9 Flat Top Griddle Accessories

9 Flat Top Griddle Accessories

The griddle flat, open cooking surface makes it a highly versatile appliance for cooking all your favorite foods in the open air. This surface is so spacious that you can cook food for a big family or large group at a party at once.

That said, griddling is an art. And to master this art, you need to arm yourself with the right set of tools (accessories) for use with your griddle. So, what accessories do you need for flat top grill?

There are plenty of them, running from the simple pair of tongs to the griddle lids. These accessories will give you a smooth and easy cooking experience with your griddle.

Our guide below will introduce you to the full list of the most important flat top griddle accessories you should get today and what each of them does.

9 Flat Top Griddle Accessories:

Here’s our ultimate list of the 9 must-have accessories for your flat top griddle and what each of them is used for.

Flat Top Griddle Accessories

1. Spatula

A griddle spatula is one of the most important accessories you’ll need for almost every food you cook on your flat top griddle. The work of this tool is to help you flip or turn various types of foods, including delicate ones like eggs and fish.


Spatulas are available in varying sizes and shapes, so you should be able to get one that meets your preferences or works for the food you plan to cook.

You can get oversized spatulas, rounded or sharp-edged spatulas, and so on. Some manufacturers also sell them as a set of spatulas to help serve all your cooking needs.

A long spatula with a round trip like this KUFUNG Grill spatula feels flexible and flimsy. And is great for flipping/tuning good, stirring and tossing large amounts of foods, serving large chunks of food, getting rid of large food debris, and so on.


You may also consider a shorter spatula with a sharp edge like this one from New Star Foodservice. This one feels sturdier and will help you easily get underneath the crust of a steak or burger. It also enables you to press down to the top of the food.

2. Scrapper

A scrapper, also known as a chopper, is another helpful accessory you need by the side of your griddle. It allows you to scrap, chop, or serve various foods.


The tool comes with a beveled edge that translates to a broad blade ideal for chopping, dicing, or cutting food ingredients directly on the griddle cooking surface.

That said, the best scrapper chopper should be made from sturdy, non-reactive, and eugenic material. The most popular models like this Anmarko Metal Griddle Scraper Chopper are durable stainless steel.

Scrappers like this Amazon Basics stainless steel scraper/chopper come with a firm handle that you hold onto to make them easy to use.


You may also consider a top-rated griddle chopper like this GINKGO Stainless Steel Bench Scraper. It comes with an inch-marking scale and helpful measure guide to enable you to make even and precise cuts.

3. Tongs

You’ll also find yourself repeatedly using a pair of tongs when cooking on your flat-top griddle.

A good pair of tongs make the job of maneuvering food on the griddle top easy. Whether you’re flipping burgers, turning skewers, or sliding veggies around, a pair of well-made tongs will come in handy.


What’s more, you can use these tongs to grab other hot accessories like the steaming dome.

As most griddling enthusiasts put it, a good pair of tongs feel like an extension of your arms!

The best tongs for griddle should come with extended length to help keep your hands away from heat as much as possible and ensure a safe griddling experience. They should also come with secure, non-slip handles with insulation to provide you with firm and safe handling.


If you’re not sure about the best griddle tongs to get, consider these popular Weber Original Tongs.

Alternatively, you may consider these budget-friendly Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs.

For flexibility, get this Joinkitch set that features two tongs of varying sizes for all your cooking needs.

4. Griddle forks

Griddle fork is unlike your kitchen fork in that it has an elongated design and features a two-prong design. It’s a great tool for turning your food on the griddle. It can also help you flip or lift food, just like a spatula.

You can also use these forks to hold your food in place for hassle-free slicing.

However, most people recommend using these forks because they’re likely to pierce your meat and give moisture and flavor an easy route to escape. They’re best used with tough meat like the pork chops where the odds are puncturing it is pretty low.

Griddle forks

When choosing griddle forks, we advise you to get ones with side prongs to easily clip the end of the meat.

The Kakamono Curved Meat Fork is one of the best griddle forks you can get today. It has an overall length of 12 inches and is equipped with 2 prongs of 7 inches each.

You can also get this Sunrise set that includes a fork plus a spatula at a bargain price. The Honoson Meat Forks set is another great option to consider. It presents you with two forks for increased flexibility.

5. Melting dome

For melting cheese and steaming vegetables, potatoes, and beer steamed burgers on your griddle, a melting dome is your best buddy!

This accessory takes the shape of, yes, you guessed it right, dome. This enables it to create an oven-like environment that concentrates heat to help you evenly cook food while reducing the cooking time.

Melting dome

The best basting domes for griddle are usually made from stainless steel to enable them to handle great heat and resist odors/stains and serve you for an extended period of time.

Stay-cool handles are attached to these domes to help you safely grab them with your bare hands without risking burns.

This Blackstone 2 Inch Round Basting Cover is one of the most popular domes on the market today. Many griddle enthusiasts love its large diameter (12-inch large), enabling it to easily cover multiple hamburger patties or large food portions.

The 12 Inch Heavy Duty Cheese Melting Dome makes a great alternative to the Blackstone model. It’s also quite large and is made with durable stainless steel. And it features a heat-resistant handle for easy use.

Melting dome

You may also be interested in this cheese melting dome set that presents you with 12 Inch & 9 Inch domes. These different dome sizes will serve all your cheese melting needs.

6. Griddle press

A griddle press is also sure to step up your griddle game. It enables you to press excess fat from meat. It also helps prevent ham or bacon edges from curling, ensuring you get evenly cooked bacon every time.

Griddle press

With a griddle press, you can rest assured of restaurant-quality sear, with no raw or overcooked parts.

That said, the top-rated griddle presses are usually made from cast iron. This material is 100% food-safe and can be seasoned, just like cast iron griddles, to form a non-stick surface. The material is also heavy and offers the extra weight needed to press your excess meat from your meat.

The Cuisinart CGPR-223 XL is one of the best cast-iron models you can find on the market today.

A typical press also comes with a wooden rubber handle that prevents slipping. It also keeps your hands insulated from the heat for a safe pressing experience.

Griddle press

Don’t forget that this press is available in different shapes to suit your needs. For instance, this 9 Inches Cast Iron Press comes in a rectangular shape.

You can also get this Bellemain Cast Iron Press featuring a round shape.

Which shape would you prefer?

7. Squeeze bottles

Squeeze bottles are also known as squirt bottles and will hold your oil for cooking or water for cooling your griddle surface. You can also use these bottles to hold your vinaigrettes, dressings, bbq sauce, syrups, condiments—anything!

These bottles are mostly sold as a set to serve all your needs for squeeze bottles. When getting a new set, we suggest looking for one made using 100% BPA-free chemical material. They should also be easy to use, with an ergonomic shape for easy holding and leak-free tips for mess-free use.

The Blackstone squeeze bottles are among the most popular on the market today. They come in a square design which makes them easier to handle than the standard round models. They also feature flip-open lids, which make them easy to use. Not to forget, liquid only comes out of these bottles when you squeeze them.

Squeeze bottles

If you want more than two bottles, this pack of 6 plastic squeeze squirt bottles will make a good choice for you.

This OXO Chef’s set of 3 condiment squeeze bottles is highly rated due to its healthy BPA-free construction. The bottles are equipped with a flip-top design to help prevent leaks and spills. And they’re ideal for use with pretty much anything.

8. Scraper cleaning tool

One of the best practices for using a griddle is cleaning it after every use. Unfortunately, the cleanup can sometimes be challenging, e.g., when you have tough stains, sticky foods, and grease on the surface.

This is where the griddle cleaning scraper tool comes in. It helps you correctly eliminate these undesired elements from your griddle surface. Plus, it helps save you the time to clean the surface if you were to use a scouring pad or spatula.

Scrappers are made with thicker metal, giving them more power and leverage when scrapping off those tough food residues on your griddle.

Scraper cleanin

We recommend this LRui Griddle Heavy Duty Scraper. It boasts all-metal constructions and lets you work on tough stains and burnt-on food without bending under pressure, unlike the plastic handle scrappers.

The Cuisinart CCB-500 Griddle Scraper is another great scrapper you can get today. It costs less than the LRui but has a sturdy construction and will help you easily remove the toughest burnt and caked-on food from your griddle.

Another great scrapper to consider is this ROMANTICIST griddle scraper. It comes as a complete griddle cleaning set and even includes a scouring pad to help you keep your griddle top clean easily. This scrapper is multi-purpose and doubles as a cleaning tool.

9. Griddle cover

A griddle cover lid gives you peace of mind when storing your griddle outdoors. It will close the flat top cooking surface to protect it from elements. What’s more, it helps prevent condensation buildup, which may cause rust and corrosion.

And if you want to cover your food as it cooks on the griddle, this lid will also come in handy!

As you can easily guess, these covers are usually made from durable and rust-resistant materials. This ensures they don’t get attacked by the very thing they protect your griddle from. Powder-coating helps maximize rust resistance for these lids.

Griddle cover

Most lids also come with handles to allow for easy use. The covers must be insulated to keep you safe when using this cover to cover your food. For instance, this UTVGIANT 36 Inch Griddle Cover Lid features wooden handles to ensure heat protection and easy removal.

That said, these covers come in varying sizes to fit griddles of varying sizes. If you own a 28-inch model, this griddle cover might be a good cover lid for you. If you own a larger 36-inch model, consider this Blackstone 5004 Hard Top Lid will make a good choice.

Other accessories you may consider

Though these are not must-haves, they help improve your griddling experience and are nice extras to have in your collection. These additional accessories include egg rings, batter dispenser, basting brush, food mover, warming rack, and a carrying tray.

Final Verdict

That’s it for our list of must-have accessories for your griddle. These tools will give you a smooth experience with your new unit and take your cooking to the next level.

Ensure you equip yourself with the most helpful accessories: a spatula, tongs, melting dome cover lid, forks, press, squeeze bottles, scrapper/chopper, and cleaning tools.

There are also extras that you may consider adding to your list of accessories. Though they’re not a must-have, they’ll help take your griddling game a notch higher.

The good thing is that these accessories are readily available, so finding the best one for your needs should be easy for you.

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