How To Cleanse Your Palate For Tea

How To Cleanse Your Palate For Tea?

Tea tasting is an art. Sure it has its benefits of relieving you of stress and clearing away toxins but there is more to it than just that.

In order to fully infuse yourself with this sense tingling beverage, you need to temporarily say goodbye to anything else that might be lingering in your taste buds, or in other words, cleanse your palate.

This article will inform you of the many ways palate cleansing can be done and will help you realize that not only does it elevate the taste of your tea but it will definitely remove any bitterness you might have in your mouth.

Benefits Of Cleansing Your Palate

Before you find out all the ways you can cleanse your palate, it’s best to educate yourself on all the advantages you will gain from doing so. The following are benefits of a palate cleanser.

Benefits Of Cleansing Your Palate

A Fresh Start For Your Taste Buds

The main point of a palate cleanser is to prepare your taste buds fresh and clean for the next incoming meal/drink. This will help you enjoy your food/drink to the maximum.

Eliminate Lingering Tastes

You won’t have to worry about tastes, flavors and aromas colliding with one another and ridding you of the enjoyment you could gain from your meal/drink.

Achieve Focus on Your Next Taste

We all have 5 senses and all of the senses will be at their peak which will help you achieve total focus on the next contender that steps foot on your tongue.

Helps Remove Toxins

You can get rid of unwanted build up in your stomach and other organs by cleansing your palate. Of course, our bodies have been designed so meticulously that it can remove these substances themselves but if you are able to take in palate cleansers, it will help speed up the process and improve your metabolism.

Palate Cleansers In-Between Tea

As hefty as the term may sound, palate cleansing is actually an extremely simple process. There are a few things you can eat or drink in order to remove residuals from your mouth and these items won’t add to your taste either. Below I’ve mentioned some of the most effective ones.

Palate Cleansers In-Between Tea


Water should be a no brainer. It is the king of all palate cleansers. You can never go wrong with this one. Water balances out all and any flavor so be sure to drink lots of it if you want to neutralize your taste buds.

Pumpkin Seeds

The crunchiness of the pumpkin seeds, as well as its nutty flavor, is sure to sweep your mouth of unwanted residue. They are chock full of nutrients so eating them is a great way of removing toxic substances from your body.

Pickled Ginger

The acidity that secretes from ginger helps cancel out any bitterness you might have left inside your mouth. Pickled ginger may sting just a little bit and may not fit everyone’s tastes but if you are willing to handle a tiny bit of burn, a few bites of ginger will do the trick.

Pickled Ginger

Lemon Sorbet

Another acidic food item is lemon and blended with some ice, you’ve got yourself a sorbet. As I’ve mentioned before, acidic food helps take out the bitter taste. Ice is just water in a solid state so its coolness washes it away and soothes the tongue by neutralizing your palate. Lemon sorbet is like the ultimate power couple.

Lemon Sorbet


Apple, another acidic fruit, is commonly referred to as a palate cleanser used by Europeans during wine tasting and it works just the same as for tea tasting. One cool thing about apples is that they help get rid of bad breath.


When you have all these different types of flavors and aromas dancing around the insides of your mouth, your tongue is sure to get tired.

In order to calm down the madness, cheese is a perfect choice. Unlike the other items on this list, cheese does not neutralize nor does it clean away the residues. Instead, it muffles the tannin build up because of its high protein content.


Crackers, preferably unsalted or flavorless ones, help to quickly reduce any unwanted taste of almost any sort of flavor. Just like cheese, crackers or any sort of flour-based food (like bread, for example), will dull down your taste buds almost instantly and make you ready to try out a new flavor.


Tea is a soul-soothing commodity. If you really want to enjoy tea or certainly any other types of food, these are some of the best ways to go through the transitions. I hope these methods help make for an amazing tea tasting experience!

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