Solomon Smith – founder

Solomon started giving food to the homeless at the age of 12. On his way home from school each day he noticed that there were a number of rough sleepers in his area. His mother,coming from a large Caribbean family, always cooked a little too much each day; so Solomon took the leftovers and gave them to the homeless each day. When his mother discovered what he was doing, she was so proud!

Whilst on a University placement, Solomon did a placement at a homeless shelter in Lewisham. What was supposed to be a 3 month placement, turned out to be a 7 year journey. This inspired him to set up his very own soup kitchen. It was very difficult at first to get support, but he persevered. Due to lack of funding, he used his own money and decided to go it alone. He used his own logo and telephone number, and no social media. People began to hear about what he was doing and on the first day, 30 homeless people turned up! On  1st January 2013 the soup kitchen was born!