Can You Make Yogurt In a Rice Cooker

Can You Make Yogurt In a Rice Cooker? How to do it right?

I am going to teach you how to make your own yogurt in a rice cooker. It can be done in just a few steps and will save you money on store-bought products. The recipe is simple, yet the end result is creamy and delicious! I hope that this blog post was helpful for everyone who read it. If

Making yogurt in a rice cooker is easy. You can make it using the same rice cooker that you use to make your daily bowls of porridge or brown rice. The only special equipment that you need for this project is milk and two tablespoons of yogurt with live cultures. So if you are lactose intolerant or vegan, then I’m sorry because this recipe does contain dairy products.


Can You Make Yogurt In a Rice Cooker

To make yogurt in your rice cooker you will need the following ingredients-

  • Rice cooker (obviously)
  • Milk
  • Vanilla
  • Yogurt with active cultures
  • Thermometer (optional)
  • Ceramic/glass bowl (microwave safe, small enough to fit into the rice cooker)
  • Thick towel

You can make yogurt with any type of milk, but the higher fat content will result in thicker yogurt. If you’re new to making yogurt at home, start with whole milk since it’s the simplest to work with.

You can use flavors other than vanilla, but I find that vanilla makes the yogurt taste more like store-bought brands. You can use whatever type of yogurt you want as long as it has active cultures. Regular yogurt is also fine, but I prefer to use Greek yogurt or Denmark Plain Yogurt because they are more consistent in texture and taste.

The step by step guide to make yogurt with your rice cooker

The process of making yogurt in a rice cooker is simple. All you have to do is warm the milk and add the culture, mix it well, then let it sit in the rice cooker overnight. But still most of the people can’t do it because they miss out on small details.

make yogurt with your rice cooker

Here are the detailed steps to make yogurt successfully-

Get the milk to the right temperature

The first step to make yogurt in a rice cooker is to get the milk to the right temperature. If you get it too hot, then it will kill the live cultures and you will end up with plain milk. But, if it’s not hot enough then it won’t set correctly and your yogurt will be runny.

So bring the milk to about 185F or 85C before adding it to the rice cooker. You can use a thermometer if you want, but I find that just looking at the steam coming off of the surface is a good indicator of how hot it is. If you’re using whole milk, then it should start steaming immediately after turning on your rice cooker.

Get the milk to the right temperature

You can also try using an alternate method to get the milk to temp by microwaving for one minute and checking its temperature and repeating until desired results are met (1-2 min total).

Add your yogurt starter culture

The next step is to add your yogurt starter culture which you should have measured out beforehand. If you’re using yogurt with active cultures, then there is no need to use anything else since the bacteria are already living and multiplying. You can obtain pasteurized milk from local grocery stores or farmer’s markets if you don’t want to use raw milk.

Add your yogurt starter culture

Just make sure that it has live cultures before adding it to the rice cooker. With this method, be careful not to curdle the milk by mistake because skipping one of these steps could cause that to happen-

  1. Getting the milk to the right temperature
  2. Making sure that your starter yogurt has live cultures
  3. Adding fresh or dried milk product to the rice cooker after cooking.

To prevent this, just follow my instructions carefully and you will have no problems!


You can use food coloring if you want to make pink yogurt, but I prefer it without color because it adds unnecessary extra ingredients. You can also skip this step since it’s completely up to you.


Sometimes I like to leave the lid open on my rice cooker overnight with a thick towel over top of it so that the steam isn’t trapped inside with nowhere else to go, but this step is totally optional too. It’s best if you don’t keep the rice cooker turned on all night because it might kill the cultures. A ceramic cooker is better for resting.

Make Yogurt In a Rice Cooker

Cooling and setting your yogurt

The final step is to cool your yogurt down at room temperature for 30 minutes before putting it in the fridge if you don’t want to eat it right away. The rice cooker will automatically turn off after 8 hours, but you can leave it on longer if you want a stronger flavor since the bacteria needs time to reproduce.

You also need to set your yogurt by keeping it out at room temperature with the lid open overnight so that all of the extra moisture evaporates. If there are any bubbles, then gently tap them out because they may burst when heating up which may cause clumps or overflowing if left unattended.

Cooling and setting your yogurt

If you realize that your yogurt is a bit too runny, then you can heat it up a little to make it thicker. After heating, put it back in the fridge for a few hours to chill before eating. However, if it’s too thick, then you can add some fresh or boiled water and mix it well until you reach your desired consistency.


If you’ve been looking for a recipe that is quick and easy to make, this may be the one! The process of making yogurt in a rice cooker takes about 3 hours total plus the resting and cooling time. It doesn’t require any special equipment or ingredients so it’s perfect for those who are trying to do more with less. With a versatile rice cooker you can even cook raw meat.

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