How to Make Garlic Rice in Rice Cooker

How to Make Garlic Rice in Rice Cooker?

Garlic rice is a famous dish in Asia. It can be made with garlic, garlic oil, and rice. The garlic flavor comes from garlic cloves that are sliced or minced and cooked with rice. In addition to garlic cloves, you may also add some chopped fresh herbs such as parsley, cilantro, green onion slices…etc.

A rice cooker is one of the most popular cooking appliances for making dishes like this because it’s so easy! But you have to make sure that you get a high-quality rice cooker. For me, Zojirushi rice cookers work the best.

How to make garlic rice in a rice cooker

Making garlic rice is very easy. There is nothing much special to it. So, here we tell you about the steps of making garlic rice in a rice cooker.

How to make garlic rice in a rice cooker

Step one

Garlic rice or any other kind of rice. All the rice dishes start with rinsing the rice and making it clean of the starch. So, just rinse the rice until it’s clear and drain off any water that is left on top of the rice grains.

Step two

Put garlic rice in a bowl and add some garlic cloves on top of the rice. There is no particular number as to how much garlic you want, but just remember that garlic makes everything better!

Step three

Add water into your pot or cooker depending on what kind of appliance you are using. The amount should be about twice the measure of rice. If you put more water, garlic rice will turn out too soft and it’ll be more like a soup. If you put less water, garlic rice won’t taste good because not enough of the flavor gets into the rice. So in order to get perfect garlic rice every time follow this simple rule: twice measure for each cup of rice is recommended.

How to make garlic rice in a rice cooker

Step four

Add garlic rice garlic cloves garlic oil, salt, and sugar into the pot. You can choose any of the garlic oils that you like most but keep in mind that better quality olive or sesame oil is recommended for making garlic rice because it’s healthier with no cholesterol at all.

Step five

Turn on your cooker button depending on what kind of appliance you are using. Set your cooker to cook garlic rice for 25-30 minutes or until all of the water gets evaporated.

Garlic rice in a rice cooker

Step six

Turn off your garlic rice cooker and let it cool down before you open its lid. Wait at least 15 minutes, then mix garlic rice using a spoon gently so that every ingredient is mixed well with each other. If garlic rice is sticky and lumpy, it means you didn’t add enough water. If garlic rice turns out very dry and doesn’t stick together at all, then too much water was added to the garlic rice dish.

Step seven

Serve garlic rice with your favorite food and vegetables such as fried tofu sheets stir-fried beef or broccoli.

Keeping garlic rice good for a long time

Unfortunately, garlic rice does not last for a long time because it’s made with water and oil. But if you are hosting a dinner party at home, garlic rice can be kept in the oven on low heat for no more than 30 minutes before it gets cold.

Keeping garlic rice good for a long time

In order for garlic rice not to turn out lumpy and mushy, it is recommended that you add about a tablespoon of water when cooking garlic rice in the oven. If your garlic rice turns out too dry and thick last time, just add more than a tablespoon so that garlic rice is nice and fluffy.

FAQs about cooking garlic rice in a rice cooker

Here are some questions that you might find handy

Q: How to make garlic rice crispy?

A: Garlic rice can be made crispy if it’s fried using garlic rice oil for about five minutes before you turn on your cooker button or oven function. You can also fry garlic rice in a pan with garlic oil until the garlic turns golden brown, then add garlic rice and garlic cloves to your pot or cooker.

How to make garlic rice crispy

Q: Can garlic rice be cooked in a pot?

A: Yes, you can cook garlic rice by adding garlic and garlic oil to boiling water on the stove. Be sure to keep stirring so that it doesn’t stick or burn. You’ll need about one cup of garlic-infused water for every cup of rice. Garlic rice can also be cooked in a garlic rice cooker.

Q: Can you add butter to rice in a rice cooker?

A: Yes, garlic rice can be made tastier by adding garlic olive oil or garlic butter to it. You can also use garlic salt instead of regular salt for more flavor.

Q: What goes well with garlic rice?

A: Garlic rice can go along great as a side dish for chicken curry! It also pairs nicely with beef stew and lamb chops if you want to add more flavor to your meats.

Q: Is garlic rice filipino?

A: garlic rice is not Filipino since garlic came from China and parts of India.

Some handy tips for making garlic rice in a rice cooker

Some handy tips for making garlic rice in a rice cooker

Here are some tips to help you make the best garlic rice ever!

  • Add garlic oil instead of regular olive oil or butter for more flavor. Don’t worry, it won’t smell that strong after you’ve cooked garlic rice because most of the smell will be removed through boiling water and heat.
  • Add garlic cloves with garlic rice to make it even tastier. You can also add chopped chili or green onions instead of garlic cloves if you like. Just remember that there are some people who don’t like spicy food, so be sure to ask first before adding chili for more flavor.
  • Always use cold water when cooking garlic rice. Never use hot water because garlic rice will lose its flavors.
  • Let garlic rice soak for a few minutes after boiling it before you serve it to let the garlic flavor absorb enough into your garlic rice and make it even more delicious!


Garlic rice is an easy and wonderful dish to cook if you have a rice cooker. I hope these garlic rice tips and garlic rice recipes will help you make a bowl of tasty garlic rice.

If this article was helpful, please share it with your friends so that they can also learn how to cook great garlic rice! Thank you for reading my blog post about garlic rice in a rice cooker. It’s been fun writing about cooking garlic rice.

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