How to Make Loose Leaf Tea Without a Strainer

How to Make Loose Leaf Tea Without a Strainer?

We all have a preference when it comes to our wanted tea type, especially the process of how we make them. Some prefer tea bags on the go while some want to prepare a newly brewed tea from a specific type of loose tea leaf.

However, what if at a specific time you find your strainer broken? How can you prepare your tea before you start your day?

Do not panic! Sit, calm, and relax as you read this article and find out how to make your favorite tea even without a strainer!

Ways to Make Tea and Strain Even Without a Strainer

If you do not have a strainer, it is a common doing that you would use an infuser, but not all have it lying around their house. Being helpless and not being able to drink your tea can deeply affect your mood, and so to know how to prevent that, here are some of the ways of making tea even without a strainer:

Make Tea and Strain Even Without a Strainer

Two Cups and a Tea

You read it right, all you need are two cups, and then you are ready to go!

The steps are as follows:

  1. Use one cup to store the loose leaf and pour the hot water.
  2. Once it is done brewing, prepare your another cup.
  3. Pour the tea into the clean cup. The remaining particles will remain on the brewed cup.

This method can be crucial as you would not want to be burned with hot liquid nor be messy. It is best if you have any cloth used to protect your hand or plate under the clean cup that will act as a barrier to catch the remaining tea not poured in the cup.

The Traditional: Gaiwan

This method is done in Asian history for centuries. All you need is a lid and a small bowl to do this. The procedure is as follows–

  1. Use the bowl or Gaiwan in brewing your tea.
  2. After that, use the lid to block the remaining leaves and debris as you pour it in your cup,

However, using a Gaiwan is not necessary as long as you have its lookalike instruments. This is also one of the easiest methods that you can encounter in filtering your tea.

Not Your Typical Kitchen Roll

It is much like the coffee filter procedure. Either way, you will still have a freshly brewed tea whatever it takes.

  1. Get your kitchen roll and cleanse it to remove any aftertaste.
  2. Fold it square-like twice.
  3. Fold out one part of the pocket and place it in the cup.
  4. Place the loose leaf on the kitchen roll, then pour hot water and wait for it to brew.
  5. Once done, remove the paper, and your tea is now ready!

Remember to throw out the used paper roll in the process. Enjoy the cup of tea made just for you!

Coffee Filter

If you are also a coffee drinker aside from being a tea enthusiast, you may have some spare filters lying around. You can use this as an alternative and is perfect for brewing. It uses the same procedure, much like how you use it with coffee. The way to do it is as follows:

  1. Cleanse the filter with hot water to remove any potential aftertaste.
  2. Put the filter paper on the mug, and place the loose leaf.
  3. Pour hot water in a circular motion and allow it to brew for a specific minutes set depending on your liking.
  4. Once done, remove the filter and the tea inside the mug is your newly made tea.
Coffee Filter

It is recommended to use unbleached filters to not have any additional aftertaste. It only requires minimal cleanup as you throw the used filter with leaves, and then you are good to go.


If you do have a sieve in your kitchen, you can use it as an alternative infuser! How? Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Brew the loose leaf tea in a cup.
  2. Once done, grab another cup and place the sieve on top.
  3. Hold onto the sieve while brewing, especially if it is unstable.
  4. Pour the brewed cup on the mug with sieve on top.
  5. After doing so, you will now have freshly brewed tea.

Filtering Fork or Slotted Spoon

Having a kitchen, you will surely have a fork or slotted spoon lying around somewhere. To know how to utilize it in your tea escapades, here are the steps:

  1. Brew the tea in a clean cup.
  2. Carefully pour it into another cup, and use the fork or slotted spoon to block the remaining leaves.
  3. Push it back unto the cup and prevent it from transferring unto your teacup.

It can also be done in camping utilization or on the road as you suddenly crave for your tea.

Tea Bag

Finally, if you just do not have any means, settle for tea bags. You may be reluctant at first, but if it is the only way to have tea, use it. Although this does not mean that you will use any of the contents, it is not necessary. You will just use the material of the bag to filter your wanted loose leaf tea.

Tea Bag
  1. Cut the tea bag open and remove the unwanted contents.
  2. Seal it on one side by folding it creating a crease.
  3. Open the bag and pour the loose leaf.
  4. Fold both ends in half and secure it with a toothpick.
  5. Place it in your cup with hot water, and place it inside to brew.

The Filter Mechanism of Tin Foil

Yes, that is right. You can also use tin foil to make an alternative infuser. Here is the procedure:

  1. Get a tin foil and cut a square.
  2. Fold twice to produce a small square.
  3. Have a knife and twist a hole in an area where it is closed.
  4. Find a pocket and fold it out, then place it in your mug.
  5. Put the loose tea inside the pocket and pour hot water on it.
  6. Wait for it to brew.
  7. Casually stir it when you are halfway done.
  8. Remove the tin foil. Now you have tea to drink!

Final Thoughts: The Determination.

In reality, you do not really need a topnotch infuser or strainer to get you a fresh loose leaf tea. All you need are a few materials, imagination, and determination to get you through. Now that you know the different ways to filter, brew your favorite tea!

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