How Much Money Could Be Made Selling Honey

How Much Money Could Be Made Selling Honey?

Can you make money from selling honey? The answer is yes depending on a variety of factors to put into considerations; such as the type of honey bees you’ve kept, geographic location, weather, temperature, pests, local flora, and among others.

Honey is considered five times more expensive than oil and its demand, is very high not only in Africa but globally. The price of honey ranges from $6 to $9 for a kilo locally while internationally, it retails from $15 to $20.

Let’s find out how you can make money from selling honey and honey products…


Honey is the most popular bee product and an excellent source of income for beekeepers. Its currently in high demand both locally and internationally. You can make good cash by selling your honey from home to your consumers within your area especially if you present it in clean and unspoiled condition. An example of this is people in New Zealand makes money selling manuka honey to people in their country and in other countries.

You can also sell your honey to food processors who then package it in bottles, put their label on it. However, if you decide to supply your honey to large retail stores like supermarkets, you will get a higher price according to the packaged container and type of the honey.

Made Selling Honey

The price of honey has almost doubled according to the research done by the National Honey Board in 2016 compared to previous years. This is because one hive can produce between 40 to 60 pounds of honey every year depending on the beekeeping equipment and maintenance conditions of the colonies.

Bee wax products

The excess beeswax is mainly used to make candles, soap, moisturizer, hand cream among other products.

Beeswax prices can vary widely based on the quality and the color of the wax and later sold to the wholesaler and retail stores. Bee wax is also used for shoe repairs by cobblers and some shoe companies always purchase it for their shoe production process.

Bee wax products

However, before selling these products, you must melt and filter them thoroughly to remove any impurity. To generate more profit from these products, you can attractively wrap their packages and then sell them.

Bee pollen and propolis

Another way to make money from honeybee products is the sale of bee pollen and propolis. Bee pollen is the pollen ball that has been modified by worker honeybees into pellets and considered one of nature’s most nourishing foods.

It contains all essentials components that are rich in proteins, amino acids and vitamins like B-complex and folic acids needed by human beings. The pollen is used to boost immunity, treat allergies and also used as antioxidants. Due to their medicinal value, you can make money from selling bee pollen to food stores and drugstore.

How Much Money Could Be Made Selling Honey

Bee propolis, on the other hand, is the sticky substance/bee glue that honey is making bees use to seal small cracks and gaps in the hives and contains many health benefits. For example, bee propolis has anti-bacterial properties that are used primarily to kill bacterial like warts, help treat bone diseases, lowers blood pressure, treat sores, treat food poisoning, and protects injured teeth among other benefits. Also, propolis is used in making cosmetics products and chewing gum.

Bee pollination services

Bee pollination is another way of making money since it’s very beneficial to the various types of crops in boosting their production.

Agricultural producers will pay just to have your beehives in their fields because they need these pollination bees to pollinate their field crops. In turn, the pollination will help their crops to yield mostly.

The rental cost of hives varies from the geographical location and climatic condition of the area.

Final Word

The business of rearing honey bees is the most profitable venture one can achieve within a short period. Demand for honey is always on the rise since it’s known to be a favorite natural sweetener product.

Due to its medicinal value, it contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties used to treat different diseases, fight infections and allergies. The price of raw honey varies from the pasteurized one since many believe raw honey contains all natural products.

However, you can also make money from selling other honey-related products like bee wax products and pollen. With proper management, a hive can turn a profit relatively quickly, especially if the beekeeper is willing to consider all the potential streams of revenue.

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