How to Cook Barley in a Rice Cooker

How to Cook Barley in a Rice Cooker?

Barley is a healthy, whole grain that has been used for centuries in many different cultures. It’s not just the barley itself that holds great health benefits – cooking it in your rice cooker could be an excellent way to make sure you’re getting all of those benefits.

There are two ways to cook barley in a rice cooker: one pot or two pots. One pot is easy and takes about 30 minutes, but if you want to get even more nutrients out of your meal, then try using two pots where one contains water with salt added while the other contains barley with no additional liquid needed.

Both the processes are straightforward. But you have to understand how the whole process works. And the rice cooker is always there to make things easy. This is a basic guide, so we will only discuss the one pot method here.

Cooking Barley in a Rice Cooker – One Pot Method:

This is a quick and easy way to cook barley in a rice cooker. You can use this method if you are cooking for two people or more! It also works well as leftovers (store it in an airtight container and refrigerate). Here’s how-

Cooking Barley in a Rice Cooker

Step 1

Rinse the barley under cold running water before adding it to the rice cooker bowl.

Step 2

Add barley, water, and butter or oil in a rice cooker bowl. Stir everything well so that all ingredients are combined thoroughly. Press the cook button on your rice cooker to start cooking at high pressure for about 20 minutes (about 15 if you’re using white short grain).

Step 3

Once the cooking cycle is complete, let your pressure cooker cool down on its own before carefully releasing any built-up steam. If you are using an ‘instant pot’, release all pressure first and open carefully! Stir well to mix everything together at this point.

Cooking Barley in a Rice Cooker

Add salt, pepper, and more water if needed at this point to adjust the consistency of your barley porridge. You can also add some milk or cream for a richer taste! Stir everything well before serving hot with desired side dishes such as veggies or salad.

Tips on making barley in a rice cooker

Tips on making barley in a rice cooker
  • For best results when using the “two pot method,” switch to nonstick lining once you’re done adding water – this will prevent sticking of salt at the bottom of your inner pot.
  • Try adding seasonings while cooking barley, like fresh herbs or spices for a little extra flavor.
  • To save time, you can cook barley in advance and store it in an airtight container to use when needed later on – just make sure that your cooked barley is completely cooled before storing since leaving warm food out too long could pose a health risk.
  • You can add barley to soups or other dishes in place of rice for added flavor and nutrition, such as the classic Middle Eastern dish tabouli salad.

Pearl barley Vs pot barley, which is better with a rice cooker

When it comes to cooking barley in a rice cooker, there are two different types of barley that can be used. One type is pearl barley and the other type is pot barley; the difference is that pot barley has had its outer shells removed. When you cook these two different types of barley in a rice cooker, they both come out relatively similar in terms of texture and flavor.

The only real difference between them when cooking is that pot barley cooks faster than pearl barley because it has had its skins or outer shells removed so it boils quicker in the water. Pearl barley does take slightly longer to cook than pot barley when using a rice cooker but both come out with similar textures when they’re cooked.

Pearl barley Vs pot barley

The instructions for cooking either pearl barley or pot barley in a rice cooker are almost identical, whether you’re cooking alone or for multiple people. All that really changes is the amount of water and time needed to cook each type of barley depending on how many servings you want it to make (and if there’s any additional ingredients such as salt added). If all you’re adding is just plain water and cooking one serving of pearl barley or pot barley, it takes about thirty minutes to cook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is barley gluten free?

No, barley is not gluten free

Q: How does barley taste?

Barley is a small seed that grows in the skin of barley. It has an earthy aroma and unique chewy texture, often described as having a nutty flavor because it contains some type of oil or fat called alpha-amylase when cooked down during brewing processes.

How does barley taste

Q: How to serve barley?

This is self-explanatory. Barley can be served as cereal, with sugar added, or in soups. It is also used in stews, casseroles, and salads.

Q: Can I eat barley raw?

Barley can be eaten as a whole grain or sprouted seed which contains all the health benefits of barley just like any other type of legumes such as lentils, beans, and soy products.

Q: Which is the best rice cooker for barley?

There is no specific rice cooker that is labeled to be made for barley. However, a rice cooker that is generally good for other things will also be good for barley.


Write a conclusion for the content aboveBarley can be cooked in a rice cooker and tastes just as good as other types of barley. Whether you prefer to cook pearl barley or pot-barley, the cooking instructions are nearly identical. It takes about 30 minutes for one serving of either type of barley to fully cook so it’s best not to overcook your food!

To keep your kitchen clean during this process, use nonstick lining inside the inner pot when using two pots. You can also add seasonings while cooking by adding fresh herbs or spices if desired. For added flavor and nutrition, try substituting some pearled barley for rice in soups and dishes like tabouli salad–it will give them a hearty texture with extra flavors that everyone will enjoy!

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