Best Bee Suit Reviews

Best Bee Suit Reviews for Beekeepers – Budget Suits for 2022

Bees have many good qualities, and they give us honey. There is every reason to love bees, and we do. But we also fear them a little because of their ability to inflict terrible pain.

Their stings, especially when you are stung by many bees, can be fatal. You must always protect yourself when you are working with bees.

For that reason, I have set out to discover the best bee suit you can buy. I came up with ten excellent choices.

What’s a Bee Suit AKA Beekeeper Suit?

A beekeeper suit is the most appropriate clothing for anyone who works with bees directly. If you work in an apiary, or if you own a hive, or if you are a researcher; whatever the job is, so long as you are working with bees, you need to suit up.

Bee suits have many advantages over regular clothing. For one, bee suits do not attract the attention of bees as much as regular clothing. This is because of the white or light color pastels they use. It is easier to work in a hive while wearing white than dark colors – those make the bees angry.

They are also designed to ensure the stings of bees do not reach your skin. The looseness of the suit creates pockets of air inside. Since the suit does not cling snugly to your body, the bee sting does not come into contact with your skin.

But what about at the ankles or the wrists – won’t bees come in through there and sting you underneath your suit? No, they won’t. Bee suits have elastic ankles and wrists. These cling snugly to your wrist or ankle. So the entryway is barred, and the bees are shut out.

10 Best Bee Suit Reviews

1. Humble Bee 410-XL Polycotton Beekeeping Suit Review

Humble Bee 410-XL Polycotton Beekeeping Suit

In looking for the best beekeeping suit, let’s start with this Humble Bee product. It comes in eight different sizes, from XX-Small to XXX-Large. For the purpose of this review, I mean the X-Large suit. But if you wear a different size, you can just as easily pick from the other seven choices.

It comprises a blend of 50% cotton with 50% synthetic material. This polycotton blend enables the material to have both the advantages of cotton and synthetic material. You will have excellent protection against the stings of bees. It is also comfortable in most weather conditions, and so you can work for extended periods.

The waist, the wrists, the ankles, the thumb, and the foot of the beekeeper suit are elastic. As a result, everything is held comfortably in place. Both men and women can wear the suit, provided they have a height of between 5’11” to 6’1”.

Main Features:​

  • Polycotton: 50% cotton, 50% synthetic material
  • Self-supporting round veil
  • Heavy-duty brass zippers
  • Double-stitched pockets
  • Deluxe canvas carrying case
  • Size: X-Large
  • Elastic waist, wrists, ankles; plus thumb and foot holds
  • Unisex: Men and women of 5’11” to 6’1”
  • Removable Veil-Two-year warranty

2. Natural Apiary Apiarist Beekeeping Suit Review

Natural Apiary Apiarist Beekeeping Suit

It is a polycotton blend, consisting of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. As a result, the fabric has the advantages of both cotton and polyester: tear-resistant, breathable, abrasion-resistant, and less expensive than pure cotton.

The material is also very accommodating, and you will be comfortable as you work in your apiary. Plus, it is machine-washable, which should make it much easier and faster to clean.

The forearms and the ankles are elasticized to ensure secure bee proof seals. As a result, no bee will find its way into your suit through the space at the wrists or ankles since the suit fits your body snugly at those vulnerable locations.

Main Features:​

  • 65% cotton with 35% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Elasticized forearms and ankles
  • Detachable Veil
  • Strong YKK zippers
  • Full replacement warranty

3. Aspectek Professional Beekeeping Suit Review

Aspectek Professional Beekeeping Suit

This is considered the best bee suit by many professionals as well as beginners. It gives you the ultimate protection from the stings of bees, and you can relax and do your best work without fear.

It is annoying and distracting when you are trying to concentrate on your job but your sleeves just keep rolling up. That’s why this suit has thumb and foot holds which prevent this from happening.

It comes in a variety of sizes, and you can take your pick depending on what size you usually wear.

The suit has a natural earthy color. So you can blend into the environment of the hive without calling excessive attention to yourself. The less attractive or shouting the color is as compared to the hive’s colors, the less alarm you will raise in the bees.

The veil of the suit is made from an original design with a fixable strap. It helps you to shield your face from stings. It is collapsible, which enables you to store it when you are done for the day.

Main Features:​

  • Originally designed, collapsible veil with fixable strap
  • Thumb and foot holds
  • Earth color
  • Available in different sizes

4. Pest Mall Complete Bee Keeper Suit Helmet Review

Pest Mall Complete Bee Keeper Suit Helmet

This beekeeper suit from Pest Mall is the complete package. Comprising a blend of cotton and poly, the suit is highly comfortable. You can spend hours hard at work in your apiary. And the material is durable.

It has elastic wrist and leg openings. If these openings were loose, it would be an easy matter for bees to slip through and sting your bare skin underneath. Instead, the elastic wrist and leg openings cling to your body, allowing no space for a bee to enter through.

Professional beekeepers will appreciate this suit; homeowners and beginners too. And it doesn’t matter what you are working with – from hornets to yellow jackets or even spiders. This suit will give you excellent protection against all these.

It comes in three sizes: large, extra larger, and XXL.

Main Features:​

  • Large, Extra Large, or XXL
  • Can use for pest control of bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and even spiders
  • 50% cotton to 50% polyester
  • Elastic wrist and leg openings

5. Humble Bee 430-M Ventilated Beekeeping Suit Review

Humble Bee 430-M Ventilated Beekeeping Suit

The suit comes in all sorts of sizes from small to XXXL. So you can expect a tailored fit that will help you feel confident and able to focus on the job.

It has thumb and foot holds, and elastic waist, wrists, and ankles. This elasticity enables the suit to hold snugly and comfortably to your bodily frame at those vulnerable areas. That’s what you need in a bee suit. Looseness in such places creates an opportunity for bees to find a way into your suit.

It comprises a 50-50 blend of cotton and synthetic fabric. It, therefore, provides the benefits of cotton as well as synthetic fabric.

The ventilation panels enable you to remain cool even in sweltering heat. As a result, you can clock in long hours hard at work in spite of the hellishly hot weather.

The design is unisex. Men and women with a height of 5’7” to 5’8” can comfortably wear the suit. I conclude this ventilated bee suit review by noting that 10% of Humble Bee’s earnings go to not-for-profit organizations that help beekeeping and bee conservation to flourish.

Main Features:​

  • Ventilated suit
  • Self-supporting round veil
  • Heavy-duty brass zippers
  • Double-stitched pockets
  • Cushioned kneepads
  • Deluxe canvas carrying case
  • 50% cotton, 50% cotton blend
  • Elastic waist, wrists, and ankles; plus thumb and footholds
  • Unisex design: men and women between 5’7” and 5’8”
  • Removable Veil
  • 2-year warranty

6. Natural Apiary – Max Protect Beekeeping Suit Review

Natural Apiary - Max Protect Beekeeping Suit

I will use a metaphor here. Beekeeping is like going to war. And that’s why you put on a suit – to protect yourself from the stings of bees. This suit has camouflage patterns on it, allowing you to blend in. Plus, camo is awesome, and one always feels great in camouflage clothing.

To continue the war metaphor: your eyes are one of the most important senses during battle. So too with bees, you have to see everything clearly. And that’s why this suit has a nylon veil that gives you a clear view of your working environment.

Unlike some of the other bee suits I have reviewed, this one does not comprise of polycotton material. Instead, it is a 100% cotton fabric. And we all know the advantages of cotton. The suit has extra strength and durability, and it is also a comfortable fit.

It comes in seven sizes: from small to XXXL.

Main Features:​

  • Strong nylon veil with a clear view for maximum visibility
  • 100% fine weave cotton
  • Metal YKK zippers
  • Extra Velcro seals
  • Full replacement warranty

7. Humble Bee 411-XXXL Polycotton Beekeeping Suit

Humble Bee 411-XXXL Polycotton Beekeeping Suit

To protect yourself against bee stings, consider this polycotton beekeeping suit. At a 1:1 ratio of cotton to synthetic material, you get the advantages of both materials at a more affordable price than pure cotton fabric. And it feels comfortable in all sorts of weather.

It comes with a collapsible fencing veil. The fact that this veil is removable makes it considerably easier for you to clean and store it.

It’s worth noting that the suit is available in all sizes from XX-Small to XXX-Large. You can get the one that is specially tailored for your body size. You will find that everything stays comfortably in place as you are working, with no loose or sagging areas.

Thanks to the elasticity of its waist, wrists, and ankles, there is no vulnerable place through which bees can intrude and come under the suit and sting you on bare skin.

It is ideal for both men and women. I am reviewing the XXX-Large so don’t be intimidated by the numbers: 6’4” to 6’6” – that’s how tall you should be to wear the suit comfortably. But if you are not as tall as this, there are six other sizes, so choose the one that fits perfectly.

Main Features:​

  • Polycotton suit: 50% cotton to 50% synthetic material
  • Collapsible fencing veil
  • Heavy-duty brass zippers
  • Double-stitched pockets
  • Deluxe canvas carrying case
  • Elastic waist, wrists, and ankles; plus thumb and foot holds
  • Unisex design: men and women between 6’4” and 6’6.”
  • Removable Veil

8. Mann Lake Economy Beekeeper Suit

Mann Lake Economy Beekeeper Suit

The suit consists of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. You can then count on it for durability, robustness, and resistance to abrasions. Polycotton offers you most of the advantages of cotton at a more affordable price than pure cotton material.

If bees find a way to penetrate your suit, you are in trouble. Bee stings are dangerous, and can even kill you. That’s the beauty of this suit. The wrists and ankles are elastic. As such, they cling to your bodily frame at the wrists and the ankles.

With no hole to penetrate, the bees remain on the exterior surfaces and hence cannot cause you any harm. For that reason, you can work with freedom, and concentrate on achieving your goals without any anxiety.

Main Features:​

  • 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • Elastic at wrists and ankles
  • Heavy-duty zippers at ankles for easy on or off
  • Self-supporting collapsible veil with two layers of fabric back of the hood

9. Humble Bee 411-XS Polycotton Beekeeping Suit 

Humble Bee 411-XS Polycotton Beekeeping Suit 

We have looked at the Humble Bee 411-XXXL. Let’s add the X-Small version of that bee suit to our beekeeping suit reviews.

First, let me note that 10% of what Humble Bee earns from selling these suits, it donates to not-for-profit organizations that focus on boosting beekeeping and bee conservation locally.

The suit has a unisex design that can work for both men and women. If you are 5’2” or 5’3”, this is the bee suit for you. You don’t have to wear ill-fitting suits.

Tailored to give you a snug fit in vulnerable areas, the bee suit will feel comfortable on your bodily frame thanks to its elastic waist, wrists, and ankles. It also has thumb and foot holds. There is just no entryway for bees to come under the suit. As such, you have complete protection from bee stings.

It also helps that the fabric is strong – a 1:1 polycotton fabric that will feel comfortable in most weather conditions and protect you from the stings of swarming bees.

Main Features:​

  • Polycotton suit: 50% cotton to 50% synthetic material
  • Collapsible fencing veil
  • Heavy-duty brass zippers
  • Double-stitched pockets
  • Deluxe canvas carrying case
  • Elastic waist, wrists, and ankles; plus thumb and foot holds
  • Unisex design: men and women between 5’2 and 5’3.”
  • Removable Veil

10. Natural Apiary – Max Protect Beekeeping Suit Review

Natural Apiary - Max Protect Beekeeping Suit

For the last of our bee suit reviews, let’s consider this product from Natural Apiary. Professional and beginner beekeepers alike will appreciate the suit.

The nylon veil gives you maximum visibility – an unobstructed view of everything that is happening around you. You will also work faster as you can more quickly obtain honey from a beehive.

There is no question about the durability and strength of the material. It comprises 100% fine weave cotton. It’s just what you need to protect you from bee stings and to give you excellent service for a long time.

Main Features:​

  • Strong nylon veil with a clear view for maximum visibility
  • 100% fine weave cotton
  • Metal YKK zippers
  • Extra Velcro seals
  • Full replacement warranty

Beekeeper Suit Buying Guide

I used a war metaphor earlier. I will return to it here briefly. Every soldier must be attired for battle if he is to have a real fighting chance. The same goes for beekeeping. Bees may be small insects, but the consequences of a bee sting can hardly be described as small.

And so to protect yourself, you must also be appropriately attired. But let me take a more in-depth look and see what I can unpack about what you should consider when shopping for a beekeeping suit:

1. Quality of the Material

One of the reasons you can’t use your normal clothing for beekeeping is that the material isn’t tough enough. If you go in with your regular shirt, the bees will plunge their stings through the material of the shirt and find your bare skin underneath.

Consider this point with care. The most favored material is cotton. Some of the advantages of cotton fabric include breathability, insulation against heat in summer and cold in winter, hypoallergenic (does not irritate the skin), weatherproof, comfortable (soft and stretchy), and durable.

Cotton’s high tensile strength ensures its robustness and durability. Ripping and tearing is a rarity where cotton is concerned.

Bee Suit

But since cotton is more expensive than other fabrics, many brands prefer to use a blend of cotton with synthetic material (say, polyester). This polycotton fabric gives you the advantages of both materials in the same garment.

The quality of the material will also ensure that you use your suit for a long time to come. I don’t suppose you want to keep changing your suit frequently – in the long run, cheap is expensive.

2. Breathability

In the sweltering heat of summer, putting on your beekeeper suit can feel like punishment. You begin to approach the job like a lamb to the slaughter.

What you need is a suit that has breathability. Ventilation panels will help you stay cool even when the heat feels unbearable.

The panels are usually located on the front back and the arms. They let in air which would otherwise be cut off.

This increased circulation of air is what keeps the beekeeper cool and relaxed.

3. Color

Back to that rich war metaphor. Soldiers wear camouflage to stay hidden from the enemy. The military took this idea from nature, where the predator hides in the long grass, undetected while stalking his or her prey.

As a beekeeper, it’s important that you be as unobtrusive as possible. If possible, you want to do the job silently without drawing the attention of the bees.

That’s why the color of your suit is so important. Bees do not delight in dark colors.

Stick to the color white or to other light pastel colors that will make you less visible or help you blend in with beehive environment so as to not anger the bees.

4. Veil

Ensure that your suit also includes a veil. There are two kinds of veils: one that is built into the suit or one that is removable.

If your veil is of one piece with your suit, there is far less chance of your face getting exposed since the veil won’t slide up as a removable one might.

Removable veils make it easier for you to clean and store them.

5. Elastic wrists and ankles

The wrists and ankles of your bee suit must be elastic. This is critical. If there are not, before long, you are going to have company inside your suit, and you won’t like it!

When the ankles and wrists of the suit are elastic, they cling to your body, allowing no space or hole for a bee to slip in through. And the bees are effectively locked out.

As a result, your confidence levels are high. When you feel secure, you can continue working for hours, taking pleasure in your work.

Why Using the Bee Suit is Important

1. Protection

The first and main reason for using a bee suit is obvious. If you don’t suit up, you should be ready to incur the wrath of the bees after you disturb their piece. Bee stings are highly dangerous, and may even be fatal.

You can’t just rock up in your regular clothing and expect to leave the apiary or beehive unscathed. The bee suit protects you from stings, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to concentrate on your task.

2. Stings Don’t Reach Your Skin

That is not to say that the suit prevents bees from stinging. They do sting. The difference with regular clothing is that when you use a bee suit, the sting does not reach your skin.

I took great care when mentioning elasticity and snugness in the reviews to point out that this applied only to the vulnerable locations such as the wrist and the ankles where bees might find an entryway to come in under your clothing and directly sting your bare skin.

But the rest of the suit is not snug; it is loose. This looseness is the gift. The loose fit enables air packets to form inside the suit, so when the bee plunge its sting into the suit, it never comes into contact with your skin.

The loose fit also comes in handy during summer. And if your suit has ventilated panels, the air circulation within the suit helps give you some much-needed respite from the heat.

3. They are Appropriately Colored

Bee suits come either in white or some other light pastel color. Bees are not the friendliest of insects. You want them to remain as placid as possible. And dark colors infuriate them. But with a light color, you have a greater chance of working without too much difficulty.

When you are dressed in a light color, bees are less likely to see you as an invader and a threat. And when they sting you, it’s much easier to spot the sting on your suit and remove it. When a sting detaches, it tends to release an alarm pheromone that attracts other bees to the location – that’s why removing the sting quickly is crucial.

4. Bees Cannot Come in

Regular clothing is loose at the ankles and the wrists. Should you wear your usual shirt or pants when working with bees, they might find their way through your sleeves or under your pants at the ankles, and sting your legs or arms.

But bee suits are different. The material is elastic at these vulnerable areas. Consequently, the ankles and wrists are tightly shut, and so the bees do not find any hole to penetrate through. They can only try to sting you through the exterior of the suit.

Final Verdict

You have just read the reviews of ten of the best beekeeping suits in the market. As you have seen, they come in all sizes and types.

It’s up to you to carefully consider your options, and choose the suit you know will give you best value for your money.

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