Best Farmhouse Sink Reviews

Best Farmhouse Sink Reviews for the Money 2022 – Buying Guide

While many houses do come with a sink, there are various reasons why you might be looking into getting a new sink. When there are many variations available in the market nowadays, they can all be classified into two main groups; traditional sinks and farmhouse sinks.

Now, traditional sinks have their plus sides, but they don’t really hold a candle to the farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks usually have much more spaces to work with. Moreover in the modern kitchen, they can fit in extremely well, thanks to their classy look and a great finish.

On this account, I have made this farmhouse sink reviews list to help you to find the right one.

What is a Farmhouse Sink?

True to its name, a farmhouse sink was traditionally used in ranches and farms. However, its versatility has granted it utility in many places including the kitchen of the modern home. You can do more than just dishes on this; you can wash your veggies, meat and even give your kids a dip! It is truly a jack of all trades.

The sink is characterized by its apron front. This is the front of the sink and it extends beyond the edge of your kitchen cabinet by letting you use it without leaning forward.

The sides sit just a finger under the edge of the cabinet edge, and this enables you to wipe anything down in there with ease. And finally, it has a large capacity.

Our Top Ten Picks

However, which is the best farmhouse sink? There are many brands and many choices and even many farmhouse sink reviews that might confuse you. Fear not, I have compiled a list of ones that I believe are worth to look. They are as follows.

1. Zuhne Prato 36 Farmhouse Apron Deep Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Zuhne Prato 36 Farmhouse Apron Deep Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Among the many variations that are available on the market as of now, I think choosing a light metallic build can bring about many benefits. In particular, I’m talking about the ones made of stainless steel. The ease of availability and low cost of stainless steel makes this product rather inexpensive.

By the merit of steel, the sink is also rather heavy duty and extremely durable. Durability is often an issue with ceramics as they can be fragile. If you overload your sink, the ceramic might actually crack and give away. Apart from the mess, you would have to invest in another sink. So it is the best to avoid that. 

Stainless steel as a building material also has another benefit, which is its longevity. It is an alloy specifically made to outright nullify any corrosion. Hence, no rust! A sink will obviously host a very moist and damp environment. Sinks made of other metals face the issue of corrosion while this one doesn’t.

Quite a few additional tools are equipped with each shipment of this great product including fasteners as in clips. These are there to hold the sink in place when installing it into the cavity of the kitchen cabinet. A rack that can be fit at the bottom comes with it as well. It prevents scratches at the surface.

The overall size of it is simply magnificent. It is huge! The sink consists of a single, large, one bowl system that can house almost anything from large refrigerator parts to pots and pans. This also gives you the volume to wash your utensils easily. You could even give your kids a nice bath in this!


  • Durable stainless-steel build
  • No rust
  • Inexpensive
  • Large volume capacity
  • Good water drains


  • Too large for some kitchens

2. Ruvati Low-Divide 50/50 Double Bowl Undermount Steel Kitchen Sink

Ruvati Low-Divide 50/50 Double Bowl Undermount Steel Kitchen Sink

It consists of a double bowl utility system. There is a lot of disagreement in deciding which single or double bowl is better, but here I will talk about the pros and cons of the double bowl. The most obvious is that you can group your utensils according to their shape and size and split them between the bowls.

The divider between the bowls is low; that can be perceived as either a good or a bad thing. If you wash the dishes in both by dividing them into two according to the shape, the low divider lets water evenly mix between the two bowls. However, if you keep the clean dishes on one bowl, the water might get there and dirty them.

Accordingly, the downside of all double bowls is the size. If you want to have separate cleaning mounts, you have to sacrifice cleaning volume. The whole area is divided into two after all such as large pots and pans, and refrigerator parts. Among other things probably cannot be cleaned in this.

Auxiliary equipment comes with this as well. The drain basket is fit at the bottom near the drain which prevents anything other than water from passing. Food and other stuff could clog up the pipes if they passed down.

Near the bottom, you can fit the grates that come with this. They prevent small items from sinking down. The shape and finish of this model are excellent. Water streaming down and splashing can cause a lot of ruckuses.

In many cases, it can be so loud that you can hear it all around the house, but not here. The exterior is insulated and has sound absorption abilities. Therefore, you can enjoy a quiet wash.


  • Double bowl washing system
  • Low divider
  • Versatile
  • Sound insulation
  • Inexpensive


  • Cannot fit large utensils

3. Kraus KHF203-36 36-Inch Farmhouse Apron Sink

Kraus KHF203-36 36-Inch Farmhouse Apron Sink

While boasting the same double bowl system as the previous one, this model is not a fifty-fifty arrangement, rather a sixty-forty-one. This ratio enables a more customized way of working. You could set up the washed dishes, which don’t need as much volume, on the smaller one and wash in the larger bowl.

The forty-sixty build also attempts to make up for the size issue that many fifty-fifty sinks suffer from. The larger bowl is big enough to hold fairly large common utensils such as big pots and cookie sheets. This can be a big flaw in fifty-fifty builds.

By merit of its metallic build, it is quite durable and can withstand rough use. That can be during installation or just regular use. Metal sinks and thin metal sinks in particular are vulnerable to dents. You can end up deforming your sink as a result. This one is made of a rigid metallic alloy that resists denting.

Grates are equipped at the very bottom of the sink. This enables them to prevent anything from going down the drain. Without the garbage disposer, this can be especially troublesome as things can clog up the drainage system. The grates also protect the bottom from getting scratched by the dishes.

Overall, the finishing work is expertly done and fits nicely with most kitchen settings. It is a versatile design with modern look as well as some rustic touches so you don’t have to worry about it fitting into your modern home. This is definitely a candidate to be the best farmhouse sink.


  • Smart sixty-forty bowl split
  • Sturdy
  • Bottom grates system to prevent scratches
  • Good finish


  • Some rusty patches

4. Adams Farmhouse Apron Front Kitchen Sink

Adams Farmhouse Apron Front Kitchen Sink

Adam’s Farmhouse has a more interesting build on the sink. They use copper as the material. Copper is unique in its ability to be an antibacterial agent. Hence, it can add another line of defense against possible diseases that may arise from the damp conditions of your sink. However, it depends on the sealant as well.

The other benefit that copper sinks have is their strong resistance to corrosion. With metal sinks, this can be a real issue as the environment is damp. Rust is not harmful itself but can host a lot of harmful microbes. This is definitely a cause of great concern. In this regard, invest in a copper sink for better longevity.

Despite not rusting, copper does tarnish. This has been received with mixed reactions. Some people love the intricate swirls and twists that come about, and think that this change makes it look better. Others love the metallic look and don’t really welcome the change. We leave that decision to you.

While not as great with the area, the sink is pretty deep. The depth can allow for better circulation of water if you are washing dishes by hand. It can also help to dissolve the dirt more effectively as the depth means that the volume of water contained is pretty good too. Just be careful when washing smaller items.

In all of its glory, copper does have a downside, it is soft. Even though it’s not as soft as some other metals, it can still dent pretty easily and this can pose a big problem, especially when installing the thing.

Likewise, considering how thin this sink is will definitely be an issue. However, you can hammer it back to shape


  • Low stain
  • No corrosion
  • Good depth
  • Tarnishes to form patterns


  • Installation is difficult
  • Dents easily

5. Finefixtures Sutton 30″ Fireclay Sink

Finefixtures Sutton 30" Fireclay Sink

The main reason ceramic materials are used in making sinks is because of their stain and scratch resistance such as fireclay. They offer smooth surfaces that are very resistant to any type of stain. Having ceramic means you don’t have to worry about scratches; they are virtually scratch proof.

However, metallic sinks to have some upsides. They are not brittle and they can be quite durable and hold their shape under a lot of stress. At the same time, ceramics cannot claim that as they are more brittle and can shatter if enough force is applied. They can be heat sensitive too in certain cases.

Installation can be another issue with this model. That’s because the ceramic sink in general are thick and consequently very heavy. This one, in particular, is of a unique shape so traditional cutouts for the sink might not fit. You might have to have the cavity shape custom made too.

The depth as well is pretty excessive. Then again, you need to customize that a bit. However, the depth does mean good volume, and that makes it easy to wash. It is especially good if you want to use it as a bath for a child. For dishes, it circulates water easily and lets you rinse it well.

Having ceramic isn’t all bad as maintaining ceramic sinks is as easy as pie. This is where metals come up short. No corrosion. No rust. The surface of ceramics lets you clean up the few stains that form easily. If you treat it well, this can easily outlast anything metallic and give you peak performance.


  • Resistant to stain
  • Protected against scratch
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good depth


  • Heavy
  • Unique, not a cuboid shape

6. Latoscana 33″ Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Latoscana 33" Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

The model by Latoscana opts for a simple, clear cut and reversible design. Thus, you can have either of the long sides facing out. This can be useful if the front has sustained some damages or stains that can’t be removed. You can just flip it over and put them back up front.

Being as simple as it is, the model is rather inexpensive. In fact, it is the best farmhouse sink for the money. If you are living alone, this might be a better option than buying a higher capacity sink with a higher price.

Even if you have a small family, this is worth the consideration because it can sustain a good volume of dishes.

It boasts a scratch proof and stain proof design for being made of this material. Scratches can give rise to places for germs to breed and reproduce. Moreover, stains are just nasty. You don’t have to worry about that now.

If you are going to use it roughly, don’t worry, the sink is simple but it is very heavy duty.

However, durability does come at a certain cost. It makes the thing pretty heavy. The weight is especially an issue when you are installing it by yourself. You might need more than three people to install it. Therefore, don’t risk it by yourself! Underestimating the weight might lead to accidents.

Likewise, you might be thinking why not buy a fancier sink with double bowls, or other systems? I mean, yeah you could, but they do cost more, and they can be a little too much to handle for some. This one is simple, and it focuses all its resources to its design and performance. You get exactly what you see.


  • Simple design
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • No risk of scratch
  • Stain proof


  • Heavy
  • Installation difficulties

7. KOHLER K-6427-7 Whitehaven Smart Divide Self-Trimming Kitchen Sink

KOHLER K-6427-7 Whitehaven Smart Divide Self-Trimming Kitchen Sink

Kohler is one of the best farmhouse sink brands out there. They dish out products that perform well and give you the satisfaction you want. In regard to farmhouse sinks, they have the best farm sinks like this one.

They went for a fifty-fifty double bowl design and that lets you wash larger and small utensils separately with ease.

Consequently, the in general issue with fifty-fifty bowls and double bowls  is that they can’t hold things that are too large, especially large pots, cookie sheets, or refrigerator parts.

Kohler takes a go at amending by trying to maximize the size of the individual bowls. The good width means that large items aren’t a problem.

Regarding the divider, they took the gamble and went for a low divider. Again, that assumes you’ll be washing on both sides. That is extremely beneficial if you do because the water can easily intermingle. However, storing the washed stuff on one side becomes an issue since the dirty water can get there.

On the other hand, as this is made of cast iron, it has its share of pros and cons that come from the material itself. Cast iron is susceptible to rust and so the sink is usually painted over.

In this regard, that can be a solution, but there is always the risk of chipping. Even a little chip can rust the sink right through. Be wary of that.

The other downside of using cast iron is the weight. Iron is a heavy material and you can’t exactly thin it out like copper or stainless steel. Therefore, you have to deal with lugging it around like a hunk of stones. This is cumbersome in particular when you are installing the sink. If you’re alone, you won’t have a good time.


  • Low divider
  • Double bowl for versatility
  • Large size


  • Paint may chip
  • Heavy

8. VIGO VGRA3318CS 33″ x 18″ x 9 5/8 Undermount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

VIGO VGRA3318CS 33" x 18" x 9 5/8 Undermount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Arguably this is one of the best farm sinks. This model has been manufactured by VIGO and uses a unique building material like Stone Matte. It is a sort of ceramic but also contains stone particles. The result is a sort of “alloy” that has a smooth surface and does not chip. It is also impermeable to water.

The heavy-duty material is also durable. This mix makes an attempt to correct for the relatively fragile property that most ceramics get a bad rap for. The “stone” element exists to do just that. It is extremely durable and no stranger to rough and extended use. Do your worst, it can take it; don’t worry!

While it does cover most of the weaknesses of ceramic, there is one exception, the weight. In fact, the stone adds to the overall weight, and so it becomes really hard to handle. The metals one-up this model here. Installation is especially hard, and you always need almost two or more people to avoid accidents.

This model also gives up a certain benefit that ceramics have over most metallic sinks, that is its resistance to stains. Stains are unsanitary and downright gross. However, having them appear all around your sink can be a turnoff, and the stains might also shelter a host of disease-carrying microbes.

Now the silver lining to all this is that you can scrub them off easily. You don’t have to scratch them off like the way you would if it were a rusty spot. That is often the case with metals.

In addition, stains stick better on metallic surfaces. The surface of this is smooth and you could wipe away anything easily.


  • Made of unique Matte Stone
  • Impermeable to water
  • Durable
  • Cleans easy


  • Heavy
  • Stains easily

9. Ruvati 33 x 20-inch Fireclay Reversible Farmhouse Apron-Front Kitchen Sink

Ruvati 33 x 20-inch Fireclay Reversible Farmhouse Apron-Front Kitchen Sink

Another fireclay model is Apron-front kitchen sink. This sink was made with a modern design in mind. A form of ceramic, fireclay has found use in many bathroom fittings and kitchen sinks.

The plus side of ceramics is that they are scratch resistant and usually they are also resistant to stains. Even if you use abrasive cleaning tools, it should be fine.

This model opted for using the single bowl. This is always a trade-off as double bowls let you wash things separately at the cost of space. The single bowl gives you more space to wash larger things like cookie sheets or big pots. You should know what you want so you get as you want.

It has a simple design. However, it is reversible. One side is flat, and the other is fluted. You have the option to place with either the flat side sticking out or the fluted side. If your sink sustains any damage, it isn’t a problem either as you could just flip it over.

The ceramic design while not as sturdy as the metals can be reinforced. In this one, at the cost of some weight, the ceramic is made durable by adding to the thickness. The rise in thickness lets you reliably use it without fear of any chipping. Dents are never an issue here anyway, so you’re set.

However, there is one issue that the bottom is not as sloped as you’d want it to be. Hence, that can lead to water staying in the sink longer than it needs to and stagnant water hampers effective cleaning. Therefore, be careful to drain the sink out fully. You can push the water out manually if you want.


  • The single bowl allows large utensils
  • Reversible with flat or fluted sides
  • Will last long
  • Easy to clean


  • Flat inside, water does not drain effectively

10. Rohl RC3018WH Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Rohl RC3018WH Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Yet another fireclay sink and the big upside to using fireclay sinks is that they don’t dent. Yes, they break, but that is usually at a much higher force than that’s needed to dent a metallic sink. Coupled with that, fireclay sinks are also resistant to acidic or alkaline solutions. Metals are vulnerable to those.

This sink comes with a grid at the bottom. The grid has two jobs. Firstly, it protects your dishes from the dirty water that collects at the bottom. That stuff can be nasty. Secondly, it keeps dirt and food from clogging up the drainage system. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, this could save you a call to the plumber.

The finishing on this is simply magnificent. In fact, you could even wax it! The exterior, at least. Don’t wax the interior, that is where you wash the dishes. You could shine and polish the outer part if you wanted, and it’d shine. The glimmer rivals the metallic luster of stainless-steel sinks.

However, there are some issues though. One of the glaring ones is that it does not have a sloping bottom. It would otherwise be the best fireclay farmhouse sink ever. It still is one the best, but the flat bottom means that water sticks around. Moreover, in some areas, the water remains stagnant even after draining for a long time.

Despite being a sturdy and durable sink made of fireclay as in a ceramic material, comes at a cost. It is quite heavy. You would be unwise to try lugging it around on your own. This is why you might need at least two more people to aid you in setting it up.


  • Resistant to acids and alkalis
  • The grid at the bottom prevents clogging
  • Shiny attractive finish
  • Scratch resistant


  • Flat bottom, prevent effective draining
  • Heavy

Things to Look for Before Buying 

Regardless of my Farmhouse sinks reviews, you might still be confused. Fret not, we’ll address this soon. In this section, we’ll talk about the factors that you need to consider finding the best farmhouse sink for the money.


First and foremost, this is what you should look for. This is because the properties of the farmhouse sink depend immensely on the material you use to make it. It affects the weight and the durability among other things. Typically, there are four that are commonly used in making sinks. They are described below:

1. Stainless Steel

When it comes to sheer durability, this comes second to none. You could literally ram this thing and it wouldn’t yield. Only cast iron comes next to it. The other big advantage that stainless steel offers is its resistance to corrosion. You could go by for weeks and not even a single patch would form.

Stainless Steel

Despite what many stainless steel farmhouse sinks reviews may tell you, steel isn’t rustproof. Over many months, some spots of corrosion may appear. The rust itself is not toxic, but it offers a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes.

Steel is also susceptible to stains and marks from certain chemicals, and so its luster can be short-lived.

2. Copper

In many modern kitchens, copper has found use as a material for sinks because of its unique properties. It is an antibacterial agent and can kill any pathogens that begin to grow on its surface. Copper is also extremely resistant to corrosion. Yes, some tarnishes form, but that doesn’t travel too far in.

Tarnishes however do destroy the unique reddish metallic sheen that copper has. Being as soft as it is, copper is very vulnerable to denting. As a result, you should be careful handling it, especially when you are installing the sink. The bright side is that, you could hammer it back to shape.

3. Fireclay

Fireclay is a type of ceramic. It is named  because it was heated in flames to set the mold that was made. Fireclay is very resistant to scratches and stains. Unlike metals, they cannot dent.

Likewise, corrosion isn’t an issue either with any ceramic. In fact, they can last much longer if handled well.

They are relatively fragile though heavy handling can chip parts of the sink. The cavities can breed bacteria. Furthermore, while they are resistant to dents, with enough force they can shatter. They are also heavier on average. You can’t make the layers thin as you can with metals.

4. Cast Iron

The biggest takeaway for cast iron is that it’s cheap. Cast iron sinks are probably the most inexpensive in the market. If you’ve got a tight budget, you might like this. Cast iron is also quite rigid. It won’t bend or dent like copper. Lastly, it is very durable, at least for washing.

On the other hand, low cost comes with drawbacks because the iron is vulnerable to rusting. Many manufacturers combat this by painting, but the paint can come off with time. At the same time, rust isn’t something you want since it can harbor bacteria. Iron is also one of the heavier metals, so handling is tough.

Bowl System

Here, it down to personal choice. There are three types of bowl systems. The first one is a single bowl, which means it only has one bowl. Then we have the double bowls. How they are divided can vary.

However, the half and half types have the bowls that are identical. The unequal divisions have bowls sizes divided into a certain ratio.

1. Single Bowl System

Single Bowl System

This one is pretty straightforward, just a single bowl. Now the upside here is that a single bowl has got tons of room so you can wash larger, cumbersome things such as cookie sheets and big pots. Many have depth too so that you can circulate the water around for an efficient wash.

While the size may be covetous, the single bowl has just one bowl. So you are going to be putting large pots and tiny teaspoons into one big mix. That can be troublesome to manage, especially if you’re not too experienced with doing the dishes like this.

2. Equally Divided Double Bowl System

Here you reap the benefits of the double system. The two bowls can contain two types of items to be washed. You could pile all your cutlery on one side and dump the rest in the other bowel. If the divider is high enough you could use one bowl to dump all your clean utensils.

At the same time, that does mean you’ll be dividing up your workspace. Larger items may not fit, and you might have a hard time washing them. The double bowl feature is also a bit useless if you have comparatively few utensils.

3. Unequally Divided Double Bowl System

This arrangement attempts to counteract the flaws of both the single and the fifty-fifty divided double bowl system. Usually, a sixty-forty or seventy-thirty split is made. You have the split to tend to different types of dishes.

Unequally Divided Double Bowl System

You also have the luxury of size. On your larger bowl, you can wash more cumbersome stuff without worry of it being too small. This can be a sort of “best of both worlds”.


Lastly, we’ll talk about size. Remember that the cupboard size has to be a little bigger than the sink itself. Otherwise, it won’t fit. Don’t forget either that some sinks are shaped irregularly, so take account of that before you buy. Some have complex shapes that need custom arrangements to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Material for a Farmhouse Sink?

That depends on what you want. Metallic ones are more durable, albeit some, that may have denting issues. Ceramic sinks are waterproof and stain-proof, but they are heavier, and they cost a bit more. Copper sinks are especially vulnerable to denting but they are extremely resistant to corrosion.

2. Where Do the Faucets Go?

Ah yes, the faucets. You see, this isn’t a traditional sink and hence, there aren’t any holes for the faucet. You are supposed to have the faucets fitted on the cupboard above.

3. Do I Need a Garbage Disposer?

Get one just in case. Many of the aforementioned sinks have grating systems that prevent things from going down the drain and clogging up the pipes, but you should be extra careful. You don’t want to call a plumber every week.

4. What is the Difference between a Farm Sink and an Apron Sink?

The farmhouse sink is a subset of the apron sink. While many people use the terms interchangeably, there lies a key difference. If an apron sink is made of fireclay or of similar ceramic material, it is a farmhouse sink.

5. Are Farmhouse Sinks Durable?

Short answer, yes. They have been proven to be much more durable than their traditional counterparts.

Final Verdict

There is no universally right answer. They are all top contenders. You make the final choice. Gauge all the parameters like material, cost, size, and other stuff.

Nevertheless, I hope that my farmhouse sink reviews will help you to find the right product.

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