Best Australian Honey Reviews

Best Australian Honey – Reviews of The Top Brands (2022)

Did you know that Australian honey shows at least the same medicinal value as the New Zealand’s’ manuka honey?

A study conducted by Nural Cokcetin at the University of Technology, Sydney, has already confirmed this fact.

This explains why the Australian honey is slowly rising on the list of the most popular honeys.

And if you want a taste of it, I’ll give you the four best brands to buy from in this post.

BUT…first let’s get a better understanding of Australian honey…

What is Australian Honey?

Australian honey is just that- honey produced in Australia by Australian bees (that is, they collect nectar from the different Australia trees/flowers).

But there’s more to Australian honey as the scientists have recently discovered.

That is:

The honey comprises the same powerful antibacterial properties as the New Zealand manuka honey. The nectar utilized by bees to make Australian honey also comes from the Leptospermum trees (or if you like it: the manuka trees, based in Australia).

Following this, the researchers at the University of Technology Sydney showed that it could be used as a great alternative to manuka honey (and it could help meet the rising demand for the same).

Australian Honey

As Nural Cokcetin puts it:

“These findings put Australian Manuka honey on the international radar at a time when antibiotic resistance is recognized as a global crisis.”

FACT: Australia boasts of around 83-87 different species of the Leptospermum (manuka trees). What’s more, they’re free of the varroa mite which gives New Zealand beekeepers and the rest of beekeepers across the globe hard times.

With this in mind, now gives me 5 minutes of your time as I quickly walk you through some reliable brands in Australia that you can buy your high-quality honey from…

4 Best Australian Honey Reviews:

1. Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey from Pristine Australian Rainforests Review:

Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey from Pristine Australian Rainforests

Put a blob of the Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey, and all your senses will dance to the tune of piquant perfumes unique to the Leatherwood blossoms. Yes, that’s exactly what you get from this high-quality honey that originates from the Tarkine Rainforest, Tasmania. It’s a straight-flavored honey produced by bees that feed on the Leatherwood Eucalyptus trees.

What makes the Leatherwood honey the most sought after product by honey connoisseurs across the world? It’s simply the piquant flavor plus spicy aroma. It makes an excellent ingredient in preparing baked foods- like toast, crumbshells, cakes, etc.

Unlike other honeys out there, this product doesn’t undergo heating or filtering. And that means it comes exactly the way it’s collected in the rainforests: 100% pure, with all the natural flavors intact, and with a subtle candied texture.

Bottom line: Tasmanian Leatherwood honey is the rarest and the finest honey in the world. It’s irreplaceable and a must-try!


  • Creamy, rich text-robust aroma, that’s lovely and pleasing to you
  • Comes packed in decorative, reusable container
  • Produced in the pristine wilderness of Tasmania
  • Australia’s island estate

2. Pacific Resources Raw Organic Australian Honey Review:

Pacific Resources Raw Organic Australian Honey

Sourced straight from the central west New South Wales, and harvested and produced following the USDA standards, the Pacific Resources Raw Organic Australian Honey wins the second spot on our list of the top-quality Australian honeys.

Similar to our previous products, this one also comes with great taste, making it ideal for everyday use- many folks use it in preparing breakfasts, cooking, other even add it to their favorite yogurts.

The honey is so pure that it retains some pollen, wax, and propolis that has many benefits to your overall health and well-being. The manufacturers produce and extract the honey at extremely low temperatures to ensure they retain as many of its enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, and naturally occurring minerals in honey. In other words, this is what you’ll get from a honey harvested and packed directly from the hives.

How does the manufacturer ensure they give you 100% organic honey? Well, they place all their hives in the dense national park bushland- with around 50km bushland radius- away from wineries and food crops where plants might be sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals. With such a space, bees will only fly around 6km from their hives.

The honey comes packed in a 500g container and a pocket-friendly price tag and will give you a real feel of what Australian honey is.


  • Certified organic honey
  • Pesticide free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Also GMO-free
  • 100% raw organic honey
  • Chemical free
  • No additives

3. Fewster’s Farm Jarrah Honey Certified Organic Active 30+, 17.6-Ounce Jar (Better than Manuka Honey) Review:

Fewster's Farm Jarrah Honey Certified Organic Active 30+, 17.6-Ounce Jar

If you’re looking for the best Australian honey for treating wounds and skin infections, consider the Fewster’s Farm Jarrah Honey, and you’ll not be disappointed. The honey comes from Western Australian forests, and this activity didn’t start yesterday…it dates back to 1916!

Since then, the experienced beekeeping team behind this honey production continues to practice the tradition of gathering and selling 100% pure, raw honey that keeps all its health benefits intact.

One thing that puts this honey on the map is its high antimicrobial properties, only comparable to those of the New Zealand Manuka honey. Scientific laboratories rank its activity as 30+. For this reason, this honey can be a great product for fighting a broad range of skin infection, including acne, wounds, fight skin aging, and so much more.

Other than the medicinal value, you can use this honey in your recipes, and as a natural sweetener in your drinks.

It comes packed in a glass jar, not the standard plastic tins used by those low-quality brands out there. For all these benefits, and much more, the honey comes at incredibly low pricing.

I highly recommend you to try this honey!

Grab a jar today, and you’ll keep going back for more- no doubt!


  • Low glycemic index
  • High in minerals
  • High levels of fructose
  • A unique flavor
  • Active 30+

4. Christmas Bush Honey (12.5 ounces) Review:

Christmas Bush Honey

Picture a coastal region full of thousands of prickly bushes, with millions of tiny white flowers (with shapes of busting stars) covering them. This is exactly what the Christmas bush of Tasmania looks like, and this is the home to the Christmas Bush Honey, the high-quality with irresistible flavor and aroma!

The history of the Tasmanian honey company is also as sweet as their honey. It was founded back in 1978 by Julian Wolfhagen, a beekeeper with a deep passion for Tasmania. Julian has the real passion for bees since his childhood days, and with time, this passion grew into what the entire word recognizes as the Tasmanian Honey Company!

The company currently employs over a dozen staff and expert 100% PURE, beautifully packaged honey the world over. The fine food connoisseurs regard this leatherwood honey as one of the finest and rarest on the planet (just like the first leatherwood honey we reviewed earlier).

It comes with an addictive flavor that makes its users want to use it in every part of their meal! Additionally, it comes with an incredibly unique aroma- some like to call it spicy aroma- that would be heaven when you apply it on your drinks or toast!

Most importantly, the health vitality of this natural food is retained in the final product…and that’s because it’s harvested as it is right from the wilderness forests where not a single shade of pollution exists.

If you are wondering where the Christmas name comes from, the delicate white flowers that bees use to make this honey usually blossom in the mid-summer (Australian). From this fact, it’s clear that this honey is only produced in limited flowering season and its quantity is limited.

So save yourself with several jars of this honey before its demand overrides its production!


  • Unique flavor and complex lingering palate
  • Unique aroma
  • 100% RAW, organic honey
  • Packed in 12.5 ounces container

Also available on:

Final Verdict

If you’ve been yearning for the best Australian honey, this post will help you get the high-quality ones. The four top Australian honey brands products we’ve just reviewed above contains all the aspects of Australian honey. They’ll give you firsthand experience of what this honey is, what it can do, its taste- everything!

Remember that scientists have marked the Australian honey as the only type that can rank closely to New Zealand’s manuka honey regarding antibacterial potency. This should make you even more interested in the Australian honey.

After here, go straight and order any of the above four jars of honey from the Australian wilderness forests where no contaminations/pollutions, etc. exist. Come back with your experience.

We’ll be happy to hear your feedback!

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