How to Use Rival Rice Cooker

How to Use Rival Rice Cooker?

My Rival rice cooker is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. It has been a central part of my cooking routine for as long as I can remember and it doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon.

Rival’s quality and efficiency make the brand a household name in many households, but there are still some people who don’t know how to use rival rice cookers properly!

In this blog post, we’ll go over some easy steps and important tips you need to know before using your Rival rice cooker.

About the Rival brand

Rival is a popular brand known for its high-quality and efficient rice cookers. Their prices are lower than some other brands, but they’re still respected in cooking communities all over the world.

About the Rival brand

Rival is a very well-known and reliable brand that has been around for decades. Rival rice cookers are still popular today because they’re easy to use, high-quality, and efficient!

Rival rice cooker features

I want to start off by pointing out that Rival rice cookers all come with a “water line” or water level indicator. This is very helpful and makes it so much easier for you to know when your Rival has reached the desired amount of water in the inner pot.

This means, there should never be too little or too much water in the Rival rice cooker. It is important to make sure that your Rival rice cooker reaches its desired capacity of boiling hot, steaming flavored water every time!

Rival rice cooker features

When it comes to Rival rice cookers, you can’t go wrong with cooking white or brown rice. You’ll want to fill up the inner pot to the “water line” and then add your desired amount of Rival rice. Rival rice cookers are perfect for cooking around three cups or more of dry rice at a time!

Rival rice cookers come equipped with an adjustable “keep-warm” setting that can be set up before you start your Rival cooker.

Many Rival rice cookers also come equipped with steam trays, which add extra flavor and moisture to your Rival rice!

Rival rice cooker features

If you want warm rice ready as soon as you’re done cooking it, Rival rice cookers make that possible. You can set your Rival cooker to warm once the inner pot has reached a boiling point and Rival will keep your rice at an optimal temperature until you’re ready!

How to use Rival rice cooker

Rival rice cookers are made with the user in mind. They’re easy to use and care for, which makes cooking a lot more simple!

How to use Rival rice cooker

Here is a step by step process of cooking in a Rival rice cooker-

Step 1:

Rival rice cooker should be placed on a flat counter. Rival rice cookers are fairly lightweight, so it’s safe to move them around your kitchen as needed!

Step 2

Rinse rice in cold water before cooking. Rival is naturally coated with oil from the Rivea seeds to protect it while transported and stored. Rinsing Rival rice first will help you get rid of that extra oil and make your Rival rice cookers water less cloudy.

Step 3

Fill Rival cooker to the “water line” with cold tap water. No matter what type of Rival rice cooker you have, it’s important to use room temperature or colder water when cooking Rival rice.

Step 4

Add your desired amount of Rival rice to the Rival cooker and then add at least two cups more water than you would normally use when cooking. This is essential because if there’s not enough room for boiling hot steam in the inner pot, it won’t cook properly or taste good! Rival rice cookers are made to have a lot of water in the inner pot, which means that you should never put too little or too much Rival rice into your Rival cooker!

Step 5

Turn on power and set “keep-warm” setting if desired. If you want your Rival rice hot as soon as it’s done cooking, Rival rice cookers make it possible. Rival rice cookers have an adjustable “keep-warm” setting that can be set up to keep your Rival hot and ready until you’re done with dinner!

How to use Rival rice cooker

Step Six

Wait for Rival to boil water in the inner pot before adding desired amount of salt or other flavorings. Rival rice cookers are fully equipped to make Rival taste its best! Rival has a “keep-warm” setting that will keep your Rival hot until it’s time for dinner, but adding salt or other flavorings at the beginning of cooking is essential in making sure you’re getting the most out of every grain of Rival rice! Rival rice cookers are great for adding flavor to Rival because they’re big enough that you can add your favorite ingredients without worrying about getting them all out of the Rival cooker.

Step Seven

Wait three more minutes after Rival boils before turning off power and serving.

Rival Rice Cooker FAQs

I think it might be helpful to include some frequently asked questions about Rival rice cooker use in this blog post to answer some of the most common Rival rice cooker questions.

Q: How do I clean my Rival rice cooker?

Rival rice cookers are much easier to clean than other appliances in your kitchen because they don’t really have any removable parts! And the process is a lot like cleaning any other Asian rice cooker. Simply add warm water and dishwashing liquid inside the inner pot, close it up, and press “cook” again. Rival rice cookers will clean themselves in a matter of minutes!

How do I clean my Rival rice cooker

Q: How do I change the Rival setting?

You can easily switch from white rice to brown rice or turn your Rival on and off by pressing “menu”, followed by pressing either “white” for cooking white rice, “brown” for cooking brown rice or “off” for turning Rival rice cooker off. These are important when you are working with both kinds of rice.

Q: Do I have to soak Rival rice before cooking it?

Soaking Rival rice is definitely a good idea because it will make the Rival rice cookers process much easier and faster! All you need to do is add water, place the uncooked Rival rice inside, and soak it for at least 30 minutes before cooking. Rival rice cookers will automatically adjust the amount of water needed to compensate for Rival rice that is already soaked! But when cooking fried rice you need to dry out the rice rather than soak it.

Q: Do you put rice or water first in the rice cooker?

It doesn’t matter.

Q: Can you open the rice cooker while cooking?

It is not a problem but it is not recommended because the dish might get ruined.


The bottom line is that we want to make sure you get the best possible product for your money. Rival is a very good candidate for saving your money because it costs very less no matter which sizes you are taking. But it performs very well that most people don’t know. So, a true underdog!

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