Kraus KHF203 36’’ Farmhouse Sink Review – Is It Among the Best?

The KHF203 series from Kraus is probably the most sought-after model in the double-bowl market. It focuses on high-quality designs with outstanding constructions, sinks that will make kitchen chores way easier and enjoyable than with any other option.

It’s all about quality, and Kraus never disappoints when it comes to that. That’s why you can completely trust us when we say this is easily among the best basins you will find. Not only because it is well-made and good-looking, but because of it with a wide array of features that put it up there among the best choices.

This is the ideal option for anyone who wants quality over anything else. Even for the cost, this is more than an excellent sink to have. So if you’re expecting a product that stands out in your kitchen and makes every chore a pleasure to accomplish – then come further and learn more about this magnificent sink.

Kraus KHF203 36 inches Farmhouse Sink Overview

All Kraus sinks are unique in their niches. They are very thick and reliable, offer exquisite designs that make your kitchen look fantastic, and still manage to provide excellent resistance to stain, corrosion, rust, and scratches.

The KHF203 is precisely that kind of Kraus sink – a 36-inches piece of metal that will transform your kitchen entirely. You won’t believe how much different it will feel to wash dishes until you try this great basin.

Kraus KHF203 36 inches Farmhouse Sink

It all starts with its thick stainless steel build alongside the neatest and most practical satin finish that adds a good-looking touch. Then you have a soundproof build that combined with an undercoating will add a further layer of functionality to its construction.

The dual-bowl design is one of the most convenient in the market, and alongside the different accessories, this sink becomes an opportunity not to dismiss. From cleaning to usage, overall durability and even looks – this sink irradiates quality. So overlooking this basin is like losing a life opportunity.

Advantages of the Kraus KHF203-36 Farmhouse Sink

There are a wide number things to say about this sink, that’s why we need to talk about each with specificity so you can learn about it with more ease. For that, we’ve made a list with all of its best features:

Excellently Made

Kraus KHF203-36 Farmhouse Sink

Something that can’t miss in a farmhouse sink review is the construction of the product. And for the KHF203 at 36 inches, you don’t get less than the superb T304 stainless steel with a TRU16 or 16-gauge thickness at 1.5mm. This will make this basin one of the strongest and most durable you’ll find.

This goes well with the handcrafted exterior that looks astounding; especially with the satin finish that adds a superb anti-scratch, stain, and corrosion free capacity. You will get a product that looks amazing, lasts a lifetime, and still manages to resist most common issues with stainless steel.

Unique Build Functions

Apart from having one of the most stylish and strongest builds, this sink also comes with various functions that make it useful for most kitchens. Here we start with the Noise Defend soundproof technology that reduces vibration to prevent any unwanted noise.

This works well with the thick sound-absorbing pads, making it even quieter, dampening up to 80% of all the noise that dishes and utensils make inside the sink. And to make it even better, it comes with excellent insulation that prevents condensation and protects the countertop and cabinets around from moisture.

Versatile & Convenient Design

The design is one of the handiest in the market, starting with the drainage system that slopes to the back to prevent any stagnant water or waste when using. This also makes it safer with dishes and glasses, no nothing falls or breaks inside.

The design is also easy to clean, thanks to the use of rounded corners that look good and prevent any water from getting stuck. This works really well with the 3.5-inches drain opening, ideal for most types of drainage tubes and disposal units.

Practical Dimensions

Kraus KHF203-36 Farmhouse Sink

Everything about this sink stands out like no other, especially when you start with its dimensions of 36-inches in length, 20.75-inches in width and 10-inches in height. You will be getting one of the largest farmhouses basins out there.

But this large design is still practical and versatile, as you can mount it under or on top of the cabinet, while even offering a flush-mount capacity for the most demanding users. Along with all this, you get a basket strainer, a drain assembly, a bottom dish grid, a kitchen towel, and a cut-out template.

Disadvantages of the Kraus KHF203-36 Farmhouse Sink

It doesn’t matter how fantastic the sink is, you will always need to take a good look at its imperfections so you can learn whether or not it works for you. Here we explain all the flaws from the KHF203 sink at 36 inches:

Awkward Installation

Being such a large 36-inches sink, it is very likely you’ll have some issues mounting it on your kitchen countertop or cabinet. This happens because the 36 inches design is not too standard for farmhouse sinks, so getting it to work on most kitchens can be a little problematic.

Luckily, this is not much of a problem as long as you know what you’re getting. Otherwise, you may need to either make several modifications to the kitchen before being able to use it or maybe even call an expert contractor to do it for you.

Not as Sloped as Needed

The bottom of the KHF302 is not as sloped or inclined as expected, and this causes waste and water to get stagnant. You will eventually have to use your faucet or spray and a brush to get it all inside the drain manually. And this can be a problem for those users who prefer something more automatic.

Kraus KHF203-36 Farmhouse Sink


  • The highly versatile design can be installed almost anywhere without any problem
  • Superb addition of accessories such as drain assembly, kitchen towel, and dish racks
  • Top-notch dual-bowl designs allow more practical use and easier cleaning
  • Sturdy & reliable stainless steel construction offers a more durable product entirely
  • An excellent addition of soundproofing pads with insulating undercoating for practicality


  • The bottom is not sloped as expected so it may leave some waste or water stagnant
  • The broad & sturdy design can be a little tricky to install

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even a very extensive and in-depth review of the Kraus KHF203 sink at 36-inches – there are some things you may still don’t know about it. To possibly help you with them, here we bring a few additional questions you may have:

Q: Is the satin finish anti-fingerprints?

A: Yes, the satin finish helps to prevent fingerprints, scratches, and stains.

Q: Can I install a disposal unit of this basin?

A: Yes, you can do so on any of the bowls of the sink. Doing so in the smaller bowl would be ideal.

Q: Do I need to clean the sink after every use?

A: It’s recommended to keep the basin clean at all times to prevent stains and buildup creation.

Q: Can I mount this sink on countertops made of granite or Formica?

A: Yes, but it needs a special set-up process for top mounting installations. It’s recommended to call a contractor before doing this.

Q: Does it come with any installation hardware?

A: No, this sink doesn’t come with any mounting hardware, you’ll have to figure out the installation process by yourself.

Bottom Line

There’s much more to say about this product apart from the fact that it is simply fantastic. Everything about this sink will impress even the most experienced of buyers – and that’s a lot to say for such a large product.

If you need a basin that looks amazing, provides a superb set of functional features, and still manages to last a lifetime, then the KHF203 sink at 36-inches will be a perfect option. And this is all because of the quality manufacturing process of Kraus, always surpassing expectations.

For us, there’s no better choice at this size and price. If you want something that doesn’t stay behind in terms of quality, this is the sink you need.

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