Can You Use a Rice Cooker As a Crockpot

Can You Use a Rice Cooker As a Crockpot? How to Do It Right?

A rice cooker is a rice-cooking device that can also be used as a crockpot. They are not the same thing though, and there are many things you should know before you buy one. For example, rice cookers have no thermostat so they only work well for rice or other dishes with similar cooking times. This article will help guide your decision to purchase either of these two appliances.

If you are a rice cooker or crockpot enthusiast, you should read this article. It will give insight into the similarities and differences between rice cookers and crockpots. You will also find out how to use rice cookers as crockpots if that is what you desire.

Crockpot vs Rice Cooker

You might be thinking that a rice cooker can’t do everything, but in reality they’re not all created equal. If you want the best of both worlds then go with one for your regular needs and another if on-the-go convenience is key (and maybe keep them side by side!).

A Crockpot is a device used to cook food at a very low temperature, typically between 50-70 F. The heat is constant which means it does not depend on the heat of the flame or stove. A Rice Cooker, on the other hand, cooks rice at a much higher temperature than what the Crockpot cooks food at.

Crockpot vs Rice Cooker

The rice cooker and crockpot both use moist heat to cook food. One of the biggest differences between these two devices is that a slow cooker can also be used for other types of cooking, which makes them easier than their counterparts in terms of setting time before cooking begins. Slow cookers, pressure cookers, and rice cookers have small differences but they are mostly the same thing.

Crockpots are more low-maintenance. With a crockpot, you cook on high for 4-8 hours or on low for 8-10 hours. A rice cooker requires careful attention over the course of the entire cooking cycle which is typically between 30 minutes and 1 hour. You can’t leave it unattended during this time because there’s no automatic “keep warm” setting like with a crockpot, so your food will overcook if left inside too long after being fully cooked.

Some other notable dissimilarities are

Some other notable dissimilarities are


  • Size Range: 3-7 quarts
  • Cook Time: 2-10 hours, plus more in warming mode
  • Cook Modes: High, low, warm

Rice Cooker

  • Size Range: 2-30 cup capacity (cooked rice)
  • Cook Time: Less than a few hours
  • Cook Modes: Cook, warm

Now let’s talk about the similarities

Crockpots are an essential kitchen appliance with a simple mechanism. They get low heat from their bottom, thereby simmering the food to perfection. Rice cookers work on similar design but it brings ingredients quickly boil which allows intense steams deliver perfect rice you would love!

Crockpots and rice cookers are a kitchen delight for many because they’re so easy to use. Place your ingredients in the pot, set it and walk away! With crock pots you can leave them cooking all day while with a rice cooker its just 1 hour that saves time but still delivers nicely finished meals.

Rice Cooker

Crockpots and rice cookers work in a similar way. One of the most common features you’ll find on both, is that they have an oblong or round shape with raised edges around it so food doesn’t fall off when cooking from one side only – perfect for making foods like stews! Crock pots also typically come equipped with either glass lid lids for seeing how your dish comes together as soon as possible.

How to use a rice cooker as a crockpot?

The process of using a rice cooker as a crockpot couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is add your ingredients, set your timer, and wait until it’s done cooking. Depending on the type and power of your rice cooker, it could take anywhere from two to twelve hours to cook a delicious meal. We recommend using a rice cooker that has an automatic keep-warm function if you’re going to be away from the house for several hours.

How to use a rice cooker as a crockpot

Most rice cookers are capable of cooking a meal for four to six people. If you’re only making the meal for yourself, don’t be afraid to cut the ingredients down to size.

Final words

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make some delicious food while at work, don’t settle for the microwave. A rice cooker is an excellent substitute if your goal is to achieve tenderness in your dish without all of the time-consuming efforts. And you can also reduce the time with a high-quality rice cooker from Zojirushi and other rice cookers with stainless steel inner pots.

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