KOHLER K-6488 Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink Review

KOHLER K-6488 Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink Review – Should You Buy It?

In the world of sinks, nothing compares to Kohler products in terms of brand quality. And the K-6488 Whitehaven is probably the most fantastic basin this brand offers.

At first look, this sink will thoroughly impress you; it is small and simple but stands out for its whiteness and exceptional finish. It still manages to come with a sturdy build that stands out among many of its competitors and delivers the versatile & convenient design most people want out of a sink.

But all that is just a simple part of everything this farmhouse sink offers. As one of the most expensive options, we think it’s also one of the best. If you are looking for a stylish & reliable choice for your kitchen, then come further to find out more about this excellent basin that will come like a gem.

Kohler K-6488 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Sink Overview

As its name says, the Whitehaven is a Self-Trimming sink for those who desire something sleek-looking but always small and easy to install. Its farmhouse design makes it outstandingly versatile as well, and with a stylish touch that adds elegance to your kitchen.

Kohler K-6488 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Sink

You can make this sink literally work anywhere without problems. The undermount installation is a piece of cake to get the advantage of, and with the wide array of color options, you can easily fit this sink on any decoration style.

It comes in caviar, dune, frost, ice grey, white, sea salt, thunder grey, sandbar, red, Roussillon, cane sugar, black black, black and tan, almond, biscuit, basalt, and cashmere colors. All of them will look amazing depending on where you place the sink, making it a hugely convenient choice for most people.

The construction uses recycled material, and the fantastic design adds tons of functionality despite its simplicity. If you are someone who wants a neat product that stands out even with hugely more expensive options, then this sink is your ideal choice.

Advantages of the Kohler Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink

Maybe the most important thing to consider before you decide to buy a product is the number and quality of its features. Luckily for you, the Kohler Whitehaven is filled with many, so you’ll have an excellent time learning more about them:

KOHLER K-6488 Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink

Functional Self-Trimming Design

There’s a lot about this sink, but nothing compares to the superb self-trimming farmhouse design. This means you get a highly reliable cast iron product that has sharp cuts in corners and angles, making it pretty easy to fit almost anywhere without any issue.

The design looks pleasant but straightforward, but the real advantage comes when you don’t have to make any kind of cut to make the sink fit, its 9-inches apron will help to get it working on almost any countertop quickly.

Durable Construction

Almost all of its design and ease of installation comes from the cast-iron construction it offers. This puts it above many other similar farmhouse sinks, as it is easier to install, and much easier to handle when needed. This makes it also reliable, resistant to stains, and pretty long-lasting.

The enameled cast iron also ensures your sink never chips or cracks, while helping to keep dish-washing easier without having to worry about breaking the sink. You get a product that lasts a lifetime while preventing common issues with fragile builds.

Large & Practical

The design is also large and pretty reliable when it comes to washing dishes. Despite its 7-inches apron, you can expect this sink to handle plates and any kind of utensils without having to make a splash outside the basin.

The design is still large enough, so you have tons of space for many pots, pans, and dishes without having to make a mess. This allows straightforward washing, even more so when you add the Smart Divide feature, so you have an even more practical double-bowl design to enjoy.

Good-Looking Design

Despite its simplicity and short build, this design still manages to look amazing. No matter where you use it, the straightforward design adds a stylish touch to any kitchen without going over the top. This is very appreciated for those small & medium-sized kitchens that need great looks and practicality.

What stands out the most is the curved angle design, helping to look good but also aiding when cleaning. So you get a beautiful product that also adds lots of convenience with 14 different colors to choose from.

Disadvantages of the Kohler Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink

You already know how fantastic this sink can be, but there are still some not-that-great quirks you should know. Here we will explain what you may not like about the Kohler Whitehaven farmhouse basin:

Pretty Expensive

One of the main issues with this sink is that you won’t like its price tag. It’s not something that will harm the experience of using, installing, or just owning it – but the price will probably have a real impact on how much you appreciate this product at first.

Especially for its simplicity, you may think this is not the product for you considering the cost. But also remember, with a significant value also comes an excellent quality. Not everyone will believe or appreciate that, yet it’s still important to know.

Bottom May Scratch

When you take a look at other sinks, you’ll see that they mostly come with grates or dish racks to put on the bottom. This helps to prevent dishes and cookware from hitting the interior and harming it. But this basin does not come with these accessories, so you may eventually experience some scratching if you’re not careful.

Disadvantages of the Kohler Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink

Still, this is not a significant problem, and it all mostly comes to getting a grate or rack before it’s too late. But for those who like neat sinks, this can be a little frustrating, especially the price point.


  • Stylish design with tons of colors to pick adds excellent elegance to any kitchen
  • Superb cast-iron construction makes it outstandingly durable & reliable
  • Enameled finish prevents chipping, cracking and stains
  • Self-trimming design allows a completely straightforward installation
  • Large design makes it easy to wash & place cookware without issues


  • Very expensive despite its simplicity & relatively small design
  • It doesn’t come with dish rack or grate to prevent utensils from hitting the bottom

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re here because this sink looks like a fantastic choice for you. Well, then don’t leave any doubts on your head and read these common questions to learn more about it:

Q: How much does this sink weigh?

A: This basin has a weight of 130 pounds.

Q: Is it easy to install?

A: Yes, the self-trimming design allows a straightforward installation without much tweaking, despite its sturdy build.

Q: Does this sink come with additional accessories?

A: No, just get the sink alone with no strainer, rack, grate, or colander like other alternatives.

Q: Can I install a garbage disposal on this sink?

A: Yes, you just need to make sure it fits the drain hole.

Q: Is the texture of this sink smooth or grainy?

A: The cast-iron construction with enameled finish means it is a smooth sink in its entirety.

Bottom Line

We already explain the features of this sink, but it feels like we still left a lot behind. And this happens because it is simply amazing in almost every way you look at it.

From its stylish design to its exceptional self-trimming capacity to be a piece of cake to install – this sink goes a step further to provide what others aren’t willing to. But this comes at a price, a really huge cost that will probably steer your eyes the other way.

But if you’re willing to pay for this price, then you’re getting one of the best farmhouse sinks in the market. And you’ll be delighted.

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