DIY Sugar Cubes

DIY Sugar Cubes: How To Make Homemade Ones?

If there’s one invention that people don’t talk enough about are sugar cubes. One sugar cube is equivalent to one teaspoon of granulated sugar. It’s one of the most convenient ways to take sugar without making a mess.

Sugar cubes can be easily made at home. You can get creative and make sugar cubes of various flavors or even different colored ones as well!

They make great gifts and are also a great decoration for all sorts of parties and events such as birthdays, baby showers, and tea parties. They will also save you money on cute homemade gifts for your friends and family. Read on if you want to learn how to make the easiest homemade sugar cubes.


The only two ingredients you will need are two of the most common items found in a household, which are just sugar and water. It does not get any simpler than that!

Although, if you are more meticulous with the type of sugar you are using, you can also give yourself choices between using white sugar, brown sugar or cane sugar. With water, you would think that there is only just one option but believe it or not, you can use floral water to make sugar cubes for a fancier touch!

DIY Sugar Cubes

And if you plan on going the extra mile, you could get yourself some food coloring to make your sugar cubes into any color you want. You can even add flavorings such as strawberry, orange, lemon, or mint. And if artificial fruit flavoring is not for you, then you can mix in some rosewater or vanilla bean extract for a sweet flavor.


Ice trays or candy molds work just fine for molding sugar into cubes.

Want to make sugar stars or sugar hearts instead of plain old sugar cubes? You can make your sugar into any shape you like with different silicone molds. Silicone molds are generally affordable and are the better option to plastic molds as they last longer and are easier to clean.

You can find silicone molds in any baking section of a homeware/ home décor store. You can also find them in almost any grocery store for a cheap price.

Mix It Up

The first step you need to take is to gather the two ingredients, water and sugar, into one bowl and stir them together. Now you need to keep in mind the water to sugar ratio.

You need to add just enough water to make the sugar damp or else too much water will turn it into a sugar syrup. After that, you will need to aim for a wet sand-like texture where the sugar clumps together and doesn’t fall apart so easily.

Also, the amount of water you pour should be reduced if you plan on adding liquid food flavorings or color as that would also add to the damping of the sugar.

Pop Some Color

Colorful sugar cubes make them all the more fun. In the bowl of water and sugar, all you need is a couple of drops of food coloring.

If you want your sugar cubes to be darker in color, you can add one drop at a time and keep stirring until you are satisfied.

Natural food dyes can also be used. Some examples include saffron, beet, and coffee. These natural food dyes can also double as a flavoring so you won’t need to add any extra tastes later on in the procedure.

Add Some Flavor

This step is also optional, and it all depends if you want some flavor to be infused into your sugar cubes.

Flavoring your sugar cubes can be done in all sorts of different ways. Adding flavor may cause the mixture in the bowl to be more watered down so you could just add more sugar to counter that effect.

You can go with natural ingredients such as lemon juice, rosewater or orange juice or you can take the quick and easy way by adding store-bought vanilla extract or flavor syrups.

Start Crafting

After you are done adding all that you need to add, make sure you have stirred the mixture evenly and properly. The final step is to shape the concoction.

Pour the mixture into the separate compartments of the mold with a spoon. Make sure to press down hard with either your fingers or a spoon to make the sugar cubes compact and tight. This will hold their shape. You scrape off the excess or you can plump up the ends to make a much softer shape.

Just in case you don’t own a mold or have no time to purchase one, you can easily shape sugar cubes by spreading the mixture from the bowl into a baking tray or any sort of flat pan and then chop it into pieces.

Drying The Cubes

There are many methods you can follow to dry your newly made sugar cubes. You can keep them in a moisture-free place and air-dry them.

If you’re looking for a quicker solution, you can keep them close to a heater or a hot oven.

Sugar Cubes

An even faster solution is to microwave them and then cooling them in the fridge afterwards. This might not work for all types of sugar cubes. You need to check with the sort of ingredients you put in the mixture and see if they are microwaveable.


If you are able to keep sugar cubes (without artificial flavor and coloring) in an airtight chamber, it will surely last you up to two years.

And even if you add colorings and flavors, you should keep your sugar cubes in an airtight mason jar in room temperature. You also need to handle them with care when storing them as they may break apart easily.


Making sugar cubes is a great way to serve your guests at parties. Not only does it look pretty but it has helped control sugar intake. I hope this DIY breakdown helps you make the cutest sugar cubes at home!

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