How to Cook Glutinous Rice in Rice Cooker

How to Cook Glutinous Rice in Rice Cooker-Here is the Ultimate Guide

Glutinous rice is one of the most delicious and traditional Asian foods. It is popular all over the world. This rice is mostly consumed as a proper savory dish; surprisingly, it is also a sweet dessert.

Honestly, cooking it is no big deal. If you have a rice cooker in your house, then this would be the easiest way to cook at home. Just in 5 steps, we’ll teach you how to cook glutinous rice in rice cooker.

Don’t worry; we’re not going to give any list of cooking tools or anything like that. You can cook the rice just by using your regular rice cooker.

What is Glutinous/Sticky Rice?

People usually think the Glutinous rice might contain ‘Gluten’, but that’s not the case. It means ‘Glue’. The rice shows a very sticky texture after cooking; that’s why we call it Glutinous. Besides ‘Sticky Rice’, it’s also known as sweet rice or waxy rice.

Glutinous/Sticky Rice

This rice is mainly produced in the southern-Asia region. But it can be found worldwide in the name of ‘Sticky Rice’.

How to Cook Glutinous Rice in a Rice Cooker? – Quick Steps

Here are the quick steps for cooking the rice in a Rice cooker

  • Measuring rice (take 1 cup or 2 cups)
  • Rinse the rice (at least 3 times)
  • Take water (Rice & water ratio should be 1:1.2) 
  • Cook the rice (In normal rice cooker settings)
  • Spade the rice and leave for 2/3 minutes

How to Cook Glutinous Rice in Rice Cooker? – Know all the processes.

Here are only 6 steps for cooking Glutinous rice in a rice cooker. The whole process does not take more than 30 to 40 minutes.

Cook Glutinous Rice in a Rice Cooker

Step 1: (Measuring rice) We’ll start with measuring rice. For 2/3 people, we’ll take one cup of rice, which can be 200g to 240g. Similarly, for 4/5 people, we should take 420 grams to 460 grams of rice. 

For measuring rice, don’t forget to use a measuring cup. Otherwise, the ratio of water and rice will be inappropriate. In that case, your rice will turn either super sticky or very dry.

Step 2: (Rinse the rice) try to wash the rice properly to remove the starchy coating from the rice. In addition, cold water is preferable for rinsing to warm water. For better results, you need to repeat this wash at least 3 times.

Step 3: (Add water) Appropriate ratio between rice and water is very important to cook sticky rice or glutinous rice. Normally for cooking regular rice, we take less water than rice in terms of ratio. But here, we’ll take more water than rice so that we get the stickiness inside our cooked rice.

If we take 1 cup of rice (200 grams), we will take 1.2 cups of water (240 to 350 grams). Maintaining the ratio is very important.

Cook Glutinous Rice in a Rice Cooker

Step 4: (Cook the rice) Now, place your rice bowl inside the rice cooker. Don’t change the normal settings; let it cook the rice wit犀利士 h the normal timing. Don’t need to stir during the cooking. When it’s finished, unplug the rice cooker.

Mostly it takes 20 to 30 minutes to cook properly.

Don’t pull out the bowl just after cooking. Let it be there for at least 3/4 minutes. Otherwise, it will give a moist texture. 

Step 5: (Spread the rice) Before serving the rice, stir the rice with a spoon. The extra steam will be removed, and the rice will be moderately dry. After that, you can serve the rice with vegetables or other delicious things.


1. What makes Glutinous rice sticky?

The component called ‘Amylopectin’ is responsible for making rice sticky. On the other hand, normal rice as amylose and amylopectin this component does not make rice much sticky.

Glutinous rice sticky

2. How long does it take to cook Glutinous rice properly?

It depends on the portion of rice. Anyway, normally it takes 15 to 20 minutes. But it shouldn’t take more than 25 to 30 minutes anyway. Otherwise, it will end up with overcooked moisty rice.

3. Which rice is comparatively best for sticky rice?

There are a lot of variants. But the most popular among all are Jasmine and Nishiki rice. They are mainly produced in Thailand. But you can find them anywhere in the world.

Final Word

We believe that you understand how to cook glutinous rice in rice cooker. The process is straightforward, but you’ve to maintain the steps according to the guideline.

Don’t mess up with the ratio of water and rice. That’s the most important thing about cooking sticky rice in a rice cooker. Other than that, try to use the measuring cup to measure water and rice. That’ll give you an accurate result —best of luck.

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