Kraus KHF203 33’’ Farmhouse Apron Sink Review

Kraus KHF203 33″ Farmhouse Apron Sink Review – Pros, Cons, and What to Expect!

If you want a great product on your kitchen, nothing works better than something from a leading brand such as Krays. And when it comes to sinks, the KHF203 is probably the best dual-bowl model you’ll find.

It is a basin for those who want something that stands out, something that looks amazing, but also a sink that makes washing dishes a complete pleasure. That’s what you get with this fantastic product, and that’s still not everything it offers.

Here we are going to explain with specificity what really makes this sink such a magnificent option for those who want a quality product in their kitchen. If you are interested in learning what else this basin may deliver – then scroll down and learn!

Kraus KHF203 33 Inches Farmhouse Sink Overview

THE KHF203 series from Kraus focuses on stylish designs with a touch of functionality as well as the most fantastic construction so you can have a sink that lasts a lifetime. Everything it has will make you get entirely in love at first use – maybe even at first sight.

Kraus KHF203 33 Inches Farmhouse Sink

The sink is deep with two bowls, spacious for many dishes, a clean design that matches any decoration in your kitchen, and still manages to offer a long-lasting steel build that lasts decades. And all this without considering the soundproof & dampening pads it comes with.

The design of this sink helps with cleaning, makes installation a piece of cake, and adds a touch of beauty to rejoice on each use. Even if it comes to a frustrating period of washing several dishes, you’ll find this basin a pleasure to use.

It is also resistant to scratches, prevents oxidation and corrosion, and even makes your kitchen look sleeker and modern – whatever you expect this sink to do, it will.

Advantages of the Kraus KHF203-33 Farmhouse Sink

There are many things about this sink that stand out when compared to others. That’s why it’s essential to know about them before picking one. Here we explain what this basin offers that make it so amazing:

Excellent Steel Construction

Kraus KHF203 33 Inches

It all starts with a steel build using T-304 stainless material, one of the most resistant to corrosion, rust, and dents in the market. Especially when you add the TRU or 16-gauge sturdy build, this sink becomes one of the thickest in the market with 1.5mm that lasts long and delivers no issues in a lifetime.

To this, you can add the unique satin finish that will make it outstanding good-looking. But this also helps to prevent corrosion and rust even better while adding a scratching-resistant capacity. All of this is done using the highest-quality engineering practices with the help of skilled artisans for a beautiful & trustworthy product.

Quiet & Reliable 

The whole build of this sink goes even further to provide a more enjoyable practice in almost every way. Here you get NoiseDefend feature that proofs the sink against noises, absorbing vibrations and making dish-washing a very quiet experience.

This all happens with the use of thick sound-absorbing pads on the sides, reducing up to 80% of all the noise. And it gets  better when you add the anti-condensation feature, making it more reliable on the long term by preventing moisture from damaging the cabinet or countertop.

Convenience at Its Best

Now it’s time to talk about its superb design. Here you get rounded corners, channel grooves, and a sloped bottom – all of this helps to get one of the most effective sinks when it comes to draining waste and water.

This gets even better with the double-bowl design, perfect for a hugely more convenient product so you can have one to wash dishes, and the other to get rid of waste with a disposal unit.

Both bowls are deep, good-looking, and provide the ideal angle to prevent water or waste from getting stagnant inside. And with the added cloth towel, you can expect it will be a piece of cake to clean them entirely.

Large and Versatile Design

Kraus KHF203 33 Inches

This basin goes 32.9-inches in length, 20.75-inches in width and 10-inches in height – this makes it one of the largest of its kind. Yet still, it is a pretty straightforward design that you can install practically anywhere without problems, as it is compatible with flush mount, top mount, or undemount processes.

To make it even better, it comes with a 3.5-inches drain opening on each bowl so you can fit all kinds of draining pipes or garbage disposal units without problems. Each bowl also comes with its respective strainer and dish rack.

Disadvantages of the Kraus KHF203-33 Farmhouse Sink

Everyone wants the best product possible, and that also means looking at the potential flaws such product may have. That’s why we want you to know what the KHF203 farmhouse sink at 33-inches may not have or not do correctly. Here’s what you should know about it:

Stagnant Water & Waste

Even though the sink looks and works perfectly at first, you will eventually find out that its bottom is not as sloped and well-made as expected. This will lead to waste and water not going directly down the drain, which adds some inconvenience to its design.

This won’t altere the fact that it is well-built and practical, but it will still make the use a little problematic. Especially those who hate handling waste and dirty water will find this a huge flaw. 

Difficult Setup

One thing that always seems to happen with double-bowl sinks is that not everyone knows how to mount them correctly. This sink is not the hardest to install, especially with its versatile design that can be mounted over, under or as a flush sink without problems. However, it’s still challenging in other ways.

Kraus KHF203-33 Farmhouse Sink

The main problem occurs because there’s no installation hardware, no instructions, and its size makes overall installation a little problematic. And of course, first-time sink buyers will not know what to do with it after it arrives, and this could add a lot of frustration later.


  • The handy design allows easy cleaning alongside dish racks and a cloth towel
  • Huge and versatile design makes it easy to use and install in any place
  • Top-notch construction with stainless steel offers superb durability
  • Additional soundproof rubber patches prevent vibration and loud sounds when using
  • The excellent satin finish adds a beautiful touch that prevents scratches and stains


  • Can be problematic to install due to its dual-bowl design & lack of instructions or hardware
  • The bottom of the bowls is not the ideal one for automatic waste & water drain

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s possible you have made up your mind already about this sink. But still, we recommend learning a little more about it with some of the frequent question buyers ask:

Q: What’s the weight of this sink in its entirety?

A: It weighs about 50 pounds.

Q: Can I install this basin on laminated countertops?

A: Yes, there shouldn’t be a problem with any type of over-the-top installation.

Q: Is this sink compatible with disposal units?

A: Yes, totally – you’ll just have to bolt the unit down which could require some work.

Q: How much is the cabinet size I need for undermounting this basin?

A: You’ll need a 36-inches space for proper installation.

Q: Will this basin come in different colors?

A: No, it only comes in a stainless steel design.

Bottom Line

It’s time to make your choice, to decide whether this sink works for you or not. For us, it’s easily among the best basins you can get, and Kraus does an excellent job to go beyond what others are willing, so you can get a sink that never disappoints.

In terms of build, design, functionality, and looks – this basin will impress you. If you want something that will not let you down and deliver the quality all sinks should provide, then this is the perfect option for you.

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