q: Is this sink compatible with garbage disposal units?

A: Yes, you can mount any disposal unit with this sink as long as it fits the 3.5-inches drain hole.

Q: Does the finish scratch easily?

A: No, the brushed finish is pretty strong and reliable to prevent scratches.

Q: Does it really come with additional cooking accessories?

A: Yes, it comes with a dish grid, a glove, a mitten, and an apron.

Q: Can I pick this sink in different colors?

A: Yes, the basin comes in premium stainless steel or in black depending on what you prefer.

Bottom Line

So you’re looking for a farmhouse kitchen basin that delivers everything you could need and more. Well, there’s probably not a better choice than the Lordear Apron Sink.

From its design to its functionality and additional accessories, you won’t find anything about this sink that disappoints. Everything goes far and beyond what most people expect, and that’s all for a very affordable cost when compared to similar options.

If you want a farmhouse sink that stands out from its competitors and still doesn’t break your wallet – then this is the one to go for.

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