Does White Tea Have Caffeine

Does White Tea Have Caffeine? If So, How Much?

A huge number of people believe that white tea contains absolutely no caffeine. There are also some who call this type of tea as caffeine-free or decaffeinated. We are sorry to burst their bubble, but these statements are false.

Caffeine is naturally found in white tea. If a package clearly does not mention that it is free of the component, you can conclude that it indeed consists of caffeine.

A lot of factors determine the quantity of this element in a cup of tea. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways with which reduction of it can be possible.

But first, let’s find out how much caffeine does white tea store. Let’s proceed.

How Much Caffeine Can Be Found In A Cup?

The amount of caffeine in white tea is not much less than found in the other types other than the exception of green and black tea.

Grades determine the proportion of the component in the leaves. Generally, white tea is composed of 15 to 20 mg of caffeine per cup. Although the difference of the element between the arrays of teas is not much, white tea has the lowest proportions among all of them in brew form.

However, the concentration of the component can vary depending on multiple factors. While the leaves are all dried up they have about 4%-6% of caffeine. It can be noted that white tea doesn’t contain most of the caffeine when it is dry.

What determines the amount is the processing and therefore the proportion of caffeine depends on how it is being processed before packaging. In comparison with green tea, approximately white tea has 50% less concentration of the element. 25-30 mg of caffeine can be found in a cu犀利士 p of green tea.

How Much Caffeine Can Be Found In A Cup

When the comparison of black tea is done with white tea, it shows that the former has about 150% more of the component. So, a cup of this drink would have around 50mg of caffeine.

How to lower the Caffeine Consumption and Content from White Tea? When a person consumes a considerable amount of caffeine, he may experience jitters and anxiety for no apparent reason.

This would eventually take a toll on your circulatory system and your heart will be affected due to the high blood pressure because of the nervousness.

Therefore, it is better to incorporate a low level of this element in one’s diet and if you are a white tea addict here are a few ways with which you can avoid consuming a big amount of caffeine.

Drink White Tea Found In China

The homeland of this type of tea is China and it has been found out that they naturally have a great number of antioxidants and the level of caffeine is considerably low. These were locally made in tea varietals.

Drink White Tea Found In China

Switch To Decaf

Decaffeinated tea is not absolutely free of caffeine, but the portion of it is extremely less. You should opt for commercial ones rather than doing it yourself at home with hot water.

Switch To Decaf

This is because even some though some amount of the component is removed from the leaves while being rinsed with warm water, a lot of antioxidants washes away with it as well.

Have Less Tippy Teas 

Mature or older tea leaves generally have less caffeine than tea buds or tips.  For this reason, the late harvest teas have a lower portion of the element than the ones plucked during the Spring harvest.

Have Less Tippy Teas 

Brew It The Right Way

Using boiling water or brewing your white tea for more than 5 minutes is not the way to go. The concentration of caffeine increases and the antioxidants get removed from the leaves this way.

You just have to ensure that the temperature is kept at 190-degrees Fahrenheit if not lower and the whole process should last for about 4 to 5 minutes.


Your health should be your first priority and caffeine could come as a hindrance. Pick one of the ways to decrease the concentration of the component so that you can enjoy your cup of tea without having to worry about getting jitters!

If you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to ask us in the comment sector below.

Good day!

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