How Many Calories does Iced Tea Have

How Many Calories does Iced Tea Have?

Whenever we go into our favorite restaurant, or we are visitors in a house, more often than not we are offered iced tea as one of our choices in the beverage. However, how much-iced tea can really be consumed before reaching our maximum calories for the day?

We are often caught by its sweet aroma and refreshing taste that we do not realize the glasses we consume in a day, and that if it is still advisable.

In order to answer this ambiguous question, this article will provide you facts regarding your favorite iced tea drink. Now, all you need to do is read and know whether what you are consuming is still recommended for your body or not. Alright, have fun reading your “tea” of the day!

What is Iced Tea?

What is Iced Tea

From its nomenclature, the beverage is a form of tea that is kept at low temperature. Although it does not necessarily mean that it needs to be served with ice, it can also be just chilled or at a specific cold temperature depending on your liking.

It is naturally sweetened with syrup, sugar, or any other sweetener. In addition, it is widely known as a health remedy since it improves one’s health in terms of lowering certain risks such as cancer.

Amount of Calories in Different Variety of Iced Tea

On average, the calorie content of 1 cup of tea is at least 90 calories. It basically contains only 2 calories for unsweetened teas. The gap is in a wide degree due to the absence of sugar in perspective. Similarly, the calorie content mainly depends on tea types, To know more, here is the list:

Calories in Different Variety of Iced Tea

Unsweetened Iced Tea

Since it does not have any sweetener involved, the calorie content is relatively low. For one cup, the calories are only 2 in quantity. Meanwhile, a can as storage would make the content more causing it to have 3 calories.

Unsweetened Iced Tea

The biggest tea that you can get that is still reasonable for the day is in bottle, and its calorie content is 4.

Sweetened Iced Tea

Sweetened Iced Tea

Since its sweetener content is present, it affects the calorie content together with the quantity. In general, one cup has 90 calories in total, which is significantly high compared to unsweetened once.

For a can size, the calorie content is 129 calories. On the other hand, for 1 bottle, the calorie content is twice the calorie of a cup, which is 180 in the total amount.

Lemonade Iced Tea

In terms of popular variety, lemonade iced tea is one of the main preference in terms of the tea drinker population. However, many do not realize its calorie content, which is 110 in quantity.

Although the average calorie that one must take in a day is about 2000, you should watch your drinking pace and ensure that you can only take ample amounts per day.

Diet Lemonade Iced Tea

Due to its advertised characteristic, its calorie content is only 10 in amount. This is to watch the weight gain based on carbohydrates and calories in perspective.

Diet Lemonade Iced Tea

Overall, the ingredient is taken into account regarding the carbohydrates needed in a day but lessened to promote accurate and proportional weight loss.

Pure Leaf Iced Tea

As implied, it should have the nutrients of the overall tea leaf, which is why it has 60 calories in quantity. This helps you to get the most out of the indirect benefits it can give for the day, but ensure to drink in moderate amounts.

Sweetened Raspberry Iced Tea

This type typically has 70 calories on average. It is beneficial if you want to make the most out of what you are drinking based on its contents, but also needs moderation within the day.

Sweetened Raspberry Iced Tea

Health Benefits of Iced Tea

Apart from the refreshing and after effect, you can also get numerous benefits in terms of your overall well-being. Here are some of the known advantages that you can get when you drink your cup of iced tea:


You need to consume liquid to keep you hydrated, and tea is not an exemption! It is one of the best remedies to quench your thirst with a close gap difference to water. With this, as you drink your tea, the overall organs will stay on top of their game.

Health Benefits of Iced Tea

Teeth State

Normally, the pH level of teas is tolerable, which results for your mouth to adapt the acquired pH, and prevents any cavities or teeth mishaps.

Specifically, it can help you to have a stronger tooth along the way and stop it from losing one by one. Also, it is known to not harm the tooth enamel, unlike other drinks.

Prevents Stress

If you expect tons of work ahead of you, it is always best to start with your daily cup. It is for the reason that the relaxing after effect of tea can affect not only the physical feeling but also addresses the anxiety that helps you to focus more.

Moreover, it is seconded by the lower levels of the hormone cortisol that affects relatively with stress.

Alternative to Sugar Beverages

We all consume coke in fast food restaurants, which contains at least 9 teaspoons of sugar. Meanwhile, for unsweetened iced tea, you literally will consume 0 teaspoons and will only consume 2 calories for the one 8 oz cup.

Supply and Accentuate Antioxidants

It also contains the ones that fight those that potentially can damage the cells in your overall health. In fact, it is known that it has about 8 times more than what is found in healthy fruits and vegetables.


When drinking iced tea, you should know about its calorie content to control how many cups you can consume within the day. Not because it is mostly known as a norm to drink on a hot day, means that you can drink it at all times.

Nevertheless, it is still essential to know its potential ingredients that can be beneficial in moderate amounts for your body. Knowing the basics now, you can ensure that drinking your most beloved tea is at its peak!

So, craving for an iced tea? Know the possible calories, then drink accordingly.

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