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Top 5 Best Greek Honey Reviews That Tastes Awesome (2022)

It’s a complete package of unique taste, aroma, flavor, and color. No one makes honey like they do it in Greece.

For that reason, I want to give you a breakdown of the best Greek honey in the market. But first, let me wax poetic a little more about this honey.

What is Greek Honey?

Greek honey, as the name suggests, is a type of honey that comes straight from Greece. Greek honey is not honey made by a Greek, but rather, made in Greece using Greek methods. There is a reason for this specificity.

You see, Greek honey is known for its unique taste, flavor, aroma, and color. So if a Greek set up shop in the States and made honey, it wouldn’t be Greek honey.

The most important quality of Greek honey is that it’s 100% pure and natural. It is collected traditionally. No pesticides or chemicals are used. No additives. Everything is natural. It relies on nature, and nothing else.

Perhaps the main feature of Greek honey is the flowers the bees feed on. The most popular herb is thyme. Other wildflowers and herbs are also popular, but thyme is the most ubiquitous.

Greek Honey

Another feature of Greece honey is the Mediterranean region’s climate and topography. The region is dry, filled with sunshine, and the terrain is rocky and mountainous. Naturally, all these factors go into making what is arguably the best honey in the world.

Our Best Greek Honey Reviews:

1. Attiki 16 oz Jar Greek Honey Review

Attiki 16 oz Jar Greek Honey

Are you looking for some tasty honey? You can’t go wrong with Greek Honey, and this 16-ounce jar of Mediterranean sweetness is just what you need.

It has a good aroma which sets your mouth watering. And the flavor is out of this world.

They say food can capture the mood of a place. I feel this is true with Greek honey. When you think of the Mediterranean region, you think of sunshine and divine beauty. You think or rich tans and marvelous architecture.

And you think of thousands of years of staggering history. If you have never been to Greece, here is a cheap enough way to get there. And if you have been there but want to reminisce, a jar of top-quality Attiki Greek honey will take you back.

The quality of the honey is unquestionable. It has been made from a careful selection of hives. Each of the hives used was selected for its ability to turn out an excellent yield consistently.


  • Aromatic and flavorful
  • A product of Greece
  • 16-ounce jar
  • Top quality

2. Dinas Greek Monastiri Wildflower and Thyme 16 oz Honey Review

Dinas Greek Monastiri Wildflower and Thyme 16 oz Honey

This honey is straight from that land of ancient heroes and philosophers. Get a taste of Greece with your breakfast. All the way from the Cretan land, this is a honey of excellence in every way.

A quality product, its distinct flavor will colonize your taste buds. That’s because the honey is not a blend. Instead, it has been made by bees which freely suck sweet nectar from a diversity of floral sources. The result is the creation of unique flavors that will make you sit upright.

On the same note, you will also appreciate the unforgettable aroma, the textures, and the color. Like Greece itself, this is honey you will sit up nights dreaming about.

In the twenty-first century, one cannot always be sure about the food you get in the shops. But with this honey, you can count on 100% purity. It is all raw, with nothing added. It is, therefore, highly rich in naturally occurring enzymes, antioxidants, and nutrients.

Why does traditional food taste better? Even food cooked at home, say, by your mother, tastes ten times better than restaurant food for some reason. The same is true of honey. People can tell honey which has been collected traditionally versus that which has used modern methods.

This honey is collected by hand using the traditional methods. And you know what? In some odd, mystical way, that just makes it taste better. Every jar is unique and has a special flavor. Here, at last, is a taste of the Mediterranean, and it isn’t commoditized. Each new jar is unique.

Let me unspool that earlier thread about the twenty-first century. We have everything, and we are richer than previous generations, but you know something? In spite of all this relative opulence, we have lost something. We are the poorer. And as crazy as it sounds to say this, I think natural honey can be a way to reconnect with our past, our humanity.

I am thinking of our current dependency on chemicals and pesticides and other additives. If you are tired and wary of such things, you should check out this 16-ounce jar of Greek honey. Note that the honey ripens inside the hive without any chemical additive to spur it on.

And that’s not all. Absolutely no chemicals or pesticides were used. What you get is a 100% pure, natural honey. It’s like drinking good health trapped and captured in liquid form.

And speaking of good health; this is a highly nourishing product. It is thyme honey combining with the super nourishing honey of coniferous trees as well as honeys from a broad variety of Cretan flowers. Greece has never tasted so good.


  • Raw honey with naturally occurring enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants
  • Honey collected by hand using traditional methods
  • Honey ripens inside beehive without use of chemical additives
  • Honey is pesticide and chemical-free-Instead of comprising a blend of different ingredients, it is pure honey made by bees after they have fed on nectar from diverse floral sources

3. Attiki 2.2 lb Can Greek Honey Review

Attiki 2.2 lb Can Greek Honey

It is an open secret that Greek honey is one of the best in the world. It is no wonder then that so many people gravitate towards it. People love the taste, that sweetness, that unique aroma which one inhales with gratefulness, that healthful goodness melting on your tongue with each spoonful.

How does 2.2 pounds of this marvelous liquid sound to you? Fantastic, right? There is something about thyme honey. I am talking about honey made by bees which feast on thyme nectar. So many happy customers have declared that after tasting this honey, everything else pales in comparison.

It would seem that once you go Attiki, there is no going back. Attiki is a proven and trusted brand in the Greek honey market. You are guaranteed of getting only honey that has been made in the Greek style, by Greek bees that feed on succulent nectar produced by Greek flowers.

The secret of why Greek honey is so good is the flowers: thyme and the wildflowers that grow prolifically in the mountainous, dry, rocky Mediterranean regions. A wide-ranging variety of plants can grow in an area spanning just a few square miles.

When the bees feed on the nectars of such a king-size variety of flowers, naturally, this diversity will find its way into the honey they produce.

It is then unsurprising that Greek honey should be so distinctive in taste, aroma, and flavor. Predictably, Greece is, in fact, Europe’s fourth most important producer of honey following Spain, Germany, and Hungary.

You can use this honey for sweetening your tea or your yogurt, spreading on bread, and in soaking up various desserts. Greek honey is an easy, tasty way to connect with Greece. It is also good for your health and wellbeing.


  • Thick-Unique aroma
  • Unique taste
  • Originates from a variety of natural flowers, herbs, and tees
  • 2.2 pounds

4. Cretan Thyme Honey from Sfakia Crete Greece by Saviolakis Family 340 g Review

Cretan Thyme Honey from Sfakia Crete Greece by Saviolakis Family 340 g

As I said earlier, there is history and depth to Greece. And as we all know, when a culture is deep, you can taste the depth in their food. Developing quality recipes takes years, generations, centuries, and sometimes even millenniums.

That’s why this 340-gram jar of honey from Sfakia in Crete, Greece is such a delight. What you are getting is not just Greek honey, but old Greek honey. You are getting something that has been in the Saviolakis family for 250 years.

250 years of Saviolakis family tradition: their honey-making methods passed down from one generation to the next. When something has been around for as long as this honey has, it reaches another level. It transcends its form and becomes something more. This is not just honey; it is 250 years trapped in a jar waiting for you to unloose it onto a slice of toast.

The honey is 100% raw. No chemicals or additives or pesticides or anything not natural has gone into the making of this honey. It is completely natural. As natural as the thyme that grows in the sunshine-soaked, dry, Mediterranean region from where the honey is made. It is the nectar of these thyme flowers that the bees have fed on to produce this jar of beneficence.

Did you know that thyme has numerous health benefits? Let me list a few of them here quickly: antifungal ability, antioxidant capacity, boosts blood circulation, improves your heart’s health, boosts your vision, and stimulates the production of white blood cells for a stronger immune system like the best manuka honey does.

As you can see, the benefits of using thyme honey are numerous.

And this Saviolakis honey is truly unique. Consider this: that it is one of the rarest and most natural kinds of honey not just in Greece, but in the world. Consider that the honey is collected at an altitude of between 4000 and 6000 feet.

Unlike other honey brands, this one is not poly floral; nor is it mixed with wildflowers. The herb thyme grows abundantly in Greece. When the herb is a vibrant purple color, bees descend upon it, and suck nectar from it. The area in which this brand works to make this Cretan Thyme honey is considered one of the purest on the island of Crete.


  • From Sfakia in Crete, Greece
  • A 250-year family tradition
  • 100% raw and natural
  • ITQI 3 stars in superior taste category; 1 star in Great Taste Awards
  • Collected at an altitude of 4000 to 6000 feet
  • It’s not poly floral; nor is it mixed with wildflowers

5. Attiki 8oz Gourmet Pure Greek Honey Review

Attiki 8oz Gourmet Pure Greek Honey

Beekeeping in Greece is a tradition of thousands of years. Is it a wonder then that the Greeks have developed superior honey-making abilities that beggar other country’s output? In ancient mythology, honey was looked upon as the food of the Olympian gods. Perhaps it is this reverence towards honey that has made Greek honey the unbeatable product it is.

And if you are seeking entry into this wonderful world but don’t know where to start, I would advise you to go with Attiki – and this 8-ounce jar is as good a start as any. Attiki is a brand you can trust and rely on to always deliver quality. It has been making honey since 1928. Naturally, by now they have become absolute masters in the art of making high-quality honey.

This gourmet honey is made from the herb thyme and other flowers. In Greece, thyme grows wild abundantly. For this reason, it is completely organic. What you get is a 100% raw and natural honey that is filled to bursting with health-giving properties.

Consider this: the Mediterranean diet is today a highly recommended nutrition plan. Just google “Mediterranean diet”, and you will be inundated by articles with titles that go something like: “16 secrets of the Mediterranean diet for kickass health”. And certainly in Greece honey is a big part of their Mediterranean diet.


  • Important element of the Mediterranean diet
  • Made from thyme
  • 100% pure and natural

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Greek Honey Benefits

Since thyme is such a constant in Greek honey, you might also name this as “benefits of thyme honey”:

  • Contains a high concentration of antioxidants
  • High circulation of iron which, through red blood cell production, boosts circulation
  • Improves your heart’s health
  • Contains Vitamin A, thus improving your vision
  • Contains vitamin C, thus improving your immune system
  • Improves your mood thanks to B6 vitamin which has an effect on neurotransmitters linked to stress hormones
  • Helps people with respiratory problems such as chronic asthma, colds, bronchitis, congestion, flu, blocked sinuses, and seasonal allergies​

Final Verdict

There is no doubt Greek honey is one of the best types of honey in the world. And there are no better choices than the five I have reviewed here. They called it the food of the gods for a reason.

If you want to feast on the food of the Olympian gods, buy yourself one or two jars of the five products you have read about here, and I promise you this: you will thank me later.

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