Green Tea Bath Benefits

Green Tea Bath Benefits: You Won’t Believe It!

Tea parties are always the best! You pour and drink teas up to your heart’s extent. In fact, in the famous movie entitled “Alice in the wonderland”, the mad party even enjoyed tea as if they were taking a bath with it!

In real life, you can do it too.It is not about wasting tea. A tea lover like you can do it by acquiring its other health benefits that not everyone knows With this, read the article as you dive into the world full of tea remedies.

What is Green Tea?

Aside from drinking, green tea can also do wonders for your skin! In its overall makeup, the tea is known for having a range of antioxidant which nurtures your skincare.

What is Green Tea

Specifically, since it shields the body from any debris or unwanted substances in terms of skin, it prevents any potential damaging that may come in your way. In addition, it is known for having an anti-aging remedy, which is beneficial for those who are young at hearts.

When having allergies and redness, you can use green tea to soothe your skin and prevents any inflammatory occurrences that may happen.

Benefits of Green Tea Bath

Taking a bath with your favorite green tea is another thing than drinking. What it can do can amaze you, and your overall skin!

For countless years, people are using mixed varieties to produce an aroma and effect that will give a healing effect in one’s bath. Now, to  achieve this, you can take the one that boozes your day to booze your bath too, which is tea!

Benefits of Green Tea Bath

Teas are known to soothe, relax, and heal you in your bath. To know the specific benefits, these are the following:

  • Eases muscular pain or additional bruises
  • Aids skin conditions
  • Calming and refreshes the overall body and well-being
  • For detoxification since it softens your skin using antioxidants

 Additional to Partner with Your Green Tea Bath

To increase your advantages, it is suitable that you partner other herbs with your tea bath. These are as follows:

  • Calendula- increases relaxation and soothes the skin
  • Ginger- promotes the proper circulation of blood flow
  • Parsley- heals pain and bruises
  • Meadowsweet- lifts up your mood
  • Sage- addresses sore muscles and prevents stiffness
  • Stinging nettle- ease the aching joints in your body
  • Hops- relaxation remedy that is in relation to relieving of insomnia

DIY: How Can I Make a Bath Bomb-Like Green Tea?

If you think that you can only use tea bags when you are preparing your drinking tea, think again, you can have a giant-sized tea while preparing your bath!

All you need is preference and determination to do this; then, you will have the most fun and benefit as you soak your body and relax all the way.

The procedure requires you to do it by yourself, and in the process, you will tailor the tea however you choose it. You can also use different combination alongside teabags as you check their benefits and see if they do not contradict each other. Now, let’s get started!

For ingredients to set it up, here are the following:

  • Skincare salt of your choice (Himalayan, etc.)
  • Epsom salt
  • Green tea (Not in tea bags, but loose leaf)
  • Organza material or gift bags
  • Essential oil

The process is as follows:

  1. Get a bowl
  2. Mix 50 percent of Epsom salt to 25 percent of other skincare salt with 25 percent loose leaf
  3. Add drops of essential oil
  4. Make a teabag-like storage. You can either use bags or hem it yourself using organza
  5. If you are hemming it, fold the top then sew
  6. Put the mix unto the organza bags
  7. Attach a tag

To use the mixture, simply do it much like how you use tea bags and dump it right in warm water. Do not be hesitant to do so if you fear that the substances may clog your drain, for it can quickly dissolve on water. Since you now know how to do it, use it up to your liking!

After Taking a Bath With Green Tea Style

Condition your skin to prevent it from drying by using a moisturizer. You can use coconut oil or any other remedies. Then drink water to regain what is lost due to the released sweat since the water is warm.

Green Tea

If you want to enhance the health benefits, you can take a cold shower to close up your pores. You can also exfoliate to get a bright and smoother skin.

Things to Remember When Setting Up Bath

Teas are used to enhance your bathing experience, but alongside it, you must be cautious about the potential dangers that may occur. Specifically, you must think that the same temperature of preparing brewed tea is needed in your bath. The truth is, it does not.

The hot water may impose burns and muscle weakness that makes it worse. In addition, it can get rid of healthy substances that are the sole reason. In that case, it is emphasized that you only need lukewarm water.

Accordingly, additional heat can lead to low blood pressure that results in dizziness. With this sense, instead of having a good day, you would experience a headache along the way. However, you can use hot water for better brewing, but make sure you let it cool down till you can find it bearable.

Final Thoughts: Dive Deep With Your Tea!

When searching in taking your bath to the next level, you can use tea as a setting stone. After a long and tiring day, soaking into your tea of choice can be a way to soothe your nerves and improve your feeling before you end your day.

Keep in mind that as long as you apply all of the guidelines and moderation, there is really no downsides that prevent you from enjoying your green tea bath!

You can lie back up to your heart’s extent and enjoy your upgraded tea experience! Pick a tea, make a tea bag bath, and do it now!

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