iRocker Cruiser Review

iRocker Cruiser Review – Good or Bad?

When we talk about massive convenience in the world of paddle boards, few options match the overall capacity of the iRocker Cruiser to make your water paddling better.

From the fantastic set of colors, the hugely useful carrying bag, and the magnificent collection of items including inflator and paddles, you can easily say this is one of the best opportunities to get a top-notch paddle board.

In this iRocker cruiser reviewwe want to explain everything this excellent product offers so you can decide whether it’s worthy of your money or not. If you are excited to learn about it – then scroll down, and you’ll find everything you need to know!

iRocker Cruiser Review

Built & Design

The iRocker cruiser paddle board is a 10.6-inch-long board that’s 33-inches wide and 6-inches thick when inflated. This means you get a product that’s big enough to hold any person without problems at all.

The board also weighs 25 pounds and has a great support capacity of 400 pounds on water. Whether you are a short or big person, this board won’t be a problem to use.

iRocker Cruiser

But when you add the incredibly wide & large design is when you can enjoy this paddle the most. Coming with a stable construction, you can kneel, sit, stand, and still paddle your way across the ocean, lake or beach without any problem.

The paddles are also strong and reliable, coming with a fiberglass construction that makes this board one of the most resilient in the market. With excellently-made blades, you will have no problem paddling your way around a river or lake, boasting a rubber material that also makes them long-lasting.

Put it all together, and you will have one of the best constructions & designs in the world of paddle boards. If you want something reliable, long-lasting, and that still makes overall usage pretty straightforward – this is the board to go for.


Regarding features and overall functionality of the iRocker iSUPyou can expect this board to deliver what other options aren’t capable of. Here are the most important features you get with this board:

Excellent Deck Texture & Action Mount

The crocodile texture allows any user to stand comfortably on the board without any problem. It will help to achieve exceptional balance and stability without losing control over the paddling.

iRocker Cruiser Review

Another useful deck function is the Action Mount that helps you secure valuables. From clothes to keys, or just whatever, just attach them to the action mount, and you’ll be able to get superb convenience from this board.

High-Quality Inflating Pump

When it comes to setting this board up before using, you can use the full-throttle hand pump. With only a few pumps you can quickly fill your board with air and enjoy it in a matter of minutes. It comes with a built-in pressure gauge that helps you fill the board to 100% effectively.

And of course, it does all of this without wasting your time. You’ll be able to set up your board really fast so you can start enjoying water paddling almost as soon as you arrive at the beach.

Superb Carrying Bag

This is probably the most useful of all features, a heavy-duty bag that helps to enjoy excellent storage capacity when traveling.

You get everything with this bag, including padded shoulder straps for safety & comfort, waist support for more security, and board straps that help to keep the deflated board in place.

iRocker Cruiser Review

And despite all this, the carrying bag still boasts enough space to fit even more things inside. So you can add any extra items you want without losing comfort or convenience.


  • Wide & large design with grip-oriented deck for easy use and more balance
  • Exceptional storage bag provides unbeatable convenience when carrying
  • Comes with additional storage space inside the board for more handiness
  • Top-notch hand-pump makes overall installation and inflation a piece of cake
  • Convenient paddle design with different kinds of blades for versatile results


  • The widened design may eventually sacrifice speed
  • The considerably big backpack can be a little problematic when carrying around


This terrific board is compatible with practically any water body. Whether you want to take it to the ocean or beach, to a lake, or even to a calm river, this board will perform well.

You just need to make sure that there aren’t many rocks or plants around and you’ll have no problem using this board. As an inflatable product, you need to be careful when using it, or else you may eventually go home with an irreparable product.

But overall, this is a highly compatible board. The material is robust & reliable, so you can expect a long-lasting product that works in almost any place effortlessly.


The installation of the board only demands inflation with the hand-pump and the set-up of the fins. It takes a few minutes or less to do it all.

You can even convert this board into a kayak using the kayak blades on the paddles. Just take them out of the backpack and set them up according to your needs.

Along with the excellent-quality paddles, you get removable fins for the board that makes overall usage easier. If you like to sail smoothly in the water without losing stability, these removable fins will help you enormously. Just install them on the board, and you’ll get better results when paddling.

The Cruiser SUP fin installation is a piece of cake along with the rest of the product. If you want something well-made and straightforward, this is the board to go for.


As an inflatable board, the Cruiser from iRocker is undoubtedly one of the best paddle boards in the market.

It is easy to use and install, compatible with all kinds of water bodies, and a completely handy product with great grip, storage space, and additional items that put it over many options in its niche.

If you want a terrific board that lasts years and doesn’t disappoint, this board will be a worthy pick.

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There’s a lot of information in this review, but still, there’s nothing more useful than the answers to common questions many customers make after buying. Here are a few of these answers:

Q: How much does the board weigh?

A: This board weighs 24 pounds, so it is reasonably light and more accessible to carry around than a real wooden boa犀利士 rd.

Q: Can you fit everything (fins, paddles, pump, etc.) inside the bag?

A: Yes, everything fits inside the bag; that’s why it is enormous.

Q: Does this board come with a repair kit or adhesive patches?

A: Yes, it comes with a vinyl patch, but only one. You may use PVC patches or any similar product to make any repair if needed.

Note of Worth

After reading our iRocker Cruiser reviewyou shouldn’t have any doubt this is probably the best product you’ll find for the price.

With a magnificent array of 5-star reviews and a unique installation & carrying process – this board goes a step further from what others aren’t willing to deliver a unique experience.

Is this inflatable board worthy of your money? It totally is.

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