Kiva Manuka Honey

Kiva Manuka Honey: Is It Worth Your Money?

If you search for the best manuka honey brands on the market today, Kiva will definitely show up!

The brand has been selling Manuka honey for an extended period of time, which has made them a popular name in the Manuka honey industry.

If you’ve never used their honey before, you’d want to confirm if it has the QUALITY and PURITY associated with real, authentic manuka honey before investing in it. This will ensure it meets all your expectations.

In the following post, we’ll take a closer look at Kiva Manuka Honey to help you decide if it’s worth your money.

Let’s do this:

A Word About Kiva

Kiva is a health food company that focuses on providing you with superfoods from all over the world- including manuka honey.

They put a lot of effort into their products to ensure you get the best quality and value for your money. When it comes to manuka honey, they harvest it from the remote, pristine hills, coastal areas, and forests of New Zealand.

Kiva Manuka Honey

In addition to this, they ensure that their honey is harvested using 100% eco-friendly methods and it’s minimally processed.

Kiva And UMF Certification

As you already know, one of the key things to put in mind when buying any Manuka honey is whether it comes with the UMF Association certification (and if its manufacturer has the UMF license).

Kiva Manuka Honey

Luckily, Kiva Manuka honey comes with UMF certification. This is to mean that the brand has UMF license, and they will give you nothing but the real, authentic manuka honey direct from New Zealand bee farms.

Kiva Manuka Honey UMF Rating

Kiva honey comes with the official UMF rating of 15+. This means that it is pure and has potent antibacterial properties. You can, therefore, use it to treat a wide range of conditions like sore throats, digestion, colds, energy, wounds/burns dressing, and even for enhancing your overall body health.

Is Kiva Manuka Honey Pure?

Whether the manuka honey you plant to buy comes in raw form is another important consideration when purchasing your honey. This is based on the fact that raw honey has greater levels of enzymes and antioxidants, plus it delivers all the health benefits associated with Manuka.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that all Kiva manuka honey is raw and pure!

Kiva Manuka Honey

Something else that will erase your doubts about the honey is its appearance; it is thick and creamy, just like the real manuka honey.

Kiva Honey Packaging

The honey comes packed in a plastic container which is BPA free, and its black appearance looks quite attractive.

The Downside of Kiva Honey

Despite being UMF certified and 100% pure, Kiva honey hasn’t survived criticism from dissatisfied users. The complaints revolve around two main issues:

1. The price: the consumers state that the honey comes with high pricing.

But in my honest opinion, any real manuka honey comes at a high cost. If you see manuka selling cheaply, chances are high it couldn’t be the real manuka.

2. The consumers also complain that Kiva doesn’t fill up the bottle completely. It comes almost a quarter empty, and this might make you feel disappointed.

If they could have packaged their honey in a smaller bottle and filled it to the top, perhaps people wouldn’t feel like they’re losing their money when paying the high cost of the honey.

Is Kiva Manuka Honey Worth Your Money?

Save for the two minor gripes we’ve just discussed above, Kiva is a highly reliable and trustworthy UMF certified brand.

If you’re looking for the real manuka honey, with all the antibacterial qualities and purity associated with manuka honey, I strongly recommend you to consider buying from Kiva.

Their honey comes with UMF 15+ rating, and it’s traceable to its source in New Zealand.

In conclusion, Kiva manuka honey is truly worth every cent!

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