Best Tiger Rice Cooker Reviews

Best Tiger Rice Cooker Reviews | Top 10 Picks

From being a broke college student to being a mother of five, I’ve had my fair share of love-hate affairs with rice cookers. They’ve tested my patience and have hurt me more times than my toxic ex. Yet, I’ve never stopped hoping to find that perfect one. So, imagine my joy when I discovered this Japanese brand called Tiger and their absolutely wonderful array of cooking units!

After months of research and talking to friends and neighbors who’ve used the brand for a long time, I’ve settled down with this list of tiger rice cooker reviews. You can kiss that sad soggy plate of rice goodbye, my friend.

Get ready to level up your kitchen with a brand new cooking unit. Be it a quick pot of rice porridge or a wholesome plate of egg-fried rice, you can do it all with the best tiger rice cooker in your workstation.

Now let’s get into the details.  

10 Best Tiger Rice Cooker Reviews

Even if you aren’t a MasterChef you can still plate up a decent meal with the right cooker. So here are a few options I’d love to recommend.

1. TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

Starting off with one of our personal favorites, let’s talk about the JBV-A10U Micom. We highly recommend this product for its fantastic price point and quality design. Who said fancy things need to cost you a fortune? This cooker right here is proof of otherwise.

From “Plain” to “Slow Cook/Steam,” you’ll be getting a total of four different operating modes on this appliance. Cooking brown rice will not be an issue since there’s a dedicated mode for that too. You won’t even need to keep it soaked overnight. Rinsing it and letting the cooker do its magic will be enough.

And if you’re feeling fancy, you can try making some dumplings on the upper pot using synchro-cooking mode while your rice cooks at the bottom.

To make things even better, there’s a cookbook included in the package that gives you ideas on how to use it for a multitude of recipes. With this, you can make roasted veggies, meat curry, or even soup dumplings in a matter of minutes if you’re creative enough. 

Highlighted Features

  • Has 4 different menu settings: Plain, Synchro-cooking, Brown, Slow-cook/ Steam
  • Easy to clean inner non-stick pot
  • Operating is easy with a One-touch feature
  • Includes a non-stick spatula, plate, cup, and cookbook
  • Has an automatic “Keep Warm” function
  • You’ll need to measure the rice with the included cup and not something else
  • Cooking capacity is 5.5 cups


Given its price point and how it’s been designed to meet the needs of primary households, this is a worthwhile investment.

Thanks to the one-touch feature, it’s so simple to use that even teens can operate it by themselves. We say it’s the perfect pick for anyone looking to go off to college soon but doesn’t want to skip out on healthy dining at the dorm.

2. Tiger JNP-1500-FL 8-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

Tiger JNP-1500-FL 8-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

Reminiscing the old-school look of traditional cooking appliances, this product with a lovely flower design is perfect for a new home.

Since the capacity is also high, it’s ideal for your typical Asian household with many members. You can quickly cook 8 cups of rice in one batch using this appliance. So time will not be wasted making several batches for just one family meal.

What we love about this product is the simplicity this appliance offers. It’s easy to forget the actual function a rice cooker is supposed to have when there are so many other modes available. Amidst so many new options, some units end up performing poorly in their primary function- making plain white rice. But you won’t face that issue with this one.

There aren’t all those fancy modes, but it works like a charm to cook your rice perfectly. The automatic “Keep Warm” feather allows you to store your rice without getting cold for up to 12 hours.

There’s also a removable steam vent and dew collector in this. So you don’t have to worry about the top rice getting wet or soggy due to the steam.

Highlighted Features

  • Has one operating mode: Plain Rice
  • Includes a spatula and a measuring cup
  • There’s a removable and washable steam vent
  • Can keep rice warm for up to 12 hours
  • There is a non-stick inner pan
  • Body is made of high-quality, durable plastic
  • Cooking capacity is 8-cups using the dedicated measuring cup


This is the perfect product to have in a family of 4. While you can’t count on having leftovers for the next day, it quickly cooks up enough in a single batch for feeding 4 people a hearty meal. And despite having one mode, it can be used to cook up different rice dishes by controlling the amount of water.

3. Tiger JAZ-A10U-FH 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

Tiger JAZ-A10U-FH 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

What I want to suggest next is this fantastic home appliance from the company’s JAZ series. It also has a very traditional floral design similar to the previous one and works relatively simply. The electric rating for this product is 500W, and it comes in white color to match any sort of kitchen decor.

If you’ve never used an electric appliance for cooking rice before, this will be an excellent place to start. It’s lightweight (6.4 pounds) and can be used to cook 5.5 cups of rice at a time.

The dimensions for this are 11×11.2×11.2 inches, so it’s a bit short but wide. Moreover, two light indicators at the front show whether the food is cooking or being kept warm.

Although it’s not the cheapest, its mid-range price can be justified with the product’s longevity. Besides, just because there’s no separate “synchro-cooking” button doesn’t mean you can’t steam up some veggies while your rice is cooking.

The package includes a particular steamer and a spatula which allows one to use it for other recipes. So don’t go judging the book by its cover because this baby definitely has a lot more to offer!

Highlighted Features

  • Single operating mode with two light indicators
  • Includes a plastic spatula and measuring pot (180 ml)
  • Comes with a steam basket
  • ‘Keep warm’ function works up to 12 hours
  • Made of thickly insulated material to retain heat more
  • Non-stick interior
  • Requires just 25-35 minutes to cook a large batch of rice
  • Capacity is 55 cups


For a mid-range product that’s meant to be durable, this is definitely a winning deal. It’s small, so it won’t take up much space. If easy-to-use electronics are your cup of tea, then this will be a joy to own.

4. Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

Making our way to the higher ranged category, this is yet another product that’s giving every other brand a run for their money. The JAX-T10U-K is the power-packed kitchenware to take your cooking game up and above expectations.

For anyone who’s not on a tight budget, this will be the best pick. With its stainless steel body and sleek design, it’s going to win a few envious glances from your friends- that’s for sure!

Now to get to the facts, let’s talk about its power capacity. The wattage needed for running this is 641W. This means it’s going to work faster compared to the others we’ve touched upon so far. Moreover, the cup capacity for this is 5.5, which is just right.

But you might be wondering — are looks and faster functions worth your money? To that, we’d say — hold on, there’s still more. This product has not one, not four, but ten different cooking menu settings! Be it plain rice or porridge, multigrain or slowly cooked red meat — you name it, and it’s possible to make it all. 

Highlighted Features

  • Has a 5.5 cup capacity
  • Features 10 different computerized menu settings, including Synchro-cooking for various recipes
  • Inner pan is 15 mm thick and has marked scales for measurement
  • Includes a cooking plate, spatula, ladle, a cup, and cookbook
  • 4-in-1 functionality
  • Steam cap is removable and washable
  • There are two Preset Cooking Timers for up to 24 hours
  • Automatic Keep Warm function works for 12 hours


With all the sophisticated features and functions, calling this just a rice cooker is honestly an understatement. Besides, the Preset Timer in this can save you way more time in the kitchen. So, this will be perfect for anyone looking to have a hot dinner at home after the office.

5. Tiger JKT-S18U 10-Cup (Uncooked) Multi Purpose IH Cooker

Tiger JKT-S18U 10-Cup (Uncooked) Multi Purpose IH Cooker

Speaking of versatility, here’s something that you can consider for not just rice making — but doing almost all the daily cooking at home. It’s an appliance that can last you for decades and will make you forget everything else you’ve used before.

So if you’re not in any budget constraints and really want to splurge a bit on the good stuff, get this multi-purpose IH cooker.

The first thing you’ll probably notice when holding this product is its ergonomic design and highly polished finish. This has an 8-layered inner pot that’s not going to scratch easily. The layers consist of 5 metal layers and 3 layers of coating. So you can definitely count on the body being durable.

You can make 10 cups of rice in a single batch using this machine. The company has utilized Induction Heating Technology to make this a phenomenal product.

Complete with 11 cooking menu functions, two Preset timers, and a Keep Warm feature that runs for 24 hours, this has everything you can ask for. In fact, it can even work as a temporary oven due to its Bake feature that allows bread making.

Highlighted Features

  • Has 10 cups capacity for plain rice
  • There are 11 options for the settings
  • Required wattage is 1198W
  • The body is made of stainless steel
  • Both the steam vent cap and outer lids are removable
  • Automatic Keep Warm works for 24 hours
  • There are 2 Preset Timers that go up to 24 hours
  • The modes include: Brown Rice, Slow Cook, Mixed, Bake, Synchronization, and more


The price tag on this might make some people skeptical, but from what we found while testing — it’s more than worthy of praise. If you’re looking for ultimate comfort and don’t mind bringing out the big bucks, you can definitely spoil yourself with this.

6. Tiger JAX-S18U-WY 10-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

Tiger JAX-S18U-WY 10-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

With new kitchenware comes new worries about storage space which is why I’ve included this particular product in my list of favorites as well. It’s low profile and has a sleek design to neatly fit into any cabinet.

Combined with this unique design, the functionality managed to win over us very quickly. Some of our team members went as far as to say it’s the best tiger rice cooker they’ve ever owned.

This unit has a sturdy plastic body and a stable base. You’ll be able to cook up a batch of 20 cups of rice (10 cups of uncooked amount) for serving using this.

And its dimensions being 11.1×14.7×9.7 inches, makes it just the right shape and size for an average kitchen countertop. The inner lid and steam cap can be removed and washed as per your needs.

The unit weighs around 8 pounds, and there’s a removable power cord. You won’t have to get an extra adapter to use in your home sockets since the design is meant to run on 120 volts and has been designed to fit US standards. The plate that it comes with has a very practical design making it suitable for steaming fish or mushrooms.

Highlighted Features

  • Non-stick and spherical inner cooking plate (18 mm)
  • 10 cooking options: Plain, Synchro, Quick, Multigrain, Brown, Slow Cook, Steam, Porridge, Sweet and Mixed
  • Can cook 10 cups of rice for 20 cups of serving
  • Preset timer for cooking can be set for 24 hours
  • Inner lid and steam cap can be removed and washed
  • Keep Warm function lasts for 12 hours
  • Body is made of durable plastic


This product is our definition of “affordable luxury.” While it can make perfect jasmine rice in no time, it can also be used for a plethora of other dishes. And yet, the price tag is reasonably set.

7. Tiger Corporation JBX-B10U Rice Cooker

Tiger Corporation JBX-B10U Rice Cooker

Looking for something that looks a bit less traditional to fit into your modern home decor? Then look no further because this one is the product for you. This JBX-B is the ideal unit for a modern home with a contemporary-style kitchen.

Thanks to its angular shape and digital control panel at the front, it looks extremely eye-catching when set up.

As far as performance goes, it passes the tests with flying colors. The capacity of cooking is 5.5 cups which is more than enough as it can serve almost 11 cups of fluffy rice.

The inner pot is 1.7 mm, and the orange plate at the top part is BPA Free. So you’ll be able to rest assured of the quality and safety of whatever you steam or slow cook on that plate.

On the inside part of the upper lid, there’s a steam vent that’s detachable. You can remove it easily for cleaning and maintenance. What we loved about this is that the cord is detachable as well, allowing for easy storage.

You can get your main dish and warm rice ready in about 32 to 46 minutes using this machine.

Highlighted Features

  • Has 8 cooking settings and a Keep Warm feature
  • Takes about 32-46 minutes to make one batch
  • There is an LCD at the front
  • Cooking Timer can be delayed
  • Has a detachable steam vent, inner lid, and cord
  • Inner pot is scratch-resistant with a non-stick coating
  • Includes a BPA-free cooking plate


We recommend this to both newlyweds and single office-goers who need as much help in the kitchen as they can get. Besides, for those who love the minimal and sleek aesthetic and are looking for something functional and stylish, this will be a gem of a product. It’s a definite ‘yes’ from us!

8. Tiger JBV-S18U 10-Cup Microcomputer Controlled 4-in-1 Rice Cooker.

Tiger JBV-S18U 10-Cup Microcomputer Controlled 4-in-1 Rice Cooker

This next product we’d like to talk about takes the cake for the most futuristic one on this list. Out of the many we tested, this one was by far the most technologically advanced. From basic cooking menu settings to unique features to make the experience more wholesome, the brand really went all out with this product. Frankly speaking, we’re huge fans of it.

To start things off, the dimensions are 11.9x10x15.1 inches which aren’t exactly the smallest out there. Likewise, its cooking capacity is 10 cups. But we were surprised by its weight being 7.5 pounds which is less than many other products of the same capacity. So it’s much more portable than most other units.

Since this is a 4-in-1 cooker, it acts as a rice-making machine, a slow cooker, food warmer as well as a steamer. There are 10 different settings starting from plain to mixed rice and much more. And the best thing about this is its automatic turn-off feature which makes everything all the more convenient.

Highlighted Features

  • Accurate measurement labels on the pot for brown rice, porridge, congee, etc
  • Includes a recipe book, a cup, rice paddle, and scooper
  • Large display panel for ease of use
  • Cooking capacity is 10 cups of uncooked rice
  • Automatic Turn-off feature present to prevent burning or overcooking
  • Has 10 separate computerized menu options
  • Portable design with a handle


Admittedly, we’ve all had experiences of getting distracted with chores or social media and forgetting to turn off the cooker. The results are a burnt batch of rice and a sad dinner. But with this, you can say goodbye to those accidents thanks to its Auto Shut-off feature.

9. Tiger Japan Made Synchro-Cooking 5.5-Cup Micom Rice Cooker.

Tiger Japan Made Synchro-Cooking 5.5-Cup Micom Rice Cooker

While searching products for this tiger rice cooker review, we came across a number of gimmicks and knock-offs, which really disappointed us. So when you’re buying something for yourself, we understand the concerns over authenticity.

That’s why here’s something that you can rely on to be an authentic Japanese manufactured product. Both in performance and outer looks, this will excel any counterfeit by miles.

Both the body and color of this product are stainless steel. It’s a bit more expensive than most, but for a product that’s this good, breaking the bank might just be worth it. We absolutely loved how durable the product was.

After testing it out for months on end and making it go through quite a lot of rough usage, we’ve concluded that it will last you a really good while.

The accessories included in the package are a measuring cup, an orange-colored inner pot, a tacook cooking plate, and a nice scooper with a stand. You’ll be able to make 5.5 cups of rice in one go using this appliance.

If you have no experience of using a cooker before, figuring this out might need some time at first. Because there are a number of buttons and settings available in the front alongside an LCD.

Highlighted Features

  • 10 cooking settings
  • body is made of durable stainless steel
  • This has dimensions of are 154x117x108 inches
  • Can keep your food warm for a longer time period
  • Includes a stainless steel inner pot, tacook plate for cooking, scooper withstand, and a steaming pot
  • Allows synchro-cooking
  • The capacity is 5.5 cups in one batch


Its durability and performance outshines all other products and will be a long-standing contender for many years to come. You can’t go wrong with an authentic Japanese electronic appliance, after all.

10. Tiger JNP-S15U 8-Cup Rice Cooker

Tiger JNP-S15U 8-Cup Rice Cooker

Does cooking 5 cups of rice seem too little while 10 cups seem too much for you? If you’re not the type to keep leftovers and would rather have a fresh batch each time, then you might want to consider getting this JNP-S15U cooker.

It’s got the perfect cooking capacity of 8 cups, and it can work wonders to make a variety of your favorite rice dishes in no time.

What’s amazing about this product is its high-end quality and sophisticated design, minus all those confusing fancy menu settings of the post-modern appliances.

If you’re looking for something to make healthy staple main dishes on a regular basis, then it’ll definitely satisfy your tastebuds. The keep-warm feature is supposed to work for 12 hours, but we found it keeps the food warm quite longer.

It’s easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t have to worry about new scratches showing up on the pot after every mealtime. The spatula included with this is made of bamboo and can be used for stir-frying.

That’s right— this cooker can even stir fry veggies if you use it creatively. And to help you to do just that, an excellent cookbook is included in the package.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a gray color and is made of stainless steel
  • Capacity is 3 to 8 cups at a time
  • Includes a recipe book and a 15″ bamboo spatula
  • ONE-switch design is very simple
  • Its interior is easy to clean due to the non-stick coating
  • Can keep rice warm for 12 hours
  • Very lightweight
  • Retractable cord


This is the perfect gift for middle-aged to elderly people who love to make their homemade rice meals. It’s simple to operate, classy in terms of looks, and will be very durable.

Key Features of Tiger Rice Cooker

By now, you’re probably wondering about what key features you should consider when buying one of these products from this brand. Don’t worry— we’ve got you covered with these key features listed out. It’s easier than ever to find just what you need without the hassle.

Tacook System

If you’re going to get a quality Japanese product, you need to consider this feature first. The tacook system allows you to cook two things simultaneously in one cooker. It’s perfect for saving time and effort. The products we reviewed here all have this superbly convenient system.

Tiger Rice Cooker

Modern Technology

This Asian rice cooker brand has won over their own people and gradually the world owing to their fusion of innovative technology with time. Their products are nothing short of futuristic, designed to meet the needs of the modern world. They use computerized settings, LCD displays, advanced insulation, and many more.

Fully Automated System

Since all the cookers from this company are controlled via a microchip, you don’t have to keep checking the rice over and over again. This technology enables the machine to control how much it’s going to cook and how much to restrain.

Like what we mentioned during our Tiger JBV S10U review, you’ll be getting fluffy and perfectly spread rice each time.

Induction System

This system of heating is relatively new to this generation of electronic appliances. But Tiger Corporation has utilized it in a brilliant way.

Tiger Rice Cooker

Their units are designed with high-quality induction heating systems that ensure the rice is being cooked at the right temperature. It allows the user to control it as per their wish and significantly reduces the chances of overcooking the batch.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One common aspect of all the appliances for cooking from this brand is their ease of maintenance. They are not at all hard to clean. Due to non-stick coatings over the main interior as well as lids and pots included, there’s no risk of grime build-up. Cleaning them is a piece of cake.

But one thing you should keep in mind is not to keep the cord outlet wet. Since many of these run on cable connection and not batteries, it’s risky to not properly dry the cord socket before the next use. Electrocution is rare with these products, but why take a chance?


It’s always a joy to find additional items when we make a big purchase. And this brand is well-known for its additional accessories, which they include with each of their products. One might even say the best tiger rice cooker is the one with more add-ons.

All the cookers come with their very own measuring cups. In fact, it’s better to use the cups they come with for the perfect measurement as per brand instructions.

What’s even better are the occasional wooden spatula, scooper, steam vent, and cooking plate, which many of the products come with. Nothing better than getting all you need in one neatly packed box, right?

The Keep Warm Technology

Worried about your food getting cold while waiting for the guests to arrive? Then this feature will save your day. The great thing about these appliances is that they can keep your food warm for as long as half a day or even more sometimes. It’s super convenient, and you don’t even need to buy a separate hot-pot/warmer.

Tiger Rice Cooker

User-Friendly Design

The reason why we can recommend these items to any newbie in a heartbeat is due to their consistent, user-friendly designs. Sure, some of the high-end ones will take time to get used to. A big negative about the brand is that we didn’t find any ceramic-coated rice cooker.

But none of these are as hard to understand as organic chemistry. They have simple buttons with clear labels and one-touch features that make them very easy to operate for any user.


Who says a rice cooker is not versatile? Anyone who says this will definitely change their mind after using one of tiger’s. These may go by one name, but actually, their functions are so varied that you can make almost any type of food, from entrées to desserts using them!


Many of the products we reviewed here are great examples given their 8 or 10 menu settings. They can work as your steamer for momos or a pan for making congee. You can even fry an egg or roast some vegetables in them! Some of the designs even allow for baking using prolonged heating.

Traditional to Modern Design Variation

From your grandparents to your kid’s generation, there’s a product fit to every generation’s taste from this brand. One of the primary features of the products here is their adapting style and aesthetics with time.

There are ones that look completely different from anything we’ve seen before (like a hot pink angular cooker) to ones that we remember eating out of as children. And that’s the beauty of these products — it really does make you feel connected to the food you’re making.

How to Use Tiger Rice Cooker?

Whether you’ve used a unit from a different brand or haven’t at all had any experience with one, it’s a bit daunting to learn these on your own from the get-go.

How to Use Tiger Rice Cooker

So, for those of you who haven’t operated any of these rice cooking units before, here are some step-by-step instructions to help you get over this learning curve. For plain rice, do the following-

  • Step-1: Take out the inner pot and wash your rice thoroughly.
  • Step-2: After rinsing the rice and draining the water, add the required water in accordance with the ratio. For example, for three cups of rice, add water up to the scale point marked ‘3’.
  • Step-3: Set the pot inside the cooker.
  • Step-4: Check the manual provided to see the time needed to cook the amount you want.
  • Step-5: Manually adjust your timer to how long you want it to cook. Some models don’t require this as they will automatically turn off once the rice is done.
  • Step-6: Press the “Start” button and wait.
  • Step-7: Serve it with some sides and enjoy!

Now, if you’re thinking of going up a level and trying something new, then this is what you can do.

  • Step-1: Just cut and prep some veggies for steaming and cover them in seasoning.
  • Step-2: Put them in the steaming pot that goes above the rice pot.
  • Step-3: Prepare your rinsed rice and set it for cooking like the previous steps.
  • Step-4: Set the timer and push the “Steam” or “Slow Cook” button.
  • Step-5: Wait for a while and take out the veggies if you think they’re done before the rice.
  • Step-6: Plate up, call some friends over to share, and eat!

That wasn’t so hard, was it? We didn’t think so either.

How to Clean Tiger Rice Cooker?

When you’re getting something expensive for yourself, you have to keep it cleaned and take care of it properly. Otherwise, even the best tiger rice cooker will fall apart earlier than expected.

How to Clean Tiger Rice Cooker

So here are some pointers on how you can keep your cooking unit clean.

The Dos

  • You don’t need to use a dishwasher or dryer to do this. Using your hands to clean it will be enough.
  • If you’re like us and are picky about odors and scents, then cleaning it on the same day it’s used is the way to go.
  • Always unplug the cord and wait for some time to let the cooker cool down after it has been used. We don’t want burnt hands at the end of the day, right?
  • Take a soft sponge or cloth and put standard kitchen detergent on it.
  • Gently glide the sponge on the places you want to be cleaned and thoroughly wipe away the food residue.
  • Rinse the inner pot with clean water and wipe the lid and non-detachable parts with a wet cloth. It’s best to do this a couple of times.
  • We suggest using lukewarm water since it helps clean easily.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t forget to dry everything up with a kitchen towel or dry napkin.
  • Never use the abrasive side of the sponge on the interior pot because it might damage the non-stick coating.
  • Don’t use dishes on kitchen utensils on the pot. It’s meant for cooking, not being used as a cleaning supply.
  • It’s best to never dry the inner pot by keeping it upside down because it risks damaging the coating as well.
  • As for the power cord, keep it clean by wiping it with a dry cloth.
  • Don’t immerse the cooker in water, and make sure to never use metal spatulas, cleansers, or bleach in the cleaning process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Tiger a good brand for rice cookers?

Calling this brand “good” would be an understatement. This brand is well-known around the globe for its excellent quality products. And their rice cookers are more than good — they’re the best in the market.

2. Is Tiger rice cooker made in Japan?

Yes, their products are made in Japan. The brand manufactures different consumer electronic appliances, and its headquarters is located in Kadoma City in Osaka, Japan.

3. Which company makes the best rice cooker?

Undoubtedly the best rice cooker company would be Tiger Corporation. There are also other great Japanese brands like Zojirushi, Tayama, and Aroma. You can be sure to get your money’s worth if you go for any of these brands. But if you’re still on the fence, make your bet on Tiger without worry.

4. Is Zojirushi better than Tiger?

While both brands are fan-favorites and almost always at the top at rivals, the one that takes the cake in rice cooker quality would be Tiger.

Unlike certain company products which compromise on quality for the sake of reducing prices, Tiger doesn’t do so. Consumers may be paying more, but they’re paying for the superior skill of Japanese artisans when buying a Tiger rice cooker.

5. How to disassemble a tiger rice cooker?

There are certain steps you’ve got to follow in order to disassemble a tiger rice cooker. These are:

Step-1: Unplug the cooker and remove the screws on the base.

Step-2: Lift the lid off and make sure to take pictures of how the cords are connected inside.

Step-3: Remove the main board assembly and disconnect all the cords.

Step-4: Note the battery details.

Step-5: Remove the board from the main assembly.

Step-6: Finally, you can remove the battery by desoldering the screws on the board. Put the new battery in place and check the display panel.

6. How to hard reset a tiger rice cooker?

All you need to do to reset it is, plug it into the power source. Then just press and hold the cancel button for 5 seconds. Remember to check whether any lights on the machine are on before doing this.

7. How to cook a roast in my tiger rice cooker?

To make a banging roast (veggies or meat) in the cooker, you’ll have to put all the ingredients in the interior pot. Coat them with oil. After placing this in the cooker, select the Slow Cook option for 60 minutes.

Final Words

Food nourishes not only your body but also your soul. So it’s only natural to use the best tiger rice cooker to make sure what you eat is healthy and hearty. Now with these tiger rice cooker reviews available at your fingertips, change your lifestyle for the better. It’s now or never!

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