Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey: 17 Health Benefits and Uses

Honey is a gift to mankind by the busy workers – the honey bees. Manuka honey is the purest form of honey and has high value in terms of nutrition content and its history.

New Zealand is the highest producer of Manuka honey and is a very advantageous form of honey out of all the 300 varieties. A very shocking fact about Manuka honey is that it remains unhampered over the years.

A jar of Manuka honey would be edible even after a thousand years. It is a nature’s gift that has incredible healing powers.

This superior variety of honey is high in nutrition content that every human being can benefit from.

Below you can check the health benefits of Manuka honey:

Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

1) Relief from Tonsillitis

Tonsils are an important part of the human throat that filter the harmful particles inhaled while breathing. Swelling in the tonsils gives rise to a throat disorder, termed tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis can be of three different levels, mild, moderate and severe. It is also accompanied with fever, throat pain, running nose, bad odour, etc.

The disease more prevalent in kids can be easily cured through Manuka honey.

Ibuprofen is a widely used drug to cure the throat condition. The other method is by surgical guidance which is adopted in extreme cases.

However, like most of the cases, surgery should be the last option to treat an ailment. Hence, Manuka honey should be a preferred choice since it is highly effective with a positive result trend, without any side-effect.

Intake of 3 to 4 teaspoons of Manuka honey every day can bring down the swelling of the throat. The contagious virus or bacteria is eradicated completely.

Also, the body’s immune system fights the weakness.

2) Relief from sinusitis

The tissue lining the sinuses is susceptible to infection if not taken care of. When the sinuses tissue swells up, it gives rise to an inflammatory condition called sinusitis.

This happens when the sinuses are not clean from inside. Healthy sinuses contain air. However, when the sinuses are not clean, they will be filled with germ based fluid which gives a place to bacteria and other viruses to breed.

Using antibiotics is a common preference to healing the disorder. However, it may take a couple of weeks for these antibiotics to start their work.

The mucosal lining formed by the pathogens creates a barrier which prevents the antibiotics from reaching the microbes and start their action.

On the contrary, honey dries up this lining and targets the Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the two main pathogens of sinusitis.

Either use a neti pot or directly use a high-grade UMF 15+ honey.

3) Dental Safety

Sweet food items like chocolates, sweets, beverages, etc have a decaying action on the teeth. On the contrary, Manuka honey, though sweet, is good for dental health and stops plague formation.

Chlorhexidine mouthwash is widely used to treat plague formation. Researches have proved that Manuka honey protects the tooth in a similar way that the mouthwash does.

Apart from following a good diet plan, intake of Manuka honey on a regular basis can considerably increase the tooth strength. The minerals present in the honey are enough to make the tooth so strong that even the plague can not weaken it.

Manuka Honey

Apart from its action against plague, the honey is also good to fight and provide protection against Gingivitis.

The bad breath problem can land you in embarrassing situations. This can deteriorate your image in the professional or family circle.

Regular intake of Manuka honey can also heal this problem. Amongst its various dental benefits is also its ability to fight pyorrhea, the periodontal disease.

4) Prevention against Rosacea

Flare-ups on the skin are the worst thing that can happen to one’s physical appearance. Rosacea is such a skin disorder which is more apparent after a person hits the age of 30.

The disease affects the facial tissues and creates redness and inflammation on nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. The skin condition may or may not be permanent and is noted to come and go.

In some odd situation, it might also affect other areas such as neck, chest, ears and scalp. Individuals whose skin reflects flushing and blushing instantly are more prone to Rosacea.

There is no such method known to be very effective against the disorder. However, applying Manuka honey can improve the condition to a great extent.

In many of the cases, Manuka honey has been able to completely cure the disease making it impeccable and flawless.

The way honey works on Rosacea is interesting. It first cleans the pores, then tightens the skin making it no longer susceptible to the outside dirt and moisture.

The honey controls the microorganisms that breed in the pores while making the skin tight and preventing access to microorganisms.

5) Manuka honey for skin benefit

Stress in the hectic lifestyle of today can easy take a toll on your skin. This includes working for long hours on computers, insufficient sleep, untimely intake of food, skipping meals, junk eating, etc.

Don’t just avoid these signs of skin damage. Trust Manuka honey for a healthier looking skin.

The live enzymes present in Manuka honey work miraculously to heal the pimples. The honey prevents inflaming and eradicates the acne causing bacteria from the base.

It revitalises the skin by removing the layer of dead cells. In case there is a presence of scars on the face, Manuka honey combats the same, as well.

Manuka honey for skin benefit

It is a well-known fact that water supplies essential nutrients to the skin because of its hydration power. Manuka honey deeply moisturizes the skin giving it a golden glow that stays all day long.

Collagen is a protein which is found in cosmetics to prevent the skin from aging. Manuka honey provides a natural shielding against collagen-destroying enzymes.

Use the Manuka honey as a mask, keeping it for about 20 minutes or use it as a cleanser in warm water. Either ways, the honey is bound to give you favourable results.

6) Prevention against cuts and incisions

Natural and unindustrialized forms of honey have been known to mankind for the treatment of wounds since ancient times. Manuka honey, the most untreated form of honey is used to heal human and animal wounds.

Manuka honey can be used to treat ulcers in stomach as it has a great cooling effect. The form of honey is a natural antiseptic which explains why we can use it for wounds and cuts.

Methylglyoxal available in Manuka honey prevents the promotion of infection causing bacteria. While doctors also use antibiotics for treatment against septic caused by cuts, they also affect the metabolic activities and restrict their working.

Due to its high moisture content, Manuka honey relieves the pain while dressing. Moreover, it eradicates any sign of pus from the wounds making it hard for the microbes to survive.

The honey also has the potential to treat the burns. Results show that Manuka honey treats burns 10 times quicker than the silver sulfadiazine, a traditional medicine to treat burns.

7) A treatment for Jock Itch, Athlete’s Foot, and Nail Fungus

The above-mentioned infections are contagious which means they can be easily spread from one person to another. Worms and parasites spread these fungal infections in body parts which are hard to reach.

Though one can avoid the infection by inhibiting direct touch with the infected person, towels, books, dishes are also the common carriers of disease which means it is highly infectious. The natural ingredients present in the honey make it free from the potential dangers of side-effects.

Ringworm is more common in kids but due to unhygienic conditions or climatic influence, anyone can contract it. Athlete’s Foot is usually prevalent in areas where the skin folds, which means keeping the joints free from moisture can lessen the probability of the infection.

Manuka honey is a great healer against such microbic infections. It reduces the temptation to itch and its antifungal properties work even faster when used with a bandage.

8) A great solution for hair loss and dandruff

When the dead skin appears on the scalp, dandruff takes a toll on hair health. Dryness of the scalp is a reason why dandruff appears combined with dead skin flakes.

Normal treatment for dandruff is oil based chemicals. However, a prolonged exposure to these oils can cause scalp acne which can worsen the situation. To make the things balanced, Manuka honey is the best treatment.

The treatment has been in place since ages and has many other hair benefits to offer other than treating dandruff. Manuka honey is a tried and tested method in treating baldness and hair thinning.

The reason it works so well as a hair replenisher is that honey contains natural wax, a source of conditioning for the scalp. Deep honey massage can work wonders for you if you are losing hair at an unbelievable speed.

Apart from honey massage, a hair mask of honey and lemon or honey and curd also conditions the hair giving it a natural bounce and shine.

9) A great medicine against split ends and rough hair

As already discussed, Manuka honey provides deep conditioning to the scalp when used regularly. Needless to say, it is a great natural ingredient against dry and frizzy hair.

Due to over exposure to heating and chemical methods of beauty treatment like hair straightening, hair rebonding, smoothening, etc, hair loses its natural protective shield. Manuka honey provides the protective layer which restores the inbuilt moisture of the hair.

You can also synergize your regular conditioner with a few droplets of Manuka honey to fight split ends and tangled hair. Other than making the hair silky, it also makes them lustrous.

A great medicine against split ends and rough hair

You might think that using honey will make your hair sticky and this can land you in a distasteful condition in front of friends and colleagues. On the contrary, it actually makes the hair look beautiful like never before.

Your hair remained locked and protected against dirt, oil, and pollution with the help of natural Manuka honey.

10) An instant healer for Gastritis

A common stomach infection accompanied by stomach inflation is called gastritis. As the stomach regulates the energy mechanism of a body, it becomes very vital to treat the stomach ailment as soon as possible.

To identify if you have stomach infection gastritis, look for these common symptoms:

A decrease in appetite is the foremost signal of developing gastritis. In case you notice a change in your hunger pattern, it might be time to consult a physician for the check-up.

If you notice a feeling of uneasiness or discomfort right after the meals, this is another symbol of gastritis.

The abdominal region being soft and mild and continuous pain in the abdominal region just above the waist line.

A feeling of being choked or feeling like vomiting. There might be a feeling that you are sick.

These symptoms can arise in case of prolonged exposure to drugs. The other causes are eating fatty food, having stress, indigestion, infections, etc.

Manuka honey works against the Helicobacter pylori, gastritis causing bacteria. A tablespoon of Manuka honey thrice a day between the meals can cure the problem.

11) A cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

The Manuka honey provides a cushion layer against the damaged tissues in the lining of the stomach. The methylglyoxal immunes the stomach with its antibacterial properties.

The honey is also used to reduce the level of cholesterol. and cure diabetes and cancer. These diseases lead to the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which occurs due to movement of small and large intestines.

These can be the various causes of IBD. The other causes are hormonal changes, stress, and pathogenic infection. Various other anomalies accompanied with IBD are bloating of the stomach, dehydration, constipation, and similar problems related to the gut.

Manuka honey is till date the best-known healer for IBD. In case of stomach ulcers and cuts in the stomach due to other body ailments, the honey proves as beneficial.

Manuka honey with a rating of more than UMF15 or equal to it is considered fit for consumption. Lubricating the digestive track with Manuka honey is a great solution for which one can take honey with bread before having meals.

12) Saves You From Swine Flu, Pig Influenza

Swine flu, pig influenza or swine influenza is fatal disease which arises from the breeding of the swine infection virus on the human body. The virus is very common in pigs and was first discovered in the year 2000.

In 2009, the first case of swine flu in humans came to notice. The disease directly affects the respiratory system and is also a leading cause of Pneumonia.

People working in poultry farms and directly or indirectly dealing with the swines (parasites living on bodies) have a strong chance of contracting the disease.

When the Swine Flu epidemic broke out in the year 2009, many cases were treated using Manuka honey. Body chemicals stay in perfect balance with a regular intake of Manuka honey which is the reason that it treats Swine flu.

Also, if someone in your close contact contracts the virus, you must consume this special honey as it has been proven that the product provides high immunity against the flu.

13) Provides great relief from Small intestine bacterial overgrowth

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) or Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome (SBBOS) is a bacterial disease where the size of small intestine increases. This disease is somehow like the large bowel syndrome (colon) which has already been discussed.

The difference between the two is that in SBBOS, the number of bacteria is considerably less. Weight loss, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, choking, etc are the common symptoms of SBBOS.

The reason of malnutrition is the absorption of the nutrients provided by food by the bacteria. If you have SIBO, get tested for anaemia as well, since the disorder also takes a toll on the blood count.

If your tests for SIBO are positive, there are chances that you might also have acid reflux since both are related to small bowel. However, Manuka honey is a miraculous remedy against the bacterial syndrome as the product is anti-bacterial.

Consume 2-3 teaspoons of Manuka honey to reduce the acid reflux in the stomach.

14) Healing against Staph Infections (MRSA)

Staph Infections or MRSA is a disease caused by bacteria but is relatively difficult to heal. The reason is that the infection is not cured by many antibacterial medicines.

If you have a skin infection and someone around you had it too, you must get yourself checked for the infection. The symptoms are burnt skin, soaring of skin, intense redness, etc.

Initial treatment of the skin ailment is necessary as it is contagious and can turn severe affecting the lungs and urinary passage. If you have surgical cuts or incisions on your body, then you must be extra careful.

A good news is that Manuka honey is a great healer for MRSA as well. The honey, when used in the affected area, reduces the number of genes in the disease-causing bacterium.

15) Treats Insomnia

A stressful life often results in sleepless nights. Shocking enough, the number of people suffering from insomnia is increasing day by day.

If you have trouble sleeping and are looking for solutions that actually work, Manuka honey is here to help again. Your lack of sleep can result in disordered sugar levels, obesity, nausea, depression and other health disorders.

However, Manuka honey is a wonderful tool which helps you sleep. The honey isnaturally gifted with tryptophan which increases the sleep.

A spoonful will help to get through the sleepless nights as it also increases the insulin. Use this natural remedy as a replacement for side-effect causing drugs and prescribed medications.

The harm is that once you depend on these alternatives, there will always be a problem getting natural sleep which is essential. Over medication also often leads to skin rashes, and interference with natural body processes.

16) Anti-Aging Treatment Cream

If you are in your late twenties or early thirties and are concerned about the early signs of ageing, then Manuka honey is a great ageing retarder. The antibacterial properties of Manuka honey reduce wrinkles, dark patches, fine lines on forehead and cheek line.

The Manuka honey promotes cross-linking in the skin. This is done through a structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues, collagen.

Manuka honey fosters the collagen formation in the skin by providing the necessary amino acids. With a happy collagen, your skin also looks young, jovial and firm.

17) Manuka Honey Fights Asthma

Asthma is a widely spread disease prevalent in people from different countries or ethnicities. Anyone can contract this disease since it does not spread through any sort of climatic influences in particular.

The chronic respiratory ailment makes it difficult to breathe and is even fatal.

Continue taking the medicines and inhalers which the doctors recommend you. Along with that, add honey to your daily diet.

Honey provides glucose which is an instant supplier of energy. For normal coughing and chest congestion as well, use honey as it is antiallergic and anti-inflammatory.

The honey will also provide you relief from the pain caused by repeated coughing. It cleans up the bronchial tubes and the mucus present in the chest.

There are many methods to use honey for asthma:

(i) Use while cooking food and baking dishes

(ii) Intake plain honey thrice a day after the meals

(iii) Use honey with Cinnamon in the ration 2:1

(iv) Use a tbsp of honey in a luke warm glass of water every morning and evening


All of the above diseases or anomalies require your timely attention. So, instead of using any other form of honey, use the purest and the most natural type – the Manuka honey.

In case you are allergic to pollen, consult a physician before using honey as it might trigger an allergy. Also, do not stop your regular medication with the honey as a replacement.

Use this nature’s gift wisely and say hello, to a healthy lifestyle!

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