KES cUPC Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review

KES cUPC Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review – Worth It?

Steel and cast sinks are always excellent choices for your kitchen, but nothing compares in looks & quality to fireclay.

This model from KES has everything you could need in a kitchen sink with farmhouse design. But it all starts with how it’s made. So you can not only get a product that goes a step beyond to offer a beautiful design, but also something that stands the weight of time.

However, what really makes this fireclay sink so amazing is the capacity to offer a wide array of additional features that make it stand out among its competitors. Want to know what else this brilliant sink does that makes it so fantastic? Then come further and find out!

KES Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Overview

KES is a brand that focuses on providing elegant products that look tidy & neat in any kitchen. It is a brand that will make sure that you’re not only satisfied with the product you bought but also impressed with how many features it offers.

And the KES Fireclay Farmhouse Sink is not an exception to all this.

KES Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

From the use of premium ceramic to the capacity to be mounted practically anywhere without issues, this sink takes overall convenience, build, and versatility to another level. It is a product that lasts, but also a product that looks amazing and makes it easy to install & use.

Even the shipping method of this product makes it an excellent choice for anyone, as it comes with extra-thick cushions with a corrugated cardboard box that will make sure your sink never gets damaged.

Whether you want it for its looks, for its top-notch construction, or for its exceptional design – then you are set to get everything you want without any disappointment.

Advantages of the KES Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink 

This is easily among the most exciting options you’ll have in the market. It takes farmhouse sinks to another level – but it all comes down to the specific factors that make it so. Want to know which factors are these? Here they are:

Extremely Stylish Design

KES cUPC Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

One of the things that you can always say of Fireclay farmhouse sinks is that they are exquisite when it comes to looks. And this one doesn’t stay behind boasting a Nordic design with an elegant touch that works on any kitchen you can imagine.

If you have a modern-looking kitchen or something slightly contemporary, you will find this porcelain sink fits amazingly well. The best of all is that the surface is pretty resistant & durable, so you’ll get a sink that looks beautiful for years.

Pretty Reliable Finish

The finish of this sink comes from the mix of porcelain and ceramic to produce a Fireclay design that stands even the harshest of uses. This finish is a self-cleaning gaze that also prevents any contamination and keeps the surface neat easily.

Nothing from dirt to rust, corrosion, any kind of filth or even germs will stay for long as long as you clean it consistently. Even stains and yellow marks from aging will have it really hard to appear on this sink – so you can expect a pretty & solid finish that makes overall use very straightforward.

Superb Build

It’s always exciting when you have a stainless steel or cast-iron farmhouse sink – but nothing compares to having a Fireclay build.

While it doesn’t use clay as its primary materials, this sink comes with a ceramic & porcelain construction that lasts for years. This premium build will ensure you get a product that doesn’t break easily and at the same time keeps chipping, scratching, cracking, and even discoloration from happening.

And it has a massive advantage over metal builds; it will never corrode by creating rust, or bend as most metal basins do. So you get a product that won’t let you down in terms of construction, ever.

Versatile Installation

KES cUPC Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Boasting a 30.12-inches design with a width of 19.88-inches – you can expect this sink to fit almost anywhere. This gets even better when you add the 9.84-inches height, so it works really well on small, large, or medium sized countertops.

What sets this basin in terms of design even better, is the ability to be a piece of cake to install. The versatility allows it to go mounted under countertops, or installed over the countertop without any problem. And it will work well however you set it up without leaving excellent looks behind.

Disadvantages of the KES Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink 

Even if you have the most magnificent basin, it will still come with some flaws – and the KES Fireclay sink is not an exception. Here we will explain what could be better in this basin:

Not as Deep as Expected

At 9.84 inches of height, you can expect this sink to not have more than 8-inches in depth overall. This means you won’t be able to place as many dishes inside, wash tall objects easily, or eventually enjoy a splash-free experience.

It is not the worst problem or disadvantage you could imagine, but it is a little awkward for those who want something profound and more convenient in this matter.

Easy to get Dirty

While this sink comes with an excellent glaze that makes cleaning a piece of cake, the white color of the ceramic material makes it pretty easy to get dirty.

KES cUPC Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

A white basin is always an excellent idea for bathroom sinks, but for kitchens, this color may be a little too easy-to-get-filthy. If you are someone who gets irritated with uncleanliness, this sink will probably become a problem in the long term for you.


  • Versatile design offers a wide array of mounting options for all kitchens & uses
  • Top-notch ceramic construction makes it durable & very resilient over the years
  • Ceramic build prevents the creation of rust and stains which can be annoying
  • Excellent glaze or finish allows you to clean the sink pretty easily
  • Comes with a white-colored & sleek design that stands out in any place


  • The white-color design makes it easy to get filthy
  • It’s not the deepest option out there which can cause more splashing than usual

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find this sink very exciting and possibly a great choice to have, but there are a few things you may still need to know about it. Here are a few additional facts you may need before buying:

Q: Does this sink come with a drain tube?

A: It depends on the model you pick. You can order it with or without drain depending on your needs

Q: Does this basin come with a faucet?

A: No, all Fireclay models come with only the sink design without holes apart from the drain.

Q: Can I ask for a different color apart from white?

A: No, it only comes in the original ceramic color white.

Q: Are there different versions of this sink for other types of uses?

A: Yes, this is the 30-inches model farmhouse basin, but you also have eight other versions that are smaller for bathroom or small kitchen application.

Q: Do I need to screw or bolt down this sink to my countertop?

A: No, the installation process only demands setting it in the ideal position where it doesn’t move, and that’s it.

Bottom Line

There’s nothing else to say about this sink apart from its already fantastic set of features and superb design that fits any place in terms of looks and convenience.

If you want a product that stands the weight of time while delivering outstanding levels of comfort in your kitchen without leaving behind an attractive appearance – then this is the basin to go for.

When it comes to farmhouse sinks, the KES Fireclay is effortlessly among the best opportunities for you. Especially if you are someone who expects a lot from this sink – you will undoubtedly love everything it has to offer.

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